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mingo clambake Actually, not right back. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be attending an intensive wilderness/survival skills school in northern Wisconsin for 2 or 3 months, so I am sad to report I will not be updating during that time. No internet, no phones, no ipods, no coffee, no beer; nothing but squirrel burgoo and mosquito bites in my immediate future. And I couldn’t be more excited. mingo clambake
I love this girl. She came through for me again. She is a part of me; my teenage self. I made two drawings of her some years back. They were, I guess, memory drawings. They were about being in love with reading.

andrea joseph's sketchblog

andrea joseph's sketchblog
About this Series: Kipling West’s meticulous illustrations command your attention. At first glance, the prismatic colors and flowing line work grab your eyeballs. Tight detail and pulsating composition impress and inspire as the image unfolds to reveal hidden creatures and mysterious symbols. After that, you simply fall into the page and become happily engulfed in a strange and beautiful wonderland. Kipling West Kipling West
Prickly Pair Chairs website: Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers homepage Valentina Gonzales blends two iconographic elements: the classical French Louis XV oval chair originated in Rococo period and the Nopal cactus symbolizing Mexican heritage and national pride. “Shapes, materials, colours, textures and finishes collide in irreverent and playful harmony; the Prickly pair chairs are a statement against prejudice and preconceptions.” Lila Jang’s canape website: via wrongdistance.com Over 20 Creative Ways to Take a Seat | FindInspirations.com Over 20 Creative Ways to Take a Seat | FindInspirations.com
Steve Gibson - Artist
Spectacular Sharpie Art on Styrofoam Cups Spectacular Sharpie Art on Styrofoam Cups Most people use paintbrushes and other drawing utensils to compose their art on canvases and paper. Cheeming Boey on the other hand, uses a Sharpie and depicts his art on Styrofoam cups. Ever since 2006, Boey started drawing on foam cups as a hobby and has now turned into a serious business. Each cup takes a few hours to several months to create and is sold for hundreds of dollars around the world. Check out Boey’s entire collection of cup artwork on his Flickr page.
Awesome Pencil Drawings From Students Notebooks Awesome Pencil Drawings From Students Notebooks Posted on 28 June 2010 Crni When I was in high school I was pretty bored on the most of the lessons I had to attend, especially maths and physics. So, I used to scrible different objects in my notebook and at the end of the year my notebook looked like true piece of artwork. However that wasn’t very helpful when I had to pass the exams.

Awesome Pencil Drawings From Students Notebooks