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Anna Lisa Castro

Composica - E-Learning Authoring Tools. How To Integrate Multimedia For Effective Learning. Sharebar Integrating the multimedia assets of a course can raise a host of issues. In my world, this can be as simple as explaining to a client why screens of text with an out-of-sync voice over will not be effective—to more complex issues, such as determining whether an animation will promote greater comprehension than a series of stills.

Although we know it can be advantageous to present content through multiple forms of media, the big question is how to integrate the mediums. When deciding on these issues, I use two principles from cognitive science as guidelines that I think you’ll find helpful too. Split-attention Effect Separating a visual from text can be cognitively demanding. The split-attention effect occurs when a person is required to process two or more varied sources of information simultaneously, either of which can’t be understood in isolation. See the example showing the effects of secondhand smoke, produced by the Centers for Disease Control, on the right. The Fixes. Canvas Network. Khan Academy.

Iversity — Open Courses — Education. Online. Free. eXelearning! come creare Learning Object, e-learning, oggetti didattici con il software autore Open Source.