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I am Ankita Bajpayi, A happily married mother, who loves to cook food, writes poetery, wish to travel the whole world & wants to learn new things. Moreover a spiritual Seeker, motivational speaker & a health conscious women who loves to talk & listen about health, kids & parenting. All in one...

The Five Myths about Fatherhood. Image Source Those two magical words “I’m pregnant,” by your partner would have put you on cloud nine.

The Five Myths about Fatherhood

As an expectant father, you must probably have some conventions about fatherhood. Know the Real Facts about Hypertension and Pregnancy. Image Source Do You Know Enough about Hypertension?

Know the Real Facts about Hypertension and Pregnancy

Do you know that you can have high blood pressure (hypertension) for years without any symptoms, which can affect your pregnancy? This blog post will help you understand the hows and whys of hypertension and pregnancy. Say No to Tobacco – On World No Smoking Day. Image Source World No Tobacco day -WNTD" is celebrated all over the world every year on 31st May since 1987 to promote " No Tobacco" of any form for 24 hrs.

Say No to Tobacco – On World No Smoking Day

& is symbolically represented by ‘Ash trays with fresh flowers’. The day is intended to bring awareness about the widespread use of tobacco & its ill effects on health including ~6million deaths every year of which 600000 are passive smokers. Tobacco abuse in pregnancy is at an increasing trend especially in developing countries & could be double edged as it affect badly both mother and the baby. Incidence varies from 15-50% (James Walker) although 30% reduction rate is expected during the course of pregnancy. When to Introduce Solid Food to Your Newborn? Image Source Till now you have been feeding your baby only on breastmilk.

When to Introduce Solid Food to Your Newborn?

Introducing solid food is a big leap not only for the parents, but for the baby as well. Toddlers are most of the time interested in what elders are doing, and if you feel your child is suddenly taking a lot of interest in your plate than his/hers, it might be time to introduce him/her to solid foods. Preconception Planning: Is Your Body Ready For Pregnancy? Image Source You and your partner might have decided that it is time to add a member to your small family.

Preconception Planning: Is Your Body Ready For Pregnancy?

However, besides being emotionally ready, you also need to be physically ready to have a baby, i.e., your body needs to be prepared. Thus, to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy, you must schedule a preconception appointment with your health care consultant. Preconception planning is a way to understand whether your body is ready to have a baby and increase your odds of a healthy pregnancy. Ever Wanted to Earn Free Talk Time? Tryout Ladooo Recharge App. Ever Wanted to Earn Free Talk Time?

Ever Wanted to Earn Free Talk Time? Tryout Ladooo Recharge App

Tryout Ladooo Recharge App As you all know that getting free mobile recharge is truly exciting, as many of you have girlfriends or if you’re a girl then you have a boyfriend. So, everyone needed to talk on the cell phone. If you’re a prepaid user, in case of long talks you need to recharge your phone again & again. Similarly, the postpaid users have to pay a hefty bill at the end of the month which again leaves a whole in your pockets. App Advertising: A Mix of Things Often Get Ignored by Linda Hudson.

By Linda Hudson Manager Advertising of smartphone apps is growing quickly; it has bought some awe-inspiringly changes in the market.

App Advertising: A Mix of Things Often Get Ignored by Linda Hudson

As per research, many app developer companies nearly doubled their investment in mobile advertising budgets, and it’s expected to grow by the coming year. Natural Childbirth – What to Expect From Best Child Care Hospitals? – behealthybewise. You might want to avoid drugs and medical interventions during your birth.

Natural Childbirth – What to Expect From Best Child Care Hospitals? – behealthybewise

Moreover, you want a natural birth for your baby. Learn what all you can expect being under the roof of the best childcare hospital. A Start Off. Feed Your Child Organic Foods - healthytalks's soup. Time and again we all come across news and reports about food products not being safe for consumption for these are grown using synthetic chemicals.

Feed Your Child Organic Foods - healthytalks's soup

People have started to understand the harmful effects of these chemicals and began to abandon chemical laden foods for organic counterparts. This shift has escalated the demand for organic foods. Families especially prefer organic foods for children for these are less harmful than chemically prepared foods and thus offer a healthy alternative. However, despite the rising popularity of organic foods, people are still circumspect to consuming these. There might be a problem with the requested link. The link you requested has been identified by bitly as being potentially problematic.

There might be a problem with the requested link

This could be because a bitly user has reported a problem, a black-list service reported a problem, because the link has been shortened more than once, or because we have detected potentially malicious content. This may be a problem because: Some URL-shorteners re-use their links, so bitly can't guarantee the validity of this link.Some URL-shorteners allow their links to be edited, so bitly can't tell where this link will lead you.Spam and malware is very often propagated by exploiting these loopholes, neither of which bitly allows for. School Time — The Never Ending Search! School Time — The Never Ending Search! Kids grow up rather quickly, don’t they? The apple of your eye is now big enough to step into another world. It’s the student world, the world that will help him learn and understand things. He will now step out of the home, make friends, eat on his own, and learn to perform various tasks without your assistance.

Health Tips: Parenting Your Kids. Becoming a parent is one of the best feelings humans can ever experience. However, the moment you become a parent you have a responsibility of taking proper care and ensuring they grow up to be good humans. There are no tips to be a good parent; it’s all instinctive, as it has always been throughout your life. Having said this, the most difficult phase in the life of parents is to handle their growing children – especially during teenage – because this is the time when they start to understand things and develop their own perspective towards everybody around them.

Surely as a parent, you would want to be in their good books, so there are certain things that you may want to avoid and things that you would want to do with them. Preterm Delivery and the Flood of Emotions – behealthybewise. Preterm delivery or premature delivery is something that is prevalent in the society. Despite advancement in medical technology, feeding pregnant woman healthy food, and taking utmost care, there are many cases of the baby arriving too soon. It is difficult to comprehend the flood of emotion that a mother and her family would be going through during such a time. However, here’s a living example of the same penned down by a mother whose baby (her angle) came into the world only after 26 weeks of gestation.

She recalls her feelings when her bundle of joy was kept in the neonatal intensive care unit for around 75 days. Like this: Health Tips — Childbirth Classes: The Best Way to Understand... Surprise Your Pregnant Wife!!! Which woman doesn’t love surprises and if it from her man, her happiness knows no bounds! It is a fact that a pregnant woman requires adequate rest and care. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the husband to help her with the household chores and ensure that she is happy all the time. Tips For First Time Mothers - What They Need To Know? The Fundamentals When the countdown of pregnancy starts and the final days come, the time is ripe for the mothers to start gain awareness and learn some crucial tips to stay fit and healthy. A lot of advice about pregnancy is provided to women in general. Some of them are good, some are terrible, and some of them are useful titbits. When concerning kids' hospital in Gurgaon, the doctors and medical assistances provide factual tips for the first time mothers with special session or workshops.

Moreover, those assisted tips by the doctors in kids' hospital in Gurgaon which go by as— # First Trimester • Find the Right Care Provider Just making sure that you are regularly going to the same obstetrician for many years does not imply that they are a good fit for the mother and the baby. Pregnancy Myths: True or False? Demystified – Pregnancy myths related to food. Image Source Pregnant woman should eat a well-balanced diet to foster normal growth and development of the foetus. In India, nutrition of pregnant women is strongly influenced by food fads, taboos, customs, cultural and religious beliefs with an element of uncertainty between myth and reality. This itself might pose a challenge to food choice in pregnancy where every trimester is different, but significant.

These nine months may be the most interestingly challenging months in a woman’s life. But remember, every pregnancy is different, so follow the obstetrician’s orders above anything else. MYTH: Drinking coconut water will result in the baby having a lot of hair and the mother getting acidity.FACT: Baby generally lays head-down in the third trimester and the acidity that the mother suffers from is a result of her growing belly. MYTH: Cut out the cheese FACT: Cheese is a good source of Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin B 12, Phosphorus, Protein, Vitamin A. Contributed by- Ms. 5 Easy Recipes to Cook for Your Pregnant Wife. Image Source The news of expecting a baby is undoubtedly the most exciting one in a married couple’s life. However, this excitement also brings stress along with physical, emotional, and hormonal changes.

Welcome New Baby with Joy! Set Lifelong Memories by Making Best… Exciting over the arrival of your newborn, at this instant the parents of a newborn will look forward to ensure that everything is well planned to welcome their dear one. When a baby is born that moment becomes the focus of each and every conversation, but what is the best way of welcoming a newborn baby? Through this article sharing some of the best ideas to celebrate & 1. First Step - Care of your New Born To see and hold the newly born baby is the first thing that the new parents wish to do. For mothers, the feeling of pain during labor will soon turn into a feeling of joy & However, with the uneasy phase of nine months, mostly, new mothers have a hard time learning new things on how to care for a newborn. Many people would believe that the way you nurture could affect the bonding relationship, behaviour, and health of the baby. Some more are listed below in points: Got Pregnant Looking for Best Maternity Care Hospitals in your City.

Maternity Hospitals — Reasons to Giving Birth In the Best Hospital. Friendly Parenting is the Need of the Hour – behealthybewise. Meal Planning During Pregnancy: Trimester By Trimester. A Parent’s Guide to Immunization. Demystified – Pregnancy myths related to food. I Am a Happy Mother Because of Cloudnine. Selecting an Affordable Fertility Treatment Centre. Prepared For Fertility Consultation? See for Lists of Do’s And Don’ts – behealthybewise. Health Tips: Fertility Treatment —Your Options at a Glance.

Selecting an Affordable Fertility Treatment Centre. I Am a Happy Mother Because of Cloudnine. Welcome New Baby with Joy! Set Lifelong Memories by Making Best… Fatherhood – Balancing Personal and Professional Lives. Health Tips — Keep Your Eye On Weight during Pregnancy. Is your kid having right weight? How to protect your child from the harsh summer? Common Cold in Children.