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Peleng art. Cargo - Gallery. Arte espiritual. Interview with Sybil Below is a new video interview about the meaning behind my work. I hope you enjoy it. Blessings, Sybil Link for email subscribers. On Beethoven Beethoven: Listening to God’s Heartbeat by Sybil Archibald Sometimes I am so terribly tired of being sick, of laying in bed while other people take vacations and walks, while they go to shows and out to dinner. That’s when I think of Beethoven. . … brought me to the verge of desperation, and well-nigh caused me to put an end to my life. His art is what kept him going through all the darkness. Sometimes I wonder if Beethoven needed his illness to produce the work he did.

This accomplishment of Beethoven’s is my goal too. ————— To see more photos and detail of Beethoven: Listening to God’s Heartbeat click here. Dorothy Walters, Poet I am speechless with excitement because I just discovered that one of my favorite poets, Dorothy Walters, has her own blog: Kundalini Splendor. Our job is, like alchemists, to heal and rarify matter. Sybil. Artista A. Andrew Gonzalez. Sacramento do sentido - assim foi e será. Comentários: LiveInternet - Russian Serviço Online Diaries.

Цитата сообщения красавицу_видеть_хотитеХудожник A. Andrew Gonzalez. Таинства смысл - так было и будет . Загадочные и женственные, таящие в себе загадку, работы A. Andrew Gonzalez приковывают к себе взгляд зрителя, который старается заглянуть в самую душу образов на холсте. Счастье мужское и женское - водораздел бытия . Женщина – выдумка, тайна, загадка, Женщина – пристань летящей весны Где-то грустит и мечтает украдкой, Сердцем читая воскресшие сны. Женщина – пламя средь гаснущих бликов, Женщина – нежность в одеждах ветров, Женщина – луч, и скрещённые пики Брошены вновь в будуары веков.

Женщина – утро в судьбе чьей-то сложной, Женщина – чистый, прозрачный рассвет, В чем-то пленительный, в чем-то тревожный… В женщине всё – и вопрос и ответ. Мистические картины Andrew нарисованы акриловыми красками на гипсовой панели или на холсте с использованием аэрографа. A. Void visuals. Vita occulta plantarum (The Secret Life of Plants) | Bakken Museum. Vita occulta plantarum (The Secret Life of Plants)Kirlian Photograpy by Mark D. Roberts September 8, 2012-January 12, 2013 Artist Statement In the early 1980’s, while working on a portfolio of portraits of artists, I wanted to capture the essence of composer John Cage utilizing a Kirlian camera.

This was also the new age era and Kirlian photography was all the rage with every would-be mystic and Guru. In this body of work,Vita occulta plantarum (The Secret Life of Plants), as in all of the Kirlian images I produce, I’m fascinated by what the subject reveals when photographed by my camera. As a side note, while foraging about looking for new and unusual specimens, taking them to my darkroom and spending hour after hour photographing them, I have developed a very special relationship and respect for them. In any case I hope you enjoy the images. Mark D. About The Process The nonconventional photographic process referred to as Kirlian photography has existed since the late 1890’s. Van de Roer. Digital Ethereal — Kirlian Device. The Kirlian Device is an instrument designed to reveal qualities of wireless networks. The device is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, who discovered and perfected a photographic technique to capture electrical coronal discharges.

His technique has been associated with so-called paranormal research, especially that involving the study and capture of aura. Its body is constructed in birch plywood following a stacking slices technique. The device was modelled using a 3D software, and was then converted in cutting patterns, which were then used in a laser cutter. Inside, the device is powered by an Arduino UNO board connected to a Arduino WiFi Shield. Both components process and map the RSSI values of a previously specified SSID network into colour using a heatmap colour scheme. The device was designed to be used as a photographic instrument in a performative environment. Beginners Adobe Photoshop. By: Khan Sial very nice By: Burhan Khawaja Awesome lectures, especially for beginners. By: Yulia Akieva Best tutorial I've ever watched By: Jamie Cane Fantastic course learned a ton . By: Anna Mininkova enormously cool course, thank you!

By: Geoff Seavers Great course, well presented and very helpful. By: Ahmed Khalaf one of the best courses I have ever seen. appreciate if you upload some files to simulate the courses easily. By: Mark Jerome Lava This Course was so helpful for beginners like me. By: Shumaila Irshad its amazing By: Suha Al-Rawi Thank you I think I can get started with photo shop By: Radhika Vatrana its great! By: Feneel Patel Best classes ever.. love u Andy By: Jaleel Mohd sir, my thanks to you and your work, it is great tutorial for all. thank you so much....

By: Pratit Patel Must to take course by Andy and ton of thanks to Adobe for giving away free course. By: Josh Petrin Very, very nice. By: Delphi Schools I haven't used yet, but I'm going to start my students on it. By: Thompson Mckenzie. Augustin Lesage « Proyectacolor. Blog de Color Publicado a las 15:43 hrs. del Domingo 26 de Julio de 2009 • Compartir Augustin Lesage fue un pintor de principios del siglo XX, representante del movimiento espiritista, cuyos trabajos destacan por la ornamentación, la simetría y el color. La obra de Lesage ha sido catalogada también como Pintura Automática o Psíquica, fenómeno donde la persona, sin ser un artista entrenado es capaz de producir excepcionales obras de arte, generalmente en un período muy breve de tiempo, y supuestamente bajo el control de una entidad espiritual. Muchas de las obras de Lesage presentan una simetría parcial y en ocasiones total, donde la pintura se va desarrollando en torno a una línea central, dada la composición de carácter monumental, donde algunos de sus lienzos evocan a composiciones arquitectónicas.

Desde el punto de vista cromático, la obra de Lesage se caracteriza por una gran cantidad de matices, yuxtapuestos, que van generando texturas y ambientes. Publicado por Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic.