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Anika Singh is a blogger, who has a passion for writing from her childhood. She is here to share the latest update or information of various categories. Like Education, IT Training, Course and more...

Salesforce Certification: How to Become Salesforce Certified. Getting salesforce certified requires adequate training, exam preparation and includes many more factors.

Salesforce Certification: How to Become Salesforce Certified

Let us take a look at the prominent elements that helps one secure Salesforce Certification. Salesforce Admin Training The Salesforce Certified Administrator is a popular course and a basic one for every newcomer to start off with. The course is divided into two categories, one is the basic and the second one is the advanced administrator certification. When you successfully complete the course, you will be able to define user requirements, customize the platform as required and help get analytics, reports while customizing automation processes. Things to Know to Successfully Become a Salesforce Admin The Certified Administrator course requires you to understand how to manage user data, security. Taking the Exam You should complete 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions* (5 unscored items will be added) in 105 minutes. Cyber Security. Career Prospects of ITIL Certification.

ITIL Certification have gained popularity among professional courses in recent years.

Career Prospects of ITIL Certification

This fact is unanimously agreed upon, considering the inclusion of ITIL among 15 top paying certifications in the world in the year 2018. The reason why ITIL certified professionals have an edge over other employees or job seekers is that ITIL services are needed in all kinds of organizations connected to the IT industry. Consequently, ITIL professionals find abundantly paid jobs in any IT organization relatively easily.

In spite of the prominence of ITIL framework, aspiring pursuers have a handful of questions about the career opportunities that lie ahead of this course. This small article will help the reader build a general outlook towards the current job market for ITIL certified professionals. Typically, ITIL methodologies are applied in the field of Service Management. Importance of CEH Exam. With the emergence of security related issues across the world, the multinational organizations are looking for more number of professional and certified ethical hackers.

Importance of CEH Exam

Followed by this demand, CEH Exam is conducted to prepare and train certified ethical hackers, who can serve the MNCs for their security needs. In the digital world, breaching of security is not a much unknown phenomenon, and in order to get past these kinds of issues, one requires some special skills and training. Traditional textbooks cannot enable one with these kinds of skills, as these skills go beyond the traditional boundary of software engineering, network engineering, or mobile technologies.

The people, who can save the other from these kinds of security breaches, are called ethical hackers, and various multinational organizations recruit a large number of certified ethical hackers. A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified Developer. The journey to AWS Developer certification starts with you starting with the “Hello World” program in your preferred language till you reach your goals of solving a business problem.

A Complete Guide: How to Become an AWS Certified Developer

But the problem is how to break the ice with your first program. Koenig Solutions, an AWS training partner, has AWS experienced and certified professionals to guide you to your journey. There’s a shortage of certified AWS architects available today, as IT organizations often compete to hire IT professionals with these skills and more AWS certifications. According to Forbes, AWS certification is one of the top paying certification worldwide. AWS Development certification adds an edge to your résumé.

You can enroll in the “Developing on AWS” 3 day instructor led program to start with. Write programs in your preferred language like Python, Java, C# etc. Koenig Solutions has a rich history of 25+ years and 350+ Certified Trainers providing 1000+ IT courses in 30+ countries. A Complete Guide for Oracle Certification. Oracle has a presence in more than 145 countries and serves its tens and thousands of investors through state-of-the-art database technology, engineered systems, platforms services, web and cloud applications and other integrated and comprehensive services.

A Complete Guide for Oracle Certification

The multinational and leading computer and Information Technology Corporation also offers a range of courses and certifications to students worldwide and helps them gain a foothold and achieve success in the computer and IT industry. Oracle courses and certifications are offered in spheres and segments like database, cloud, applications, enterprise management, operating systems, and visualizations among others. The certifications are in-line with company’s products which also lie in server, storage, engineered system and cloud systems categories, among others. The Oracle University is one of the most sought after places for those who seek to gain an entry into the Oracle dominated IT industry segment. 7 Things You Must Know About Cyber Security in the Cloud.

7 Things You Must Know About Cyber Security in the Cloud General Risk : There are humongous amount of risk ranging from Data breach to data leakage which need to be prioritized when we are selecting the provider, every provider is having their own way of dealing with the control, Consumer needs to prioritized and select based on their concerned area’s the best suitable provider, there is a way which we can use like understanding client’s requirement , assessing what provider is offering you , then selection of the appropriate framework which will help you to implement control according to your requirement and then assessing any control gap which might help you understand whether the risk is with in appetite level.

7 Things You Must Know About Cyber Security in the Cloud

Multitenant : Because of the shared nature of cloud (Multitenant) Side channel attack is also the concern area of consumer; Needs to be prioritized and rectified.