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Animal Rescue provides local news, events, and profiles about Animal Rescue Groups throughout the United States. Our mission is to get the word out about local animal rescue groups, support groups, veterinarians that take care of rescue animals, and those who care about and give their time to Animal Rescue organizations.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions. Fayette Humane Society. The Fayette Humane Society has many adoptable pets available for your “furrever” home.

Fayette Humane Society

We have many loving cats and dogs that need you. Studies have shown that the act of petting an animal can have a calming effect and help lower blood pressure. Residents of Fayette can find assistance to care for their pet by visiting the Fayette Humane Society’s website and looking under the Spay/Neuter Assistance tab. This assistance is provided as part of the Society’s mission to end the disposal of unwanted pets through an intensive spay and neuter program and provides this service as funds allow. Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue. The Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue (DVSHR) is a non-profit organization that benefits Siberian Huskies.

Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue

They not only assist and rescue Huskies, but they’ve also been established to find homes in a loving environment for neglected, abused or unwanted Siberian Huskies. DVSHR utilizes and heavily relies on the services of volunteers to assist them in their efforts in a variety of different ways. The volunteers play a very important role to the overall goal and mission of the organization. Including acting as a foster caregiver, a transporter, an adoption processor, trainers and counselors. The Women’s Humane Society. The Women’s Humane Society was established to implement fair and humane treatment of animals in the local area.

The Women’s Humane Society

Founded by Caroline Earle White on April 14, 1869, they are the first animal shelter in the United States. Initially launched as a result of the mistreatment of horses a strategic alliance with other members within the city of Philadelphians was formed in an effort to make improvements to the conditions of both horses and dogs. Under the guidance of an all female-based board of directors, Mrs. White also formed a women’s branch of the Pennsylvania SPCA. eventually becoming a well-known and respected force in the humane community. A small animal shelter was opened in 1912 as the country’s first adoption program.

They also offer a wide array of affordable veterinary care for pet owners, spaying and neutering in an effort to control the over-population of animals, as well as adoptions program that resulted in animals receiving permanent homes. Read more by visiting. Aware Wildlife Center. The Aware Wildlife Center is an Atlanta-based Wildlife Rehabilitation and educational center that focuses on Georgia’s most injured wildlife and those that are orphans.

Aware Wildlife Center

The primary purpose of the center is to provide rehabilitation for all of the wildlife species, but its purpose is also to provide a means to educate the community about the need for habitat preservation in conjunction with peaceful coexistence with the wildlife community. Founded by the late Michael founded in 1999, the Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort Inc. Pacific Coast Dog Rescue. Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is a rescue mission for dogs that has saved over 2,000 pets since their founding in 1998.

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue

Centered in Burbank, the Rescue is always at capacity because of the large number of dogs that are found to be abandoned outside their homes or in other areas. The mission is, unfortunately, not the first place dog owners who are incapable or uninterested in taking care of their dogs will call. Often, dogs will be left as part of a move, or tied outside and simply left to die. Loving, previously homed pets been found on the side of roads because they became a burden to their owners for some reason or another. Education and Animal Rescue Society. The Education and Animal Rescue Society (EARS) is a nonprofit Texas organization run entirely by volunteers.

Education and Animal Rescue Society

The mission of this 501(c)(3) corporation is to provide education to the community on animal care, animal behavior, and the importance of animal nutrition, vaccinations, and spaying and neutering. EARS is also dedicated to finding caring homes for animals that are otherwise fated to die in animal shelters. Members of the community who seek education and animal training services may look to the Education and Animal Rescue Society as a resource. Trainers and training ideas are available on the website, along with useful information on heartworm concerns, preventing dog bites, and socializing dogs.

Animal nutrition information is also available. Adopt or Foster a Pet Through the Education and Animal Rescue Society If you are considering pet adoption or wish to foster an animal, EARS can help. Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue. Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue (WWCR) is a non-profit special needs rescue seeking to save the lives of less adoptable cats and kittens in San Antonio, Texas.

Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue

The group ensures that these felines friends are given a second chance at having a happy family and not be discarded or euthanized. All Wayward cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated and FIV/FeLV tested, given a flea preventive, and cared for until they are placed in a forever home. If the cat has an injury or illness they will be treated prior to adoption as well. As a charitable group, they rely on the help of the community to provide for the needs of the cats under their care. Interested parties can donate items such as: Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal litterAdvantage, Frontline and/or Revolution for cats (flea prevention)Science Diet Indoor dry formula cat foodRoyal Canin Babycat canned or dry foodLaundry detergent (any kind)Dryer sheets (any kind)