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Index of /robert_ian.smith/Songindex. View topic - Singen in Gruyer. Archiv/musik/noten/palaestinalied.pdf. Category:Anonymous. Breton Children's Songs - Brittany - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Music from Around the World. Russian folksongs: Cossack lullaby / Spi mladenets (Balalaika instructions, Music and Words) Recorder Method Online Contents. Sheet Music. Every printed works bearing a PDL number except the Torelli Concerto is priced £ 7.50.

Sheet Music

The Torelli is priced £ 10.50. Mioplant Currency Converter - download this desktop utility to find out prices in your own currency! Those works marked Free may be downloaded and printed free of charge. Where available, the parts and scores are in pdf format. Where the work is short in length - no more than 3 pages - we supply working scores in pdf format rather than parts. Where not otherwise identified, the majority of these arrangements have been prepared by Brian Blood.

A considerable number, so-identified on the score and parts, have been prepared by Alan Lane. If arrangers with interesting arrangements of out-of-copyright works, already set in Sibelius, want us to consider adding these as free material via this resource, they should contact Dr. You can print our 'sheet music in print' catalogue, including prices : The Dolmetsch Library Music For Recorders Catalogue.

Welcome to the flutes page. Busy Mole Music. Table of Contents. "...Tell Her To Make Me A Cambric Shirt" - From The "Elfin Knight" to "Scarborough Fair" "...Tell Her To Make Me A Cambric Shirt" From The "Elfin Knight" to "Scarborough Fair" One of the most popular so-called "folk songs" today is "Scarborough Fair".

"...Tell Her To Make Me A Cambric Shirt" - From The "Elfin Knight" to "Scarborough Fair"

At the moment around 1000 recorded versions are available. Turba Delirantium - Walther von der Vogelweide: Palästinalied. Troubadours. Decadence, Exile and PersecutionsAimeric de BelenoiGuiraut de CalansoRambertino BuvalelliPeire Bremon Ricas NovasUc de Saint Circ Trobar as a Retro HobbyPeire Cardenal.


Medieval Melodies for Filking. [ For other, similar pages, please see the Ravenscroft Songbook and the ballads songbook. -- greg ] A collection assembled by Vladislav the Purple lst edition, July A.S.

Medieval Melodies for Filking

XXXI This collection of music is an attempt at a constructive solution to an endemic problem: although there is much music done in the SCA, most of it has nothing to do with the Middle Ages or Renaissance. (It is besides the point here to get into the same sort of flame war that regularly erupts on the SCA Usenet newsgroup over why such 18th/19th-c. style folksongs are not Medieval in style. Suffice it to say that they are not.) One of the defenses for performing modern folksongs in an SCA context runs as follows: since almost no Scadians understand Provencal, Old French, or Latin, it is pointless to prepare songs in those languages for performance; modern folksongs in English, on the other hand, are accessible to the audience. The Internet Renaissance Band - Mediæval Music.

ERARS, Jehan (1200-10 - 1258-59) Au tems pascor (4.3, 1:09)de la HALLE, Adam (1245-50 - 1285-88) LANCASTER, Henry IV (1367-1413) Sanctus - Attributed to "Roy Henri", quite possibly written by the King himself. (6k, 2:06)LANDINI, Francesco (c.1325 - 1397)MACHAUT, Guillaume de (c.1300 - 1377)PEROTIN (c.1159 - c.1205)Alleluya: Nativitas - revised and enlarged from my previous version (14.7k, 7:19)RICHARD I Lionheart (1157-1199)Ja nuns hons pris (1.4k, 0:54)ANONYMOUS or unattributedOmnis curet homo (3.8k, 1:45) Deo gracias Anglia (the Agincourt Carol) (4.1k, 1:36) (lyrics) Tant a soutille (5.9k, 2:53) - This is probably anonymous, but the score I have doesn't make that clear.

The Internet Renaissance Band - Mediæval Music

If you know of an attribution, please let me know. Acadia Early Music Archive. Folk & Traditional Song Lyrics - Copshawholme Fair. Copshawholme Fair On a Friday it fell in the month of Avril O'er the hill came the morn with the blythe sunny smile And the folks they were throngin' the roads everywhere Makin' haste to be in at Copshawholme Fair.

Folk & Traditional Song Lyrics - Copshawholme Fair

I've seen 'em a' comin' in from the mountains and glens Those rosy-faced lasses and strappin' young men With a joy in their heart and unburdened o' care A' meetin' old friends at Copshawholme Fair. There are lads for the lasses there's toys for the bairns There tumblers and jugglers and folks with no arms There's a balancing act here and a fiddler there There are nut-men and spice-men at Copshawholme Fair.

There are peddlers and potters and gingerbread stands There are peepshows and puff and darts and the green caravans There's fruit from all nations exhibited there With kale plants from Harwich at Copshawholme Fair. Download the song in PDF format for printout etc. Download the song in RTF format for editing etc. Copshawholm Fair - To give the best user experience, the default settings at allow all cookies. If you continue without changing them, you consent to these settings. You can find out more, or change your cookie settings at any time, by clicking on privacy at the bottom of any page. Queen Among the Heather. Anthony John Clarke - songbook. The Songs Of Anthony John Clarke 2002 Anthony John published his first songbook as an A4-sized 32-page booklet containing 13 songs from his first 6 albums - "I Get Lost" through to "An Acquaintance Of Mine".

Anthony John Clarke - songbook

Alas, this treasure is no longer available, but all of the songs in it are included in "An Acquaintance 50 Songs". In a land of songwriters this man is the one most deserving of a wider audience. Singers like Sean Keane, Colum Sands and Frances Black praise him and radio presenters love his music. Of the albums that I have heard him play on there is not a single bad track. They have access to the CDs and now Mr Clarke has gone one better and published a book of 13 of his songs. Within 32 pages of black print on white paper - no ostentation - is a treasure house of material for any singer wishing to break away from the chart material or the 'done to death' standards.

A Handbook Of Morris Dances By Lionel Bacon. Pendragon Press Books. Home. The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium.