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Artist Statement - Souvenir d'un Futur. Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager. 10 Awesome Photo Series (awesome, creative, photography, photo series) Cut Food Beth Galton is an accomplished photographer who specializes in still-life photography and food.

10 Awesome Photo Series (awesome, creative, photography, photo series)

In some of her most dramatic work, Beth teamed up with stylist Charlotte Omes to create a series of conceptual shots focusing on cut foods, but not in the ordinary way. Beth and Charlotte took everyday foods and cut away the sides to release the inner beauty of filled donuts, fancy ice cream, eggs, and most surprisingly, liquid foods. Charlotte and Beth discovered methods of using gelatin and other hardening agents to capture foods in their natural state and then sliced them open to capture the insides. Their delightful liquid pieces include shots of coffee as milk is being poured in, ramen noodles, and delicious soups. Super Hero. A Love Letter to Appalachia — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER. May is from these mountains and he has given us the testimony of a people and their way of life through these photographs.

A Love Letter to Appalachia — THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

Best of all, he has done it with complexity. Compassion, yes. An insistence on not looking away, yes. But complexity always. For the past 100, photographers have been telling the story of the Appalachian people. Both outsiders and native artists continue to perpetuate those notions of depravity today. Roger May insists on doing neither. Photo Journal: Salt Flats. Phantom Landscape III, Pages 杨泳梁-Yang Yongliang. PicoImages. Nashville, TN United States. Walk Leader Alanna Johnson Meeting Location & Time 434 , Nashville, TN- United States Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013 Time: 04:00pm - 05:30pm Location Details: LP Field/entry of the shelby Street bridge.

Nashville, TN United States

After the walk, meet at: Hard Rock Cafe Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your photo. You may add or remove images until October 14, 2013 Best photo for this location By Kay Allgood Walker Photos Below are all walker photos that have been uploaded and entered in the 2014 Photo Walk photo contest. Maxime: Meet the monk who lives a life of virtual solitude on top of a 131ft pillar. Maxime, a 59-year-old monk, lives on top of Katshki Pillar in Georgia He has to scale a 131ft ladder if he wants to come down Followers winch supplies up to him because he only leaves the pillar twice a week Maxime decided to make a change in his life after a stint in prison By Steve Nolan Published: 23:06 GMT, 5 September 2013 | Updated: 09:34 GMT, 6 September 2013 It takes a strong mind and a lot of willpower to become a monk and feel closer to God.

Maxime: Meet the monk who lives a life of virtual solitude on top of a 131ft pillar

103 Things I’ve Learned About Street Photography. Three Special Effects for Night Photography. Fire spinning on the beach I’ve been teaching a Night Photography class for a couple years now and I have to say, I have more fun on those field trips, than all the workshops I lead.

Three Special Effects for Night Photography

I’ve also been itching to try doing fire spinning since I saw Michael Sutton’s about two years ago, and I was recently able to finally do just that. I was thrilled with the results and wanted to share! Here are a few special effects tips and tricks I wanted to share with you, so you can go out and try some of this fun stuff yourself. It’s really not that hard, my only caution is to please be conscious of fire safety at all times! The basics – equipment needs. Silhouette Photography Tips - 3 Keys to Great Photos. What started as an interview with photographer Erika Thornes rapidly turned into a silhouette photography tutorial.

Silhouette Photography Tips - 3 Keys to Great Photos

Watch while she explains the basic tips for shooting good silhouette photos and then goes through a digital workflow using Lightroom. The number one place for challenging yourself to take your photography to the next level. 30 Day Photography Challenge Project. Learning how to take great photos is about more than just understanding how your camera works.

30 Day Photography Challenge Project

Sure, you need to know how to use it, but what about when it comes time to actually use your camera in the wild? Not only should have a good idea of all different uses for it, but it should be fun! And that’s why I’ve created this 30 Day Photography Project… 31 Days of Photo Tips. DIY Light Scoop Template. Light scoops work wonders for indoor flash photography by shifting your camera's built in flash from direct to indirect lighting.

DIY Light Scoop Template

The reflector mirror blocks the direct flash and illuminates the ceiling and walls to give a more ambient light fill. It's not dramatic, but it may be that little extra light you need for an amazing indoor shot. It works best for portraits with close up framing. With just a few tools and materials you can make one in about an hour or less. 15 Free Online Portfolio Hosting Sites. Having a design portfolio online for your potential clients to browse through is important.

15 Free Online Portfolio Hosting Sites

If you need a web portfolio up and running in no time, this roundup of free online portfolio hosting sites has 15 options for you to consider. 1. Carbonmade With over 500,000 hosted portfolios and over 8 million pieces of work posted on the site, Carbonmade is a top choice for displaying your work. Besides being free (they do also have paid subscriptions), Carbonmade has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Example portfolio on Carbonmade. 2. Photographic Model Release Forms: When You Need Them, When You Don't. Following industry standards, for any work that will appear in consumer or trade magazines, newspapers, or educational books, you generally do not need a model release.

Photographic Model Release Forms: When You Need Them, When You Don't

This is also true for photographic exhibits. These are considered educational/informational uses. Photography Release Forms. Photography release forms are used to secure permission to publish images of people, including children, as well as certain property. Keep a supply of these handy, printable forms on hand so you'll be prepared whenever you might need one.

Four Printable Photo Release Templates If you are planning to take pictures to publish on a website, in a publication or on any other type of materials that might be distributed, it's essential to get signed photography release forms that grant you permission to publish likenesses of the people and objects in your photos. Here are four printable photography release documents that you can use, each one created for a specific situation. 1. 3 Workouts to Improve your Photography.


Contests. 100 Seriously Cool Self-Portraits (And Tips to Shoot Your Own!) The self-portrait has been a popular form of expression ever since man first saw his own reflection. The "Eternal Return": Self-Portrait Photography as a Technology of Embodiment. Amelia Jones The "Eternal Return": Self-Portrait Photography as aTechnology of Embodiment The subject "has no relation to him[/her]selfthat is not forced to deferitself by. 328 Photography Themes: A List Of Themes To Photograph.