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Student - Learn English for Free! English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading. Grammar guide Comprehensive guide to all areas of English grammar.

Student - Learn English for Free! English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading

Clear explanations Easy-to-follow examples Simple memorable rules and tips grammar exercises Check your understanding using fun grammar quizzes. Gap fill, multiple choice and matching Each exercises marked and graded Continue to next level when you're ready! Our android & iOS app the English Learning Lounge Download The English Learning Lounge and give your English learning a boost.

The FREE app that doesn't stress you and test you - it explains, then checks. Are you too busy to do a long, expensive English course? The English Learning Lounge is the free English learning app from Android Version ~ Apple Version listening Different dialects of English (UK, US, etc) Variety of exercises: multiple choice, gap-fill, true/false and more Full transcripts available reading Authentic text types: articles, stories, etc.

Test prep get ready for your examination! Newsletter vocabulary Learn more words. Games pronunciation. Am, is och are - Bruuns grammatik. Have, has and had. Confusing Words Quiz 1 - Words that are commonly confused. Confusing words are words that are very similar and commonly confused.

Confusing Words Quiz 1 - Words that are commonly confused

Choose the correct word to complete the question. Each question has only one correct answer. This quiz is for in-class use and does not have the answers provided. Take the interactive version of the Confusing Words quiz for correct answers and results. Visit for more practice quizzes, as well as study sheets and information on grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. The _____ applauded enthusiastically after the performance was finished. audience spectators I haven't seen him ____ over five years. since for _____ the fact that it was difficult, the exam also included questions that we had never studied before.

Besides Beside I told my boss that I wanted a big _____. rise raise The article's _____ read "Politician Wants Answers". title headline His opinion had no _____ on my decision. effect affect He _____ down for a short nap. lay lie Could you give me the _____ for that wonderful dessert? Receipt recipe by until sow sew. Printable Adjective Preposition Combinations Quiz. Preposition Quiz In On At. Take this prepositions quiz - In On At - to check your knowledge of how to use these prepositions with dates and times.

Preposition Quiz In On At

Below you will find a short guide to these prepositions and their use in English. in - used with months and yearsat - used with specific times during the dayon - used with days of the week Choose either in, on, or at and click on next question to see if you have answered correctly. Each question has only one correct answer. When you are finished click on the "Next Question" button. Teachers: Printable version of this Prepositions of Time and Date in / at / on quiz for in-class use More Preposition Quizzes Study The Grammar Rules For Prepositions.

Could care less or couldn’t care less and other tricky misused expressions [infographic] Plenty of expressions in the English language have become warped, and they can make a grammar conscious person shiver in horror.

Could care less or couldn’t care less and other tricky misused expressions [infographic]

Many may be brutalized due to folks hearing them more often than reading them. Here are some beaten-up expressions and frequently mangled words. <a href=" src= alt="" /></a> [Infographic provided by <a href=" Clicl here to download high resolution poster. “Nip It in the Bud” “Nip it in the butt” is incorrect unless referring to a dog chasing a cat. Dan began to feel tired but nipped it in the bud with a cup of coffee. The class became harder, so I nipped it in the bud and got a tutor before my grades slipped. “Couldn’t Care Less” vs “Could Care Less” These are both used, but only the first is correct when used as an expression. I’m not hungry, so I couldn’t care less about what we have for dinner. As long as they get cheese, mice couldn’t care less about the type. English Worksheets. English Grammar Tricks - Countable & Uncountable Nouns.

Villkorsbisatser på engelska. How To Use An Apostrophe. 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling. How and why to use whom in a sentence. Welcome to Grammar & Vocabulary. Blandade övningar & test. Worksheets & Grammar Printables.