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10 Unusual Beaches You Have Never Heard Of | Flying the Nest. 1. Black Sand Beach, Hawaii The name speaks for itself. (source) 2. Again, the name gives it away. (source) 3. And you thought The Maldives couldn’t get any prettier! (source) 4. This secret paradise was created when the Mexican government in the early 1900’s made a bombsite out of the area, blasting a huge hole on the canopy of the grotto. (source) 5. Not only is Whitehaven Beach a photographers dream, it has been awarded the most eco-friendly beach in the world! (source) 6. Make sure you head down with a shovel because at this beach you can dig your very own DIY spa. (source) 7. We have been lucky enough to visit the mind blowing Maho Beach, here you can literally jump up and touch a plane as it lands meters away from you at Princess Juliana International Airport.

(source) 8. Every morning, the sea at Chandipur Beach disappears, receding up to 5 kilometers from the shore. (source) 9. (source) 10. (source) Do you want to go to any of these beaches? 6 Motorcycle Movies to Watch Before Hitting Ladakh | OutdoorTravelGearBlog. The Ladakh motorcycling season is starting, and we know you guys are scrambling to buy the right gear, the best accessories and the most fun gadgets. The bikes are getting ready. In our stores, there’s this happy buzz, and we watch as total strangers bond over their planned Ladakh routes, halts and ride dates. We have customers who linger, wanting to discuss their rides to get everything pitch perfect, and we have others who know exactly what they want – so they take all of 2 minutes buying it. To help you prepare mentally and remind you how awesome the ride is going to be, before you hit the Ladakh trails this year, here’s a list of ‘Must Watch’ movies. The Ladakh circuits are often about the mind, not just the physical aspects of the ride, so here’s to some inspiration, and some pretty amazing footage and shots that will give you glimpse of what you’re about to face.

Our list naturally starts with this. Long Way Round Long Way Down A classic. So here it is then. Like this: Rosemala – An Eco Tourism Spot in Shenduruney Forest, Kollam | Kerala Tourism. From the firmament it appeared like the unfurling petals of a rose. Amidst the petals, rests a valley in the Shenduruney forest. The little green patches of land, spilled across the river, with its bewitching aura seem to have come down from a fairy tale. Welcome to Rosemala, a valley that abounds in the bounty of nature. The shape of the land akin to that of a rose flower might be the reason behind the name of this valley. Located about 15 km deep into the forest from Aryankavu, Rosemala is one of the less explored eco tourism spots in Kerala.

Start your trekking by venturing into Darbhakkulam, a pond deep inside Rosemala. A rare spectacle awaits you at Rosemala watchtower. Pallivasal is another trekking region at Rosemala. The meeting place of the rivers Umayar, Shenduriniyar and Uriliyar is really captivating. Glamping Hub | The best collection of glamping from around the world.

20 Road Trips Every Serious Indian Traveller Must Take. 1. Delhi-Leh Source: HolidayIQ Traveller P M says, "Awesome view everywhere. We have visited so many monastery and other places within 15 days. Best places are the passes where the nature is at it's natural. " Travel route: Delhi- - Chandigarh -- Mandi - Kullu - Manali - Rohtang La - Kokhsar - Tandi - Keylong - Darcha - Sarchu - Pang - Upshi - Leh Distance: 990 kmTime taken: 3 daysTravel tip: Make sure you fill up your tank at Tandi as the next petrol pump on the route is 365 km away. 2. HolidayIQ Traveller Anand Tejuja says, "The roads are very well-maintained and the view along the road was too good with lots of peacocks to be seen on the roads.

" Travel route: Jaipur - Merta Road - Jodhpur - Mathaniya - Osiyan - Phalodi - Ramdevra - Pokaran - Lathi - Jaisalmer Distance: 570 kmTime taken: 9 hoursTravel tip: Do make a pitstop at Kumbalgarh to visit the Kumbalgarh Fort and the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. 3. 4. 5. Staying Is Settling: Why You Need To Move At Least 5 Times In Your Life. Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere, sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore. – Stefan Zweig Turn around, look at your life and decide right now if this moment, this place makes your pulse race and your heart bend.

If there’s not a fluttering feeling in the deepest part of your soul, questioning and absorbing everything around you, get out right now. If you feel comfortable, content and unchallenged… stand up and walk away. Make plans or don’t make plans, but whatever you do, leave this place and find somewhere new. There’s a reason the word “leaving” sounds so nice. Whether it’s a new apartment or a new city, starting over isn’t about changing your scene, but the way you’re living in it. Life has a tendency to get stale. New experiences are the reason we live. To truly understand yourself, your purpose and those around you, you must keep moving. 1. 2. 20 Haunted Places in India To Avoid If You’re a 'Fattu' Travel October 27, 2014 20 Haunted Places in India to Avoid If You’re a 'Fattu' Fattus are people who get scared easily. And, if you're one (c'mon admit it!) Then we advise you should never venture out to explore these places. 1.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan Image Credit: Getty Images Scary story: Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, this fort is notorious for shocking paranormal activities. 2. Image Credit: Mumbaigloss Scary story: Beaches are the best spots to relax. 3. Image Credit: hauntedindiablog Scary story: It's hard to believe that ghost stories exist even amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. 4. Scary story: So apparently these mines were shut down because workers died coughing blood due to improper work conditions. 5. Image Credit: Wikipedia Scary story: The masjid is said to be the home of djinns. 6. Scary story: The swankiest area of South Mumbai called Malabar Hill is a home to a 28-storeyed jinxed tower called Grand Paradi. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Image Credit: Most amazing places I want to visit. Huehuehue This was outside my history professor's office. Thought of the week at Microsoft This is how I proposed to my girlfriend - she said yes! Goats on a roof. Text me when you get home. Motorcycle Helmets and Motorcycle Helmet Accessories Shorty Helmets Novelty Helmets German Helmets HCI - Helmets Etc. Learning about the world through photography | TrekEarth. Magellan.