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From A Master Of Improv. SYDNEY COMEDY MASTERCLASS « The Cheeky Monkey. A practical understanding of comedy is vital for any writer.


In this 2-day master class, one of Australia’s most successful comedians ‘unlocks the code’ to comedy writing. Tim Ferguson offers processes and insights necessary for professional screenwriters to expand their skills base into writing comedy for television and film. Despite what you might think, comedy is not a mysterious art. It is a craft based upon ancient principles. These principles are universally applied through all comedies. This revolutionary master class presents writers with practical processes to devise comic characters, conflict and stories. The Science of How Music Enchants the Brain, Animated.

The Second City Way Of Better Brainstorming. Master Class: How to Develop Bits Like a Late Night Talk Show Writer. In the 1970s, if you wanted to have a laugh before drifting off to sleep, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was the only game in town, more or less.

Master Class: How to Develop Bits Like a Late Night Talk Show Writer

With the advent of cable and DVR, and then Twitter and podcasts, modern audiences have since been inundated with options for their late-night fix of funny. As a result, those who currently work within the talk-show format are forced to find innovative ways to stay fresh and entice viewers back night after night, all while maintaining a consistent voice. Singing From the Inside Out – The Personal, the Public, The Private and The Penal: The Innovation Interview with Julian Arahanga, Rhuia Aperahama and Evan Rhys Davies. Arts and Crafts: Keys to Scientific Creativity. Over the course of a career , what makes one scientist more successful than another? The Scientist Project, a longitudinal study of a diverse set of scientists, revealed an unsuspected secret: arts and crafts hobbies.

In 1958, UCLA psychologist Bernice Eiduson recruited forty young scientists from the Los Angeles area, mainly at UCLA and CalTech, who agreed to undergo a battery of psychological and IQ tests every five years for an indefinite period. The scientists also agreed to interviews about their work habits, career aspirations, successes and failures, cultural activities, and so forth. Statistics on their publications and citations were gathered as well. Within twenty years it was clear that the Scientist Project might indeed reveal some secrets of great science. What Improv Teaches Us About Creativity. The most important rule in improvisation comedy is the idea of agreement, the notion that a scene flourishes when all the players accept anything that happens to them.

What Improv Teaches Us About Creativity

Improv isn’t about wisecracks and one-liners. It’s about creating a structure where characters and narratives are quickly created, developed, sometimes forgotten and other times resolved. With just a tip-bit – usually a one-word suggestion at the beginning of the show - good improvisers generate compelling and captivating stories that engage the audience.


Dance your Powerpoint or PhD. How to Stay Creative at Any Age. Visual Thinking « The Multidisciplinarian. Do you think in words – or in pictures?

Visual Thinking « The Multidisciplinarian

Various communities use the term visual thinking in different but related ways. The Neuroscience of Your Brain on Fiction. Anne Murphy Paul: Lessons on Creativity from Jazz Greats. The improvisational flights of jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane are so transporting that they can seem almost otherworldly — especially when the listener is aware that these musicians weren’t following any score, but were making up their riffs in the moment.

Anne Murphy Paul: Lessons on Creativity from Jazz Greats

New research on what happens in the brain when we improvise, however, is showing that it is very much an earthbound activity, grounded in the same neural processes at play in every one of us when we engage in spontaneous self-expression, like a conversation with a friend. “Creativity is far from a magical event of unexpected random inspiration,” wrote researchers Charles Limb and Mónica López-González in an article published in the journal Cerebrum last month. “Instead, it is a mental occurrence that results from the application of ordinary cognitive processes.” Let's save millions: What's your 100 hour challenge? {*style:<b> Changes happen all the time in schools.

Your Brain at Work. Super 8 Lessons in How to Be More Creative from Spielberg and Abrams. Rob McHugh. Our Manifesto. Education is what someone tells you to do.

Our Manifesto

Learning is what you do for yourself. The traditional way of education forces square pegs into round holes. It's a one-size-fits-all solution that forces people down a predetermined path. Our mission is simple. Reunite learning with education and make it accessible to every single person on this planet. Learning has no roadblocks, prescribed paths, tests, quizzes, or outdated majors and degrees. Teachers are passionate. Learn by Doing Rather than memorize equations for a test, learn by taking action. Your statement of accomplishment no longer needs to be a degree, certificate, or stamp of approval. Proof of learning is in progress and action. Everyone is a Teacher You can learn from anyone – which means we’re all teachers. Why teach? How to turn your creative online platform into an art*

Art isn’t only a painting.

how to turn your creative online platform into an art*

Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator. What makes someone an artist?