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Wild Poliovirus : An Overview, Types and Symptoms of the Disease- GoMedii. The world has been affected by many epidemics, from TB to Cholera.

Wild Poliovirus : An Overview, Types and Symptoms of the Disease- GoMedii

One of the most recent has been wild poliovirus which affected the middle east for a very long time. This particular writeup will throw light upon facts about Wild poliovirus. In this context, one should not forget that polio eradication in all ways has been a priority for a long time. In the case of India, it has been eradicated successfully. The children receive drops but no vaccination is compulsory anymore. (People Also Like To Read: Are You Aware of 5 Most Common Sign of Inflammation) What is Wild Poliovirus? As per the Belgian Biosafety, the disease can be described as ” Poliovirus is a class of risk 2 (or Risk Group 2 or Hazard group 2) non-enveloped RNA enterovirus. What are the Different Types of Wild Poliovirus? There are various types of polioviruses found as observed, these are: What are the Symptoms of Wild Poliovirus? The symptoms are similar to that of the normal polio condition.

Epilepsy Symptoms That You Should Know - GoMedii. The neurological aspect of our body is hardly paid attention to until the condition is worse enough to scare us.

Epilepsy Symptoms That You Should Know - GoMedii

One of the most common of all the neurological condition is that of Epilepsy. It has been seen that it is one he fastest growing condition among the teenagers as well as adults. While the epilepsy symptoms are very evident as it includes seizures, one might not be sure until diagnosed. There are so many aspects like epilepsy symptoms and causes which will be discussed in the following writeup.

It is necessary that awareness regarding the condition is well explained to make everyone aware of it. (People Also Like To Read: Diabetes in Children: A Life-Long Chronic Disease of Your Child) What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy can be defined as a chronic disease that causes abnormal behavior, symptoms, and sensations, sometimes including loss of consciousness. There are more than a single cause for the epilepsy symptoms to show up.

Coffee and Kidney: Do You Know The Connection of Two - GoMedii. Coffee and kidney are they actually connected, it sounds strange, right?

Coffee and Kidney: Do You Know The Connection of Two - GoMedii

Well, the truth is they both are connected. Natural Ways to Ease Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - GoMedii. Premenstrual Syndrome is the most terrible or difficult situation for women who go through from this.

Natural Ways to Ease Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - GoMedii

It completely changes your behavior, you start feeling cranky, depressed, etc basically, PMS ruins everything it and the saddest part we can’t control it. Although its a monthly process but it can create some major problems so yeah we should manage it with the natural ways to ease Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). (People Also Like To Read: Lifestyle Changes That Will Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease) PMS, well it’s a monthly pattern of symptoms which usually start about a week before the period.

These symptoms tend to go away within 3-4days after starting the period. Male Impotence : Way to treat It - GoMedii. Is Male Impotence normal?

Male Impotence : Way to treat It - GoMedii

We can say rarely, it is rarely happening as not every man is dealing with this. Well, there is a myth that a man who is impotent cannot satisfy himself or his partner is not true. Impotence does not mean that the man cannot have sex or have fun while sex. Male Impotence is the condition when the male’s sperm is not qualitative to fertilize the woman’s egg. In this entire blog, we are providing some important information related to male impotence and what are its possible treatments.

Know the Folic Acid Dosage For Seniors - GoMedii. At the starting age of 40-45, our parents start experiencing some health problems, bone problems, etc, etc.

Know the Folic Acid Dosage For Seniors - GoMedii

At that time it’s our duty to provide them some vitamins, folic acid and minerals so that their body get sustain and healthy. In this blog, we are providing you the full information about folic acid and folic acid dosage for seniors and its risks and importantly the benefits. Ambulatory Blood Pressure : Monitor Your BP Regularly By Dr. Mohanty - GoMedii. Controlling your blood pressure can be a tough job if you do not take care of the reasons that might lead to fluctuation in the blood pressure.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure : Monitor Your BP Regularly By Dr. Mohanty - GoMedii

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring thus comes in picture. It is one of the most scientific and helpful systems for monitoring your blood pressure. Why do we use the machine, what is the machine about and what conditions make patients use it, the blog would address all your doubts. The Best Diet For Kidney Transplant Patient - GoMedii. Kidney transplant or renal transplantation, performed when the kidney disease is in the last stage.

The Best Diet For Kidney Transplant Patient - GoMedii

Patients should take special care of themselves after having a kidney transplant. Along with your living, food should also be taken special care of. You may get a new life after a kidney transplant, but one thing that should not be forgotten is dietary precautions. Yes, if you think that you can eat all kinds of things after a kidney transplant, then this is not true. Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat : Understand The Difference and Your Body Need- GoMedii. Generally, people believe that fat is not good at all, but the fat is not all bad!

Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat : Understand The Difference and Your Body Need- GoMedii

However, there is a type of fat which is bad. Our body needs a good amount of fat to keep us energized and we don’t have to completely eliminate all fat from our diet. Here we are going to explore the differentiation between the good fat vs. bad fat. (People Also Like To Read: Preventing Obesity in Children: Make your Children Healthy Not Fat) It is a common belief that fats are the biggest culprits which lead to all the problems related to the weight and that cutting them off entirely from the diet can be a helpful solution. The Best Diet For Kidney Transplant Patient. Kidney transplant or renal transplantation, performed when the kidney disease is in the last stage.

The Best Diet For Kidney Transplant Patient

Patients should take special care of themselves after having a kidney transplant. Along with your living, food should also be taken special care of. You may get a new life after a kidney transplant, but one thing that should not be forgotten is dietary precautions. Yes, if you think that you can eat all kinds of things after a kidney transplant, then this is not true. Levocetirizine Side Effects, Usage, Dosage and Treatment- GoMedii.

Allergies are bad times in one’s life, it makes your body exhaust itself and you end up lethargic. There are many reasons for suffering from allergies, but then the preventions also have consequences after we take some medicines. Preventing Obesity in Children: Make your Children Healthy Not Fat- GoMedii. Increased obesity in children is due to wrong eating such as consuming high calorie-rich food items, snacks, junk food, fast-food, fond of eating more sugary, drinking less milk and consuming sweetened milk products. Therefore, do not allow children to consume fast food and junk food and make them eat healthy food so that they can lead a healthy life. In this blog, we are giving you more awareness about preventing obesity in children and how should you manage it.

(People Also Like To Read: Know The Dangerous Causes of Vaginal Itching and Burning) Define Obesity in Children: Obesity in children can also cause life-threatening disorders, such as – diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disorders, cancer, liver disease, early puberty, early onset of menstruation in girls, in the skin Infections, asthma, and respiratory problems may also include other problems. Obese children are usually emotional and they often suffer from depression due to obesity. Maintain Healthy Eating. गर्भावस्था में अस्थमा हो सकता है खतरनाक : डॉ. अलका मल्होत्रा Dr. Harsh Vardhan: Ayushman Bharat shall Prove to be a Game-Changer- GoMedii.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan said “I happy to announce that in a short period of time, under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, more than 21,000 health and wellness centers have become operational and about 47 lakh people have availed of treatments under its Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) pillar”, said by the Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan while addressing the media announcing the launch of the Ayushman Bharat Pakhwara. (People Also Like To Read: Are you Aware About The Causes of Dementia?)

Dr. Harsh Vardhan stated that the flagship scheme of the Government, Ayushman Bharat is probably the biggest public healthcare initiative in the world. Early Screening Additional benefits have accrued from the AB- HWCs, the Health Minister stated that more than 1.5 Crore population is screened for hypertension and more than 70 lakhs people are put on treatment; similarly, around 1.3 crore population are screened for Diabetes and more than 31 lakhs people are on treatment. 10 Amazing & Healthy Diet to Lose Weight; Do You Wanna Opt It- GoMedii. Every person wants to look young, beautiful and fit but due to junk consumption, you just can’t maintain that’s why a healthy diet is very important to look fit and smart.

A healthy diet is considered which is high in protein, fibre, vitamins and carbohydrates. But nowadays youngsters love to eat junk items like- pizza, burgers, pasta, fries whatnot. Which makes them fat and ugly. Then they start thinking about how to manage their weight. Here, 10 amazing & healthy diet to lose weight and some easy ways to adapt this. ICMR About to Launch Dengue Vaccine in 2020. Good News – Now, Indian Council of Medical Research is going to launch a dengue vaccine in 2020 which is designed to counter the outbreak of the vector-borne virus that claims hundreds of lives across the country every year. (People Also Like To Read: My Battle with Kidney Disease: Don’t Let it Defeat Your Spirit!) A dengue serous survey has been done across 15 states, even including West Bengal, to identify the prevalence of the disease. The vaccine could be launched in a region where the disease is more prevalent, ICMR director-general Balram Bhargava said.

As the inauguration of the National Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) hub in Kolkata on Monday, Mr. Bhargava said that demonstration projects to test the vaccine could be launched by the year-end. जानिये अच्छी वसा और खराब वसा में अंतर. Ayushman Bharat 2.0 Improves Cancer Cover. Now Ayushman Bharat would provide cover for cancer-based on the drug regimen and not on the type of cancer. The new health scheme comes for the poorest of the poor would add over 200 packages and offer better and good quality implants in orthopedics and cardiology. जाने डिप्रेशन आपकी सेक्स लाइफ को कैसे नुकसान पंहुचा सकता है अवसाद (डिप्रेशन) आपके जीवन को कई तरह से प्रभावित कर सकता है, लेकिन क्या आप जानते हैं कि यह आपकी सेक्स ड्राइव को भी कम कर सकता है। 5 Ways to Prevent Yourself for Viral Infections During Weather Changes- GoMedii.

It is that time of the year we are all are scared of being sick and catching infections. The weather change is an indication that there is something stored in for us to get unwell, and the air is filled with viral infections, waiting to take us as their hostages. मशरूम खाने से प्रोस्टेट कैंसर का खतरा कम हो सकता है: अध्ययन. Bariatric surgery : A Surgery to Reduce Belly Fat. What Can Be The Effects of Skipping Blood Pressure Medicine?- GoMedii. We as humans are extremely forgetful and with the busy schedules of our lives, we tend to ignore these little things. One of the most common conditions that people of all ages go through is blood pressure. Normal Delivery or C-section: Which is better? Nowadays, most of the people are in favor of C-section delivery because it’s hygienic, easy and no pain phenomena but as our older says that normal delivery is the best, in that case, the women get confused about that. शाकाहारी लोगों को सबसे अधिक स्ट्रोक का खतरा : रीसर्च.

Government is Working on Setting Up 'AYUSH Grid' Countrywide. हमेशा जवान और फिट कैसे रहें Know The Medicines That Can Damage The Liver. Family Planning : Know How Gynecologist Help You By Dr. Prerna Mishra- GoMedii. Bone Health: Combination of Calcium and Vitamin D Make it Strong- GoMedii. लगातार PUBG खेलने के कारण दिमाग में जमे खून के थक्के, ICU में हुआ भर्ती Do You Feel The Big Toe Pain When Walking?- GoMedii. Is There a Permanent Cure for Arthritis? Food For Good Sleep : Have it For A Good Night Sleep. आर्थराइटिस या गठिया रोग में क्या खाना चाहिए और क्या नहीं खाना चाहिए. How to Stay Positive in Chronic Pain! Know the Effective Ways. धूप में टहलने से दूर रहेगी Diabetes: स्‍टडी How to Treat Gum Diseases - Know The Methods! रुमेटॉइड अर्थराइटिस क्या है? जाने कारण, लक्षण और बचाव । Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Importance of Dental Flossing - Can Protect You From Oral Diseases- GoMedii. महिलाओं में कमजोरी दूर करने के घरेलु उपाय. Is High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Dangerous? 8 Useful Ways to Lower A1C. Difference Between Diabetes Insipidus and Diabetes Mellitus. वायु प्रदूषण (Air Pollution) के कारण समय से पहले हो सकती है मौत: स्टडी What are the Benefits of Having a Family Doctor? वायु प्रदूषण (Air Pollution) के कारण समय से पहले हो सकती है मौत: स्टडी More than 39 lakh people save Rs. 12,000 crore under Ayushman Bharat- GoMedii. 10 Amazing Tips to Get Rid of Migraine Pain. Stop Putting Your Eyes Through Digital Eye Strain!- GoMedii. Dialysis or a Kidney Transplant - What Doctor Suggests? By Dr. Tarun Kaushik- GoMedii. Amoxicillin Side Effects, Usage & Dosage Guide. Know the Paracetamol Side effects & Avoid Liver Injury. Thunderclap Headache: A Severe And Explosive Headache By Dr. Rajnish Kumar. PM-JAY to Include All Kinds of Cancer Treatment. A Mobile Application for Disabled: Check on Modicare Frauds.

वायरल हेपेटाइटिस एक गंभीर समस्या, जानें इसके कारण, लक्षण और बचाव के उपाय। Viral Hepatitis. What Best Foods to Eat to Lower Cholesterol. गर्भावधि मधुमेह: जानिए लक्षण, कारण, जोखिम और उपचार. Awareness About Kidney Donation: People's Attitude Should Change Towards Organ Donation. स्टडी : Stroke और Heart Disease से होने वाली मौतें बढ़ने की सबसे बड़ी वजह है मोटापा Lok Sabha Passed the Bill to Prohibit Commercial Surrogacy. भूख कम लगना, दस्त व बुखार रहे तो हो सकती है आंतों मेंं टीबी । TB in the intestines.

Pain in the Right Upper Quadrant of the Ribs? See What are the Problems- GoMedii. स्ट्रेस की वजह से भी हो सकता है Cervical Cancer: स्टडी । Cervical Cancer. The New Process Could Delay Menopause By Up to 20 Years. Cardiomyopathy: A Hereditary Disease of the Heart. Doctors Called Off Their Strike Over NMC- GoMedii. ALERT! - It's Time To Pay Attention To The Risks Caused By Diabetes- GoMedii. 1.5 lakh Wellness Centers by 2022: Govt. Focusing on Cancer Research said Harsh Vardhan- GoMedii. इस नई तकनीक के जरिये शुरुआत में ही हो सकेगा ऑटिज्म का इलाज - GoMedii. Q&A with a Nephrologist: How will CKD impact my life?

Hepatitis B and C: Affecting People in the Country. E-cigarettes are "Undoubtedly Harmful" said WHO- GoMedii. Dengue Fever : How Dangerous It Is! - Dr. Prakhar Garg. सप्‍ताह में तीन बार या अधिक फिश खाने से कम हो सकता है Rectal Cancer का खतरा : स्‍टडी । Rectal Cancer. Gujarat With The Highest Number of WHO-GMP Plants in India- GoMedii. क्या है डायबिटिक गैस्ट्रोपैरीसिस के लक्षण । Diabetic Gastroparesis. Parkinson's Disease a Central Nervous System Disorder By Dr. Rajnish Kumar- GoMedii. लिवर रोग मे जरूर लगवाएं हेपेटाइटिस बी का टीका Deadly Fungal Infections May Increase With Global Warming. Diabetes Care: Take Your Disease Seriously Right From The Beginning- GoMedii. Boy With the Wrong Transfusion of HIV+ blood: Gets Rs. 20 Lakh and Government Job- GoMedii. Kidney Failure: How Badly It Can Affect You? By Dr. Manoj Agarwal-GoMedii.

Kidney Care: Kidney Disease Can Affect Anyone of Any Age- Gomedii. HYPOGLYCEMIA: How to Treat it? Causes of Anxiety Disorders : Are You Aware of It? स्टडी: कैंसर के ऊतक(Cancer tissues) को खत्म करने में मदद करेगी कार्बन डाइऑक्साइड. Know the Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes. After Consuming Contaminated Water, Two Children Dead, and 53 Hospitalized- Uttar Pradesh. क्या मधुमेह में गुड़ का सेवन करना अच्छा है? Tooth Decay and Cavities: Know More About It By Dr. P.S. Ahuja- GoMedii. सीने में जलन की समस्या बन सकती है कैंसर का खतरा Precautions for Low BP & Ways to Manage It.

ABO-incompatible Know the Causes, Risk, And Prevention. Seasonal Flu in Babies : Know How to Deal With It by Dr. Roli Munshi- GoMedii. कंधे में दर्द से हो सकता है हृदय रोग का खतरा । Graves' disease - An Autoimmune Disorder that Causes Overactive Thyroid. Puberty : Know How It Hits You? Wondering How to Use Pregnancy Test Kit.