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Best Healthy Salad Recipes to Keep You Fit. Salads are fresh, light and easy to prepare.

Best Healthy Salad Recipes to Keep You Fit

They are wholesome meals that come in super handy when you’re trying to eat healthy. Filled with nutrition, fresh seasonal flavours and high fiber ingredients, salads are enjoyed by all age groups and perfect for both lunch and dinner. Here are a few healthy salad recipes that are super quick and easy to prepare – Gajjari Bele Salad Ingredients 1 cup of grated gajjari/carrots1 cup of soaked moong dal/hesaru bele½ cup of grated coconut1 tbsp of coconut oil1 tsp mustard seeds5-6 curry leavesPinch of hing powder½ cup of finely chopped coriander leaves2 tbsp lemon juice Salt and pepper as required Procedure Boil the moong dal for 10-12 minutes.In a small pan, heat some coconut oil and add mustard seeds, curry leaves and hing powder.

Kosambari Salad Kadale Salad Ingredients Take a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients to it except pineapple. Shenga Salad Take a large mixing bowl, and add the cucumber, tomatoes, onions, green chilli and peanuts. Try Out Some Different Idli Dishes for Idli Day. A favorite South Indian delicacy, the Idli, which can be prepared in several different ways, is packed with a powerful combination of carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids and protein.

Try Out Some Different Idli Dishes for Idli Day

As one of the most favorite steamy breakfast dishes in South Indian homes, here are a few different idli recipesto try at home – Mallige Idli Ingredients. Spins on Your Favorite Spinach Dishes. Tear up those leafy greens because National Spinach Day is here.

Spins on Your Favorite Spinach Dishes

Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, spinach is a versatile superfood that fits right into many healthy recipes. Cooked or raw, it is packed with iron, fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals, and is known for improving eye, skin, hair, and bone health. Here are a few healthy spinach recipes to try at home – Keerai Koottu Ingredients 2 cups of chopped keerai palak1 cup of soaked moong daal1/2 cup of shredded coconut1 tsp tumeric,hing,red chilli powder1 tbsp cumin seeds and mustard seeds3-4 curry leaves2-3 chopped green chillis salt as required Procedure Take a pressure cooker and add chopped spinach, soaked dal, salt, turmeric and one cup of water.

Vegan Recipes: Top 5 personal favorites. Try out these vegan recipes for your summer food time! Try out these vegan recipes for your summer food time! Going vegan is a great experience.

Try out these vegan recipes for your summer food time!

It needs patience and an inner will. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s find out the best lip-smacking vegan recipes to relish on this summer. Tasty recipe to celebrate national garlic day! Celebrate Earth Day with greens and more! Environmental protection is a must and for someone who loves to support such causes can start with the little – switching to green food recipes.

Celebrate Earth Day with greens and more!

Foodies and everyone who simply loves eating – this earth day recipe guide is about to unleash a new diaspora of foodgasm all over again. Here are 2 classy meals you can try on Earth Day. But before you do, you must know that if you find it difficult to find the resources to these meals at your local farmer’s market – then you can resort to grocery delivery services. P.S. – they also have milk home delivery services at your disposal. 1. If you adore pizza as much like anyone else out there, then you may be tempted to try a healthier version of it – at least for once in your life.

Ingredients: · 10 to 12-inch round of pizza dough, rolled thin · 3 oz - mozzarella · Extra-virgin olive oil · ¼ cup finely grated Parmesan · 2 large handfuls baby arugula · 1 juiced and zested lemon, · Kosher salt ( or any other for taste) It’s really easy. . · 2 tbsp olive oil. Get Indian Grocery Stores around you busy with these fun recipes! Looking for some green food recipes for Earth Day? Here’s your guide! – Online Grocery Shopping. 5 Ugadi Festival Recipes that you can try today! – anjali seth.

Ugadi, celebrated on the 6th of April is the New Year’s day for people of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana states in India.

5 Ugadi Festival Recipes that you can try today! – anjali seth

It is also known as Yugadi and/or Telugu and Kannada New Year. To commemorate the beginning of a happy new year, let’s move on to food recipes that form an imperative part of the festival. These five Ugadi Festival Recipes are not just yummy in taste but add a sense of belonging to one’s that make them with the heart and soul. Without further ado, let’s move onto the recipes for Ugadi. Tamarind Rice: One of the much awaited recipes for Ugadi, the tamarind rice is simple and easy to create. Even though these dishes may not sound lavish or have a rich origin, they somehow manage to capture the true essence of the festival through these lip-smacking Ugadi Special Recipes.

Get yourself these Ugadi festival specialties from any Indian Grocery Stores by Anjali Seth. Articles by Anjali Seth Working.

Get yourself these Ugadi festival specialties from any Indian Grocery Stores by Anjali Seth

Easy Salad Recipes to Keep You Healthy - Nilgiris. Quick Fasting Recipes to make this Ugadi - Nilgiris. With Ugadi entering the southern states of India.

Quick Fasting Recipes to make this Ugadi - Nilgiris

The Kannadigas are embracing the festive spirit of new year. With new food, fresh harvest and bright days, the festival symbolises the birth of a fresh year ahead. From sweet, sour to bitter, this festival is an exciting blend of distinct flavours and tastes. Christmas Desserts To Get The Good Times Rolling - Nilgiris Blog. Christmas has always been a festival that gives you good times & happy moments to cherish over the year.

Christmas Desserts To Get The Good Times Rolling - Nilgiris Blog

It’s all about fun, celebrations, parties and meeting friends over scrumptious food. And as the saying goes “Christmas Is Not Christmas Without Nilgiris.” Your Nilgiris store is here with some delicious desserts to add to your Holiday baking routine. We know you love Oreos. So here’s a simple Oreo recipe prepared in 5 minutes and this simple chocolate covered Oreo recipe needs only 3 ingredients. Add Oreo biscuit in the blender and make a fine powder to add butter to it. Trendy desserts you can easily pull off at home – Nilgiris. The picture perfect dessert ideas you often spot on the Internet are a lot easier to recreate than you would have imagined.

Trendy desserts you can easily pull off at home – Nilgiris

Among the many trendy desserts in 2019, here are six quick and easy dessert recipes that are becoming increasingly popular these days Cup size chocolate cake Ingredients – 4 tbsp refined flour3 tbsp powdered sugar2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder½ tsp baking soda4 tbsp milk1 tbsp cooking oil ½ tsp vanilla extract. Like Ponni? These Dishes Will Make You Fall in Love With It - Nilgiris Blog. Among one of the most popular rice varieties hailing from South India, Ponni has found its special place in many hearts. Predominantly cultivated around the banks of river Kaveri, ponni riceis a product of high-quality water and balanced weather conditions. Despite its rich calorie content, ponni rice carries a light texture that is easily digestible, making it suitable for the diabetic also.

As one of the most consumed choices in South India, it is widely cultivated by the best ponni rice brand, Nilgiris. Embrace the Magic of Kadala Maavu – Nilgiris. Kadala Maavu, also popularly known as gram flour, is made from milling raw or roasted chickpeas. As a staple super food in Indian kitchens, it is the most commonly used flour to prepare snack items, as a binding agent and even for thickening vegetable curries. The benefits of gram flour are remarkably versatile – it is naturally high in protein in comparison to wheat flour, rich in minerals and vitamins, low in cholesterol and carries a super high content of fiber. Healthy breakfast meals with Godhi Nucchu – Nilgiris. Indian Spices: The Medical Kit in Our Kitchen - Nilgiris Blog.

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