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Unique Collection of Embroidery Components Available on Get Amazing Rhinestone Cup Chain. Get Hand Embroidery Needles at Best Prices. Get To Know Bullion Thread. Bullion threads find great mention in Indian tradition since they are staple part of the embroidery work done on various ethnic garments and footwear to give them a royal feel.

Get To Know Bullion Thread

Now, before you begin on your project, you need to get a hint of what bullion threads are all about. Bullion threads are basically bigger version of Purl threads used for a large number of goldwork embroidery projects. The large size of bullion threads makes them ideal for garments requiring heavy embroidery work such as bridal lehengas, lehenga saree, saree and sherwanis. Otherwise, these glitzy threads are even used to decorate altars and other objects that want some glittery touch. As far as the structure of bullion threads is concerned, then they have a tubular shape.

Shop For A Wide Range Of Embroidery Components Online. All You Need To Know About Aari Embroidery Needle. All You Need To Know About Aari Embroidery Needle Aari needles basically have a shape as that of a crochet needle and are used to execute an intricate embroidery pattern which is commonly referred to as “Aari work”.

All You Need To Know About Aari Embroidery Needle

The embroidery work done by using an aari needles is quite delicate and complex in nature. The resultant chain like designs give these needles a unique place in the embroidery industry and as a result, aari needles are widely used for hand embroidery in India. Aari needles have a very long history belonging to the reign of Mughal rulers where intrinsic floral and other traditional designs were carved on a piece of fabric using aari needles. Buy Wide Range Of Embroidered Laces and Beading Material Online. 5 Important Things About Hand Embroidery Needles. A tiny needle is the basic requirement for a wonderful embroidery work.

5 Important Things About Hand Embroidery Needles

Thus, before starting with any kind of embroidery, you need to check if you are using the right kind of needle for the job. Here are 5 crucial things you should know about a hand embroidery needle: Types Different types of needles are used for different embroidery jobs. The “crewel” needles are majorly used for embroidery work in which the needle needs to pass through the fabric, while on the other hand “tapestry needles” are used for canvas or drawn thread work.