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Anil Sahu

Sr. UI developer

HTML5 responsive table tutorial. While preparing this tutorial, I had a few things in my mind exactly how to deal with HTML5 responsive tables. As while making your own custom table for html5 responsive website we search some plugin, then we apply it, which just increase the response time of a site. How to make a HTML5 free Responsive Table for your website What is html5 Responsive Table Now a days mostly people wish to have their website which could be easily accessible on mobile. Responsive table as the name suggest is a table that is easily accessible on different screen as a desktop, Mobile, iPad of different resolutions. Why html5 Responsive Table As screen resolution shrinks, we have to scroll a screen from left to right, which is quite confusing, in case of large data table it’s very difficult to find data. Does a HTML5 responsive table require different coding In this tutorial we have tried to work on html5 Responsive table where maximum web developers face a lot of problems.

Structure of a Table <td>Varanasi</td>