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Marine Plastic Debris

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Why there are no pictures of the North Pacific Trash Gyre « The Oyster’s Garter. Books. Marine Debris Action Team. Aloha Community Members and Ocean Stewards, Living on an island, we are all aware of how our actions and respect for the land and sea are inseparably intertwined to the health and vitality of our ecosystem, and our lives.

Marine Debris Action Team

Many of us have been directly involved in debris clean-ups from mauka to makai, yet after the earthquake in Japan just over a year ago and the tsunami that followed, we are keenly aware of how we are but a microcosm here on planet ocean. It is clear we need to deal with some larger issues as a whole. Very recently, we were made aware of a group called Algalita Marine Research Institute (, who in partnership with the Five Gyres Institute has been directly dealing with the plastic trash gyres that collect in our oceans and are permeating the ecosystem. This group measures the scope of the ocean debris problems, raises awareness, searches for solutions and ultimately elicits change in our habits as consumers.

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