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Afterimage - Chapter 1 - everythingispoetry - Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chapter Text The first thing, before he even registers that someone is calling his name, is the heat.

Afterimage - Chapter 1 - everythingispoetry - Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s burning and hurting; it’s obtrusive and feels like something sleek and dry clinging to his skin; it’s everywhere: in his throat and on his back and making his half-covered head ache dully, making his skin feel stretched and too small on his bony frame. He notices the grains, then, under the surfaces his body, scratching and hard, and it takes him a moment to remember that it is sand. Sand, sand, sand everywhere.

Falling On Deaf Ears Literally, Avengers. A/N~ Hey Y'All, I Know, This Isn't An Update For Mutant Emotions.

Falling On Deaf Ears Literally, Avengers

But I Was Given This Great Challenge By mythologyrox. It Was Really Fun To Write & It Totally Gave Me Some Ideas For Mutant Emotions, So Don't Worry, I'll Be Posting A New Chapter For ME Next Tuesday. I'll Try To Get A Chapter Update For ME Next Week, But This Will Have To Tide You All Over In The Mean Time.

;P I Just Want To Say This Now, But HOT DAMN! Disclaimer~ NOT MINE! Warning~ Tony's Got A Bit Of A Potty Mouth, So Him… As Well As Mentions Of Torture & A Panic Attack Type Thing. I'll Put The Prompt At The End. Falling On Deaf Ears... It happened in Afghanistan. It happened when the bomb went off. Dirty, cold, ice water gets into his ears when they dunk him, Yinsen tries to get it all out, but with the tools he's been given, it's impossible. Gone - Chapter 1 - nonna - Marvel. I Don't Want the World to See Me - AngeNoir - The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) - scifigrl47 - The Avengers (2012), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Knowledge - 2: avengerkink. Man Out of Time - Chapter 1 - samptra - The Avengers (2012) Memories in the Attic - 1: avengerkink. One of Those Days - kerravon - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) "Come on, Nick, that's bullshit and you know it.

One of Those Days - kerravon - The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

" Tony Stark leaned forward and fixed the Director with an intense glare. He recognized that he might be overreacting, but he was running on fumes at this point. It had been a week since Loki's failed invasion and the industrialist was still trying to prioritize the chaos into something resembling order. First, he'd managed to get power back to most of the affected areas of the city by coercing the mayor to link the Stark Tower arc reactor into the local grid. Next, he had arranged for temporary housing for the volunteer emergency crews that had poured into the city over the following days. The Director seemed unconcerned, and steepled his fingers impassively as he leaned back in his chair. Despite his exhaustion, the billionaire carefully schooled the anger out of his voice; he didn't have time to waste on stupidity or pointless fighting. "And what, exactly, led you to that conclusion?

" Stark rolled his eyes. Senseless - Chapter 1 - Scavenge4Dreams - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) The Evidence - Chapter 2 - StrivingArtist - Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chapter Text Tony should have noticed sooner.

The Evidence - Chapter 2 - StrivingArtist - Marvel Cinematic Universe

He could have gone quiet sooner. The team could have been happy sooner. He was a genius, dammit, he should have seen within a few hours of meeting them that they didn’t want to hear him talk. Fine. And hey, genius billionaires were supposed to be eccentric. Tony was playing to type. Taking after Howard Hughes. It was part of a long and noble tradition.

The More Things Change - language_teacherz_rule - Iron Man (Movies) By the time he was five, Tony Stark was very adept at lip reading.

The More Things Change - language_teacherz_rule - Iron Man (Movies)

He had to be - he’d been born entirely, irreversibly deaf. He also had daily time with a speech therapist who worked with him on developing proper voice control, tone and pronunciation. By the time he was six, Howard had forbidden the use of sign language, and had created a small sensor that sat behind Tony’s ear (all but invisible to the naked eye) that would stimulate the nerves along his jaw according to noise behind him and allow him to respond as though he had heard it. It resulted in Tony always coming off as slightly distracted, as he would turn and, if it was someone who was addressing him, he had to ask them to repeat themselves as though they’d pulled him out of his head space. Howard Stark was ashamed to have a son that he deemed less than perfect. Howard Stark was determined that no one else would know of his son’s ‘defect’.

It wasn’t really a problem until he went to MIT. “Mr Stark?” “Excuse me?” “Fine. Tony Stark: Appliance Whisperer - Chapter 1 - Alex51324 - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Chapter Text They all knew how Tony felt about the machines in his Tower.

Tony Stark: Appliance Whisperer - Chapter 1 - Alex51324 - The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

It wasn’t just JARVIS and the workshop bots, which Steve could sort of understand—they had personality. But if something went even the slightest bit wrong with one of the kitchen appliances—like the time Thor put a bagel in the toaster with cream cheese on it, or when Clint used the coffee pot to make ramen noodles—Tony fussed over the offended party like a hen with one chick until he had made it good as new.