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5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud - grilledcheesing - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) 5 Times Peter's Mental Illness Made Him Stumble Ch 1, Avengers. AN: Hello friends.

5 Times Peter's Mental Illness Made Him Stumble Ch 1, Avengers

Welcome to my therapy! No, seriously. This entire story is basically me trying to work through some shit. If you've read my other stuff, you're probably peripherally aware that I have social anxiety. I'm lucky, and it's moderate rather than severe, but it's something that permeates everything I do. This is a prologue to set the scene. This story will follow Peter as he sort of finds his way into a place where he learns to cope with his anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

To anyone reading this who may have one of the above disorders: I have firsthand experience with both anxiety and depression, but NOT with PTSD. I'm not going to lie to you. Okay, guys. Whenever things get dark, there is always a light. Love yourself, and stay safe. WARNINGS: mentions of panic attacks, a child in distress, and untreated mental illness -Anxiety and Depression Association of America For as long as Peter could remember, people had scared him.

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Precious Prodigy Peter Parker - Chapter 1 - concreteflour - Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies)

Exclaimed a very confused Principal Morita, as he opened the door for one of his teachers. “Not exactly, and I thank you for taking the time to see me,” said Brenda Williams, Midtown School for Science and Technology resident Chemistry instructor. “Yes, yes, but now I am confused,” said the principal, “the note that Ms. Gray left on my desk said you were concerned about cheating students.” “I am concerned about cheating, but not in that way. “Still confused.” “You know Peter Parker?” “Of course. “Let me explain,” said Ms. “Even more confused,” the principal said with a lift of his eyebrows, “if he is doing that good, how can it be you’re cheating him? “Let me show you something,” and Ms. Progress Report - Chapter 1 - sameuspegasus - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Promotions Aren't Always A Good Thing - agib - Multifandom.

Signs of Life - cvsossong - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types. Speaking My Language - enjolrolo - Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Homes We Make - iamq - Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stars the moon they have all been blown out (you left me in the dark) - Chapter 1 - madasthesea - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Chapter Text It starts off with his vision fading in and out.

the stars the moon they have all been blown out (you left me in the dark) - Chapter 1 - madasthesea - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

He’d gotten a lungful of powder during a skirmish with some back-alley drug lord. A little small time for Iron Man, but he had good intel that said drug lord had a vendetta against Spider-Man and had done something so Batman Comics as to put a bounty on his head. Obviously, Tony had to step in. And, yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have lowered his helmet while the guy was being cuffed by a star-struck beat cop, but he hadn’t expected said criminal to wrestle free from his bonds long enough to turn and blow a handful of searing red powder into his face.

Tony had inhaled it before he could even register it. The first wave hits less than a minute later. “Is this some kind of super LSD that’s going to make me claw my own brain out or something, FRI?” “I don’t believe so, sir. He’s about to run more tests on the dregs of the powder he could get off his suit when his vision goes black. The next time it happens, he’s walking up the stairs. The Ultimate Tour Guide - mauvera - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) It was the foot tapping that got to her.

The Ultimate Tour Guide - mauvera - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

MJ has been fine with the fidgeting, Ned Leeds had never been known as a patient man, so she had learnt to accept that sometimes he would just be moving around. She would even say she was fine with the smiling. Even though at that point it genuinely seemed like it should be hurting, but Ned hadn’t let his grin drop for a second. He was probably fine. But the foot tapping. “Leeds, if you make another sound I will throw you out of this bus.” Ned halted, his eyes flicking over to the window to check just how heavy traffic was and therefore just how likely he was to survive the fall. Smugly, she turned back to her book, the words drawing her in until the world beyond was soon forgotten. How the students of an elite specialist school managed to think bets were genuinely a good idea was a mystery to her.

“That’s absolutely the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” These Hands Could Hold The World (But It’ll Never Be Enough) - josywbu - Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unexpected Finds Ch 1, Avengers. AN: I really shouldn't be starting another story.

Unexpected Finds Ch 1, Avengers

I'm sorry, but not. I do desperately need a pre-reader if anyone wants to help. Unexpected Finds Life has a funny way of working out, how random events can lead you down a path you never saw for yourself. Tony didn't realize when he walked out of his Tower that night, sleep deprived, sock slipping in his shoe, that his life was about to change forever. The air was cool and damp from the rain earlier in the day, the streets were still damp, and the air smelled like ozone and air pollution—it smelled like New York. What he saw was something that made him lower his glasses, peeking over the rims. His feet seemed to bring him forward on their own, maybe a bit too fast, as the kid jumped awake and stumbled to his feet.

He put up his hands, taking off his glasses and putting them in his pocket. The kid shifted his weight between his feet for a brief second before bolting down the street. "Dammit. " "Sir? " "You want me to notify security. Unforseen Circumstances - JLMonroe1234 - Multifandom.