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Patient Information. Embryology Laboratory. PolScope PolScope technology combines innovations in polarisation optics (special lighting and lenses) with novel image-processing software and is used as an add-on technique for the ICSI procedure.

Embryology Laboratory

It uses polarised light to clearly see where the genetic material is stored in the egg. Use of the PolScope has shown that the spindle does not necessarily lie near the polar body. In up to 2/3 of cases, the spindle is not related to the polar body and therefore that spindle may be damaged by the injection needle during the ICSI process. Disruption of the spindle may affect fertilisation and how the embryo divides. Extended culture - Blastocyst culture Earlier, embryos were routinely transferred after a two-day culture, in the stage of four cells per embryo. Vitrification Vitrification is an exciting new technique which is used to cryopreserve (freeze) supernumerary eggs and embryos.

Female Fertility Treatment. Cancer Effects On Fertility, Pregnancy, Sperm Production. International Fertility Assistance For Men & Women. International Patient Care ManipalAnkur’s International Patient Care facility has been particularly framed to deliver quality health care to patients from all around the globe.

International Fertility Assistance For Men & Women

An effortless procedure has been exclusively formulated to prevent the disturbances patients experience when visiting a foreign country for medical treatments. We have extended our services to patients coming to our centre from all over the world and are now - “Bringing Dreams to Life” globally. Who will benefit from our services? Men Male infertility deserves the same medical attention as female factor infertility. Best Sexologist in Bangalore. Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Permanently with a Non-Invasive, Painless Treatment What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Best Sexologist in Bangalore

Erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to maintain an erection that is not firm enough or lasts long enough to have sexual intercourse. This is a common problem and at least 40 % of men suffer from erectile dysfunction at least occasionally. How is erectile function assessed? Manipal Ankur, HBR Layout. Press Release. Fertility Technologies.

Look at Manipal Ankur. We, at Manipal Ankur, understand the dilemma and doubts a patient undergoes while dealing with infertility.

Look at Manipal Ankur

The treatment costs and procedures can invariably be intimidating. Adding to this turmoil, the physical and emotional strife the patient suffers makes their situation extremely stressful. Our team has dedicated a lifetime of research and examination to counter the medical challenges surrounding infertility, its causes and treatments. At Manipal Ankur, we identify our core structural framework with: Manipal Ankur. The current and more accurate term for surrogate is "carrier".

Manipal Ankur

A surrogate is a woman who agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person or couple, called the intended parent(s). The typical surrogate is a woman in her mid 20's to early 35's married and the mother of her own children. Although compensated, surrogates generally provide their services to help other loving, committed couples experience the same joy they have as parents. To become a surrogate the woman should fulfil the following criteria: Age between 21 & 35 years old. Surrogacy agreements are the first stage in a two step process.

Reproductive Surgery. Female Infertility. What are the most commonly seen sexual problems in women?

Female Infertility

A recent survey (conducted by Laumann and colleagues at the University of Chicago) of American women (ages 18-59) found that the most common sexual problem in women is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), more commonly referred to as low sex drive or libido (33.4%), followed by difficulty with orgasm (24.1%). Pain during intercourse--which occurs in 14.4% of women--was the only condition to show a relationship to age -- it decreases as women get older.

HSDD is a deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The definition is vague because the APA acknowledges that there can be significant differences in sexual interest levels among women. According to the survey mentioned above, 37% of women think about sex a few times a month and only 33% think about sex 2-3 times a week or more. Male Infertility. Trouble Getting Pregnant What is the role of a basic semen analysis in infertility investigation?

Male Infertility

15% of couples have difficulty conceiving, and in 50-70% of these there is either a primary male factor or an impaired semen quality sufficient to reduce the probability of pregnancy in the subfertile female. New Technologies. Embryoscope Embryoscope, a break-through technology in the field of ART (Assisted Reproduction Technology), is now available at Manipal Ankur Andrology and Reproductive Services (MARS).

New Technologies

The technology promises added safety and potentially increases the chances of conceiving since it creates a safe environment for embryo development. Sperm penetration assay. Advanced Semen Analysis - ASA Manipal Ankur's andrology laboratory uses the Advanced Semen Analysis (ASA) system.

sperm penetration assay

Ours is the first system in the country. This automated system provides a detailed analysis of density, percent motility, curvilinear and straight-line velocities beat cross frequency and amplitude of lateral head displacement of spermatozoa. Besides the computerized report, information on morphology, number of immature cells and white blood cells and other routine assessment is provided. This powerful tool helps us in counseling the couple as to which method of treatment is best suited for them. Annexin V staining. Patient Information. Embryology Laboratory. Manipal Ankur, HBR Layout. Press Release.