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Anil Valvi

Anil Valvi is the President of Dynastic Tech - an Internet marketing company offering SEO, PPC & Web Design services. He's been in search since 2008 and focuses on long term strategies, intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition. For more detail visit -

Online Reputation Management

PPC Management. Market Mobile Apps. Internet Marketing Services. Natural Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Link Portfolio. Links are one of the main currencies of the Internet.

Natural Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Link Portfolio

Tweet This Search engines use them to determine whether a website is popular, trustworthy, spammy, and authoritative. Think about it. Do you ever link to another website on the Internet? Maybe you wrote an article about kitchen sinks and linked to a website that has a picture of the kitchen sink you have always wanted. When you put that link in your site, was it because you were super impressed by how spammy and unprofessional the other website was?

Link building happens naturally across the web all the time. Great Content Invites Natural Link Building The #1 best link building strategy is to not focus too much on the act of link building itself, but rather to focus heavily on creating excellent content that is authoritative, fills a need, and is highly engaging. If the content is authoritative, others will naturally want to link to your article as a resource. How to Compete in Localized Google Results. For both local brick-and-mortar businesses and web-based marketplaces, trying to gauge the success of search engine marketing efforts is complicated matter, particularly as SERPs become more dynamic.

How to Compete in Localized Google Results

With the introduction of SERP personalization, Google results now factor in zip codes, device types, and geographic locations for search queries, resulting in different results for users in different locations. There is no longer one standard results page. If you’re trying to track your search engine rankings, you’ll need to know your way around the tools and best practices to maximize your SEO efforts. In this article we’ll discuss localization, the knowledge graph, how to track dynamic ranking and competition, and techniques for building links and social signals to your local pages. Modern Google: Google Dynamic Results Based On Query The traditional ways to track SEO efforts pretty much relied on Google Rank Tracking (along with organic search traffic, of course). Enter the Knowledge Graph. Convert PSD to HTML Conversion Service in India.

Our expert PSD to HTML services will help convert all your designs into valid XHTML/CSS markup that is W3C standards compliant and also cross browser compatible.

Convert PSD to HTML Conversion Service in India

Dynastic has the proven experience of converting diverse file formats into an HTML design that enhances the visual appeal and engagement quotient of the existing design and makes it more web worthy. We provide our clients with top of the line PSD to HTML to meet the exacting standards demanded by such conversion. With our services you will get a HTML document that is: Validated by W3C and complaint with its standards Compatible with diverse browsers including the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari Integrated with all necessary SEO tools Offers pixel precision Perfectly optimized with respect to its loading speed Logically structured and has a clean code Easy to understand and also to update.

Building An Organic Audience Profile To Inform Your SEO Strategy. Understanding the audience you reach through organic search is key to your SEO strategy.

Building An Organic Audience Profile To Inform Your SEO Strategy

Even if you think you know exactly who you’re reaching through SEO, building an organic audience profile can help you optimize your content and website to reach even more users. Understanding Search Engine Impression Share The first step in building this organic audience profile is to identify the top search engines that drive organic traffic to your website. In most cases, Google will be on the top of that list followed by Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies for WordPress Users in 2015. One thing many WordPress users learn quickly is that it’s not enough to simply create a website and wait for visitors to come to you.

Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies for WordPress Users in 2015

No matter how great whatever it is you’ve created is, there’s a lot of other great stuff on the web clamoring for everyone’s attention too. So we have to make our voices heard. And for that, we turn to internet marketing. In today’s post I’m going to go over what I believe are the five key types of internet marketing best suited for promoting WordPress websites in 2015. It should be noted that there are a lot of other possibilities out there in terms of internet marketing and you should feel free to do independent research to figure out what works best for you.

The types I’ve chosen to highlight below are my personal picks and I’ve done my best to make a case as to why I think each one belongs on this list. 1. I hope this type of internet marketing does not need to have too big of a case made for it. Innovative Digital Marketing Services Company In India. Professional Website Design & Development Service in India. Dynastic has a proven track record as a web design company that gives shape to websites that are the last word in visual appeal and all round functionality.

Professional Website Design & Development Service in India

We have a team of expert website designers who are well versed in all facets of website design and the latest designing platforms. Our websites are a coming together of both form and function illustrating our commitment to offer our clients the kind of website that encourages improved business profits. Come to us with any concept and we will bring it to life. We will flesh out the details of the concept, get a clear and in-depth understanding of its purpose and objectives and only then initiate a custom web design process that will breathe life into it. Don't have a business logo yet? Dynastic has also established a reputation as an expert website development company that ensures the website not only meets but surpassed all the benchmarks of efficiency. Best Internet Marketing Strategies Services Company in India.