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Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy? Renowned Gynecologist in Noida Answers. “Can I have sex during pregnancy?”

Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy? Renowned Gynecologist in Noida Answers

This questions hovers the mind of many women while they are pregnant. It is safe to have sex during normal pregnancy, except the last few weeks, say doctors. In fact, having sex during this time can help you bond closer with your partner. Also, many women notice an increase in their sexual desire thanks to physical changes.

This is particularly true during the second trimester. Won’t my baby get hurt? So, you can safely have sex. However, these barriers do not stay throughout the whole pregnancy. In the later stages of the third trimester, you may want to tread with caution. ‘No’ means ‘No’ If you have a complicated pregnancy, then your obstet-gyne may advise you not to have sexual intercourse. In case your doctor says not to have sex, please do not have sex. Be cautious during oral sex Blowing into the vagina during oral sex can lead to air embolism entering your blood.

Also, doctors advise against having anal sex during the nine months. Conception Calculator: Know When You Actually Became Pregnant. A conception calculator helps to determine the conception date of your baby.

Conception Calculator: Know When You Actually Became Pregnant

It does this by considering various factors viz; first day of your last periods, your due date, and the actual birth date of your baby. The calendar estimates the day you conceived by considering the estimated due date of your pregnancy. It also provides a possible group of days wherein you may have had sexual intercourse, which resulted in conception. This is calculated based on the fact that a human sperm can stay alive for 3-5 days inside the body of a female. If you wish to know the date you conceived, you can use the conception calculator and also discuss with your obstetrician in Noida Extension about using the calculator. Most of the calculators estimate conception date on the basis of an average 28-day menstrual cycle. However, not every woman experiences an exact 28-day cycle. What is More Accurate – Pregnancy Blood Test or Urine Test?

Do you feel you are pregnant?

What is More Accurate – Pregnancy Blood Test or Urine Test?

You may have bought a home pregnancy test kit, but are still not sure about your pregnancy. Or perhaps you just want to make doubly sure by consulting a doctor and taking a blood test. Blood tests are 99 per cent accurate, say doctors. Urine tests or home test kits, comparatively, show 6 per cent errors. A Few Effective Tips That Can Help You Conceive Fast. If you are keen to have a baby, preparing for pregnancy is an important step.If you do it right, your chances of conceiving and having a safe and healthy pregnancy gets a boost.

A Few Effective Tips That Can Help You Conceive Fast

There are several factors that matter in this regard - including what you eat, how much you exercise, and whether you smoke and drink alcohol. C-Section or Normal Delivery – What Would You Choose? C-section deliveries are getting popular these days.

C-Section or Normal Delivery – What Would You Choose?

Whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, one cannot say, but the fact is C-section is a serious surgery. Just like any other surgery, it comes with a set of risks and complications, pros and cons. How Thyroid Hormones Affect You During Pregnancy and Postpartum. Thyroid hormones are inevitable for development of the nervous system and the brain of a baby.

How Thyroid Hormones Affect You During Pregnancy and Postpartum

In the first trimester, the fetus depends on mother’s thyroid hormone, which is supplied through the placenta. After that, the baby’s own thyroid begins to work. Yet, it cannot make enough hormone until 20 weeks of pregnancy. Meal Plan for Toddlers: by Renowned Women Doctor in Noida Extension. Many parents are confused what and how to feed their toddlers.

Meal Plan for Toddlers: by Renowned Women Doctor in Noida Extension

Some even force feed them. But, a toddler will eat only when she wants to; so let her decide. However, many toddlers become picky eaters. So, at times, parents worry about their child not eating properly. According to doctors, it is best to plan your toddler’s meal into six courses over the day. How to Select a Good Lady obstetrician or gynecologist in Gaur City. How to Select a Good Lady obstetrician or gynecologist in Gaur City The first encounter of any women with a gynecologist is usually at the time of reaching puberty and she has to continue visiting this specialty of medical profession till the time of menopause.

How to Select a Good Lady obstetrician or gynecologist in Gaur City

Therefore, searching for a reputed lady obstetrician or gynecologist in Gaur city is of prime importance whenever you are planning to have a baby or if you have started suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms. Level of comfort Obviously, this can be the most vital criterion while selecting the right doctor to deal with pregnancy, childbirth, and all other concerns associated with your womanhood. The first and foremost factor that is responsible for any comfort or discomfort during consultation or routine gynecological examination is the doctor’s gender. Credentials and recommendations. Importance of Choosing an Experienced Laparoscopic Lady Surgeon in Gaur City. Shocking Study Revealed: Stress may Alter Baby’s Sex in Womb!

By Ankit Sharma Women's ClinicIf you are pregnant, then your first priority is to stay happy and healthy.

Shocking Study Revealed: Stress may Alter Baby’s Sex in Womb!

Do you know mental and physical stress during these nine months can influence your baby’s sex? According to a new study, physical stress can raise the risk of delivering premature baby. The studyResearchers studied 187 healthy pregnant women, ages 18-45 years. About 17 per cent of them were depressed, mentally stressed, and in anxiety. About 16 per cent of them showed physical stress such as high blood pressure and high calorie intake. How to Help in your Toddler’s Physical Development. Dr.

How to Help in your Toddler’s Physical Development

Smiti Women's Clinic obstetrician-gynecologist Shop# 44, Ground Floor, Gaur City Plaza, Gaur City 1 Connect Dr. Smiti Jain is a reputed and highly skilled obstetrician and gynecologist, offering her services through Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. obstetrician-gynecologist Shop# 44, Ground Floor, Gaur City Plaza, Gaur City 1 Menu. How to Deal with Menstrual Cramps? By Ankit Sharma Women's Clinic As a parent of a teen, you must be supportive during your daughter’s monthly periods.

She may feel irritated, bloated, tired, and show mood swings about a week before her period starts. Once they begin, these symptoms go away; but then begins menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are not the same in all girls. Some may experience so severe cramps that they may just want to curl up in bed; while some may sail smoothly through their periods with just a slight discomfort.

Can the Health of a Parent Be a Deciding Factor for Child Custody? By John Fostar Media Releation In custody proceedings, the judge entrusted with the decision of awarding custody will have only one key objective and that is the best interest of the child. The judge will take a close and deep look at the ability of each parent to meet this core objective. Each parent will be tested on several parameters to check their ability to best meet the needs of their child or children. It is extremely unlikely that the court will determine the custody on only one factor such as the health of each parent. However, when all other parameters are equal or satisfactory in the view of the court, then the health of the parents can take center stage. Symptoms & Impact of Menopause over 50 year. As per an estimate, by 2025, over 1 billion women across the world will experience menopause. Surely a good fraction of this figure belongs to India. According to a lady gynecologist in Gaur City, vasomotor symptoms including night sweats and hot flashes are common occurrences during menopause.

“There are other conditions too that lead to a substantial lessening of a woman’s quality of life along with an increase in doctor visits and related expenses,” she further adds. Medical professionals say that menopause is also linked to other distressing conditions like fluctuating estrogen levels that raises the risks of developing cardiac conditions, deteriorating musculoskeletal health, and generalized cognitive decline. Addressing The Distressing Impacts Of Menopause. Latest Development in Infertility Treatment. The existing approach to infertility treatment has helped many couples realize their objective of starting a family. However, this is a dynamic field of science where research is always happening across the globe. Newer types of infertility treatments are being tested successfully and recommended to patients across the globe. These methods are proving to be a great success as is evident from the increase in fertility rates in India and across the world.

What Are the Latest Developments in Infertility Treatment Happening Across the Globe? Myths Around IVF: What You Should KnowMyths and Facts about in vitro fertilization (IVF) Infertility can give you and your partner sleepless nights when you are eager to start a family. The despair and helplessness has been somewhat alleviated with the prospects IVF technology has brought forth. With the tremendous progress in medical science, it is now possible for childless couples to successfully become parents through this scientific technique. While the numbers of people resorting to in-vitro fertilization has gone up considerably in the last few years, the numbers are still not impressive. The biggest drawback is that most people are unaware of the procedure, and its benefits and risks. How to Help in your Toddlers Physical Development from 6-24 months. The rate of development – physical and cognitive – in each child differs.

Doctors classify physical development into two: fine motor skills and gross motor skills. The former encompasses hand-eye coordination and use of small muscles in hands, while the latter encompasses big muscles of the body. 15 Home Remedies to Improve Breast Milk Supply Naturally for New Mothers. What Are the Latest Developments in Infertility Treatment Happening Across the Globe? 5 Effective Treatments of Menopause. 8 Things May Happen to You When You Enter Menopause.

In India, as per recent and consistent studies, the average age of a woman for entering menopause is between 46-48 years. The pre-menopausal stage may begin between 44 and 47 years. In the United States, the average menopause age is recorded as 51. 7 Habits of a Sexually Active Teenager: Parents, Watch Out! Dilation & Curettage: Important Things You Must Know.

Skin Changes during Pregnancy – An Overview. Pregnancy heralds joy and happiness for any woman. Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy: Things You Must Know. Dr. Smiti Women's Clinic obstetrician-gynecologist Shop# 44, Ground Floor, Gaur City Plaza, Gaur City 1. How to Talk to Your Child About Sex? 6 Hormones That Affect Your Body and Mind during Pregnancy. 11 Powerful Acupuncture Points to Improve Fertility in Women. Fighting Pollution in Pregnancy. Infertility in Men and Women: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments. Why You Must Send your Child to Preschool? Emergency Contraception Pills: Things You Must Know. How to Prevent Pregnancy Immediately After Child Delivery? 8 Effective Birth Control Methods After Delivery. 5 Powerful Fertility Teas for Women: Recommended by Gynecologists. How to Recognize Signs of Common C-Section Infections? Dilation & Curettage: Important Things You Must Know.

10 Practical Tips for Parents for Their Child’s 1st Day of School. On Finding An OBGYN You Will Feel Comfortable With. Dangerous Causes and Effects of Miscarriage and How to Handle Them. Causes and Effects of Smog In India. Mood Swings: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment. Ovarian Cysts After Hysterectomy: Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment. How Your Baby Grows and Develops: The First 6 Months. How to Make Kids Understand the Physical and Psychological Changes They Experience at Puberty. Why Breast Milk is the World’s Best Food for Your Baby. An Overview of Early Signs of Pregnancy. Why are Women More Vulnerable to Yeast Infection than Men? Types of Child Abuse: Are You Subjecting your Child to Abuse? Is Bloodless Surgery The Best Way To Ensure Smooth And Risk-Free Childbirth During C-Section? How to Handle High-Risk Pregnancy and Choose a Gynecologist. 5 Key Reasons Why You Should See an ObGyn near You. 8 Milestones to Watch Out for in Your Baby’s Growth and Development.

How Internet is destroying Childhood: Kids Don’t Know How to Play! Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Urinary Tract Infections. 5 Vital Things To Remember When Talking About Sex with Your Child  Why You Should Continue to Breastfeed Your Baby After Age 1. How Women with HIV/AIDS Have To Deal With Numerous Struggles and Challenges. Finding A Gynecologist To Meet Your Female Health Needs. A Few Cardinal Reasons Why Mothers Must Breastfeed Their Babies. The Distress of Not Being Able to Conceive – A Few Causes of Infertility. 12 Extraordinary Benefits of Breastfeeding: No Formula can Beat This! Smart Ways to Tackle PMS Without Pills - Female Gynaecologist & Obstetrician. This is the ONLY Time You can Get Pregnant! 6 Brilliant Ways to Deal with Morning Sickness. 5 Enjoyable Things You Can Do When Pregnant: You’ll be Surprised! - Female Gynaecologist & Obstetrician.

Important Things to Know Before You Decide for Home Birth. The Adverse Effects of Tobacco Smoke & Medications On Unborn Babies. Visit a Gynecologist to Understand Why You Get Infrequent or Irregular Cycles. Know ways to Protect your Child from Sexual Absuse. 3 Effective Techniques to Measure Your Baby’s Growth and Development. How to Support Teenage Girls and Boys During Puberty: For Parents. Potential Risks to Consider when having a Hysterectomy. 5 Hot Tips for Parents to Prepare for Their Child’s First Day of School. How to Deal with Infertility Physically and Emotionally? Signs That You May Have a C-section Infection. Is Your Baby Underweight or Overweight? When Should You Visit A gynecologist and Never Delay? Main Symptoms and Diagnosis of PCOS- Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle.

Why Should You Opt For A Natural Delivery? Infertility Specialist Talks About Causes, Tests, and Treatments. How Men Are Affected By Some Birth Control Methods for Women. 4 Signs That Indicate Your Pregnancy is Progressing Healthily. 4 Unavoidable Qualities to Look For in a Women Clinic. 5 Vital Questions to Ask Your Obstetrician Before Delivery. An Overview of UTI Treatment Options – Gynecologist. Improving The Chances Of A Pregnancy After A Miscarriage. The Best Women Gynecologist Reveals Infertility Causes in Females and Males. Finding the Best Fertility Surgeon to Start a Family Faster. Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy? 7 Amazingly Effective Ways to Deal with Birth Pain. 5 Immediate Things to Do When You Become Pregnant. The Major Signs and Symptoms for Gynecological Problems.

Morning Sickness Might Not Happen in Morning. 7 Most Effective Diet Tricks for PCOS Patients: Straight from the Gyne’s Desk. How Not To Give Up When Dealing With Infertility. How To Cope With Depression During Pregnancy? Dr. Smiti Women's Clinic - Gynecological Surgery: Always Remember to Ask These 3 Questions.