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Hitler, Stalin and Mr. Jones. In this film George Carey is searching for a site of murder which took place in Inner Mongolia, Northern China, nearly 80 years ago.

Hitler, Stalin and Mr. Jones

The only video of the man who died is just a few seconds taken at a meeting with Adolf Hitler. The murdered man was a brilliant Welsh journalist called Gareth Jones. He was trying to find out what the Japanese army was plotting in China. His greatest scoop had been to expose the story few dare to put their name to. It made him enemies among those who wanted to hide the truth. Philosophy: Guide to Happiness. We tend to accept that people in authority must be right.

Philosophy: Guide to Happiness

It's this assumption that Socrates wanted us to challenge by urging us to think logically about the nonsense they often come out with, rather than being struck dumb by their aura of importance and air of suave certainty. This six part series on philosophy is presented by popular British philosopher Alain de Botton, featuring six thinkers who have influenced history, and their ideas about the pursuit of the happy life. Socrates on Self-Confidence (Part 1) - Why do so many people go along with the crowd and fail to stand up for what they truly believe? Partly because they are too easily swayed by other people's opinions and partly because they don't know when to have confidence in their own. Seneca on Anger (Part 3) - Roman philosopher Lucious Annaeus Seneca (4BCE-65CE), the most famous and popular philosopher of his day, took the subject of anger seriously enough to dedicate a whole book to the subject. 10 Must-See American Documentaries. Movies and TV The following list compiles ten of the best documentary films relating to the United States, released in the last 25 years.

10 Must-See American Documentaries

The documentaries here are shown in no particular order. Be sure to add your own favorites to the comments. The Civil War Directed by Ken Burns This 9 episode epic chronicles the U.S. The Trials of Darryl Hunt Directed by Annie Sundberg Darryl Hunt is a man from Winston-Salem, N.C. who was wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of a young white woman in 1984. Sicko.


Filmový festival Jeden svět 2013. Masové hnutí a demonstrace v Rusku nejsou výlučně věcí opozice.

Filmový festival Jeden svět 2013

Také Putinovi příznivci se organizují do patriotického hnutí, které má své vůdce, mládežnické tábory, kongresy a demonstrace. Zvláště v době a místě očekávaných protestů opozice. Snímek je sondou do povahy masového provládního hnutí „Naši“. Na příkladu mladé a ambiciózní Máši Drokovové, asistentky komisaře Našich, film sleduje moderní a pozitivní tvář hnutí. Pozorování demonstrací a schůzí Našich, jakož i svědectví opozičního vůdce Ilji Jašina a známého blogera Olega Kašina však ukazují i druhou tvář hnutí: násilnou, nacionalistickou a štvavou. Le Tableau. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries.

By Alexander Stevenson 9/10/2012 Looking for a must-see list of great gay documentaries?

The 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries

We’ve got you covered. We recently asked our readers to nominate up to five of their favorite documentary films via write-in vote. Thousands responded and we tabulated the results to bring you the top 25 here. All of these films are definitely worth a look and to help you learn more about titles you might not be familiar with, we’ve included trailers, links to reviews, official film websites and more. So here they are, the 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries. 25. Summary: Sir Ian McKellen narrates this inspiring portrait of Father Mychal Judge, a New York City Fire Department Chaplain who wrestled with his sexuality, his genuine dedication to life as a priest, and his alcoholism before perishing during the collapse of the Twin Towers in the line of duty. Further Reading: Official Saint of 9/11 websiteAfterElton Review of Saint of 9/11 24. AfterElton Review of Transgeneration LogoTV’s Transgeneration page 23. Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms.

Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms (Japanese: 夕凪の街 桜の国, Hepburn: Yūnagi no Machi, Sakura no Kuni?)

Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

Is a one-volume manga written and illustrated by Fumiyo Kōno. The two connected stories were first published in Japan by Futabasha in Weekly Manga Action in 2003 and 2004, then collected in a single tankōbon volume in 2004. The story is about a family of survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The author based the characters on people who were in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms was adapted as a live-action film directed by Kiyoshi Sasabe released in 2007, called Yunagi City, Sakura Country in English.

The manga has received international praise for its simple but beautiful artwork and its quiet but "humane" anti-war message.[1][2][3][4][5][6] It received the Grand Prize for manga at the 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival and the 2005 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Creative Award. Plot[edit] Town of Evening Calm (Yūnagi no Machi)[edit] Cast. I Am Eleven Documentary - V objetí dalajlamy.