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Why Equity Crowdfunding is better than Venture Capital. Emerging Platforms for Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms vary in multitude ways depending upon their structure, type, allocation of funds and the services they provide.

Emerging Platforms for Crowdfunding

From the perspective of business structure, crowdfunding platforms can be classified as vertical-specific platforms (classified according to the industry of the business startup), activity-specific platforms (catering to the core startup business model/activity) and general purpose platforms (which support crowdfunding startups of all general types any type, big-small, individual-enterprise, etc). The next type of classification includes crowdfunding websites which differ according to the type of target audience on the crowdfunding platform be it personal users who can setup their own campaigns on the platform to small individual enterprises and large corporations who outsource the operations to the crowdfunding platform. ANGELPaisa is one of the best crowdfunding websites in India. Fundraising Platform: Different Aspects! Importance of Crowdfunding planning. A successful crowdfunding investment requires proper crowdfunding planning for establishing successful startup ventures.

Importance of Crowdfunding planning

It should be considered as a necessity, not an option. Entrepreneurs should plan the tasks which are required before launching their final crowdfunding campaigns. Startup investment requires understanding who the target and potential audience are. You need to create your social accounts like Facebook page, Twitter handle, Google +, presence, LinkedIn Page, etc. Crowdfunding: Microinvestors embrace new-age Investment.

Crowdfunding concept allows investors to invest small amount of money as microinvestors in emerging startup ventures.

Crowdfunding: Microinvestors embrace new-age Investment

Crowdfunding websites provide a platform where investors can approach entrepreneurs for investment at their own risk appetite. Before funding for startup business, micronvestors should generate opportunities to talk to the owner of the company. Crowdfunding platform should provide this facility through conference calls and online forums. It helps microinvestors get invaluable sights and understand the vision of the company more clearly.

Crowdfunding: Engage Investors through Social Media. Crowdfunding as a concept involves developing close relationships with investors to gain extended support across all stages of raising startup investment.

Crowdfunding: Engage Investors through Social Media

The most common and relatively inexpensive ways in today’s time is to engage them through social media platforms. Social engagement not only binds business investors to startup ideas but also supports continuous funding for startup business. However, building a thriving community on such social media platforms is neither easy nor a one-time effort. Post crowdfunding startups need to start developing presence across all major social media accounts and need to develop customised messages for each social media platform.

Apart from content creation, it’s crucial that startups start engaging with their investors and aggregate the community on their owned social platforms like Facebook and Google+ pages. ANGLEPaisa is the best online crowdfunding website in India. Like this: Like Loading... Crowdfunding : Emerging Trends for a Bright Future. Crowdfunding: Managing Investors Relations for Long-term success. Crowdfunding concept not only allows entrepreneurs to raise funds but also provides a chance to generate potential backers and loyal customers who further become investors for startups.

Crowdfunding: Managing Investors Relations for Long-term success

Crowdfunding platforms create live campaigns for startups to kick-start their ventures through interested investors. Once crowdfunding campaigns are successful and entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground, they need to build strong relations with their investors and keep them in the loop about the company as it grows. Business investor has full right to know how his money is used and help in the growth of the venture. When the company is able to maintain good relations with microinvestors and backers then they have their support during any crisis. Effective investor relations require direct and continuous communication between business startup and investor. ANGLEPaisa is one of the top crowdfunding websites in India. Gauging Crowdfunding campaigns before launch. 10 steps to a positive approach to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding – A bright future in India. Collecting money from ordinary people for a business or a social need is not new to India.From our history, there have been multiple examples where crowdfunding concept was used for pooling money.

Crowdfunding – A bright future in India

Online crowdfunding platforms make this concept a more viable option for creative youngsters and entrepreneurs. India is a country with a lot of talent. At present, India is not only trying to bring its economy back but also exploring new ways to solve some of its challenges. Here, the crowdfunding concept plays major role to help new talent raise funds for startup business in-turn helping in the growth of nation.

Since crowdfunding has picked-up in India we have also seen increased global VC funding in business startups leading to the growth of Indian economy. Apart from this any crowdfunding investment requires collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders to realize its full potential. Thus, crowdfunding concept plays a vital role in growth of the nation. Investors: Linking Investments to India’s Startups. Invest in startups Angle Paisa - India's Most Trusted Platform for Startups Have you been looking for investing in a powerful business idea?

Investors: Linking Investments to India’s Startups

Are you afraid of the risk basket? ANGLE PAISA makes it simple for you to purchase in the potential startups in which you trusts and that promise sharing success. ANGLE PAISA is one of the best platforms for startups, It simplifies the research process and helps you locate the startups in which you are interested. We simply browse pitches which have accomplished the process of rigorous review. Your support, before and during the fund raising makes sure that the startup has the best potential for success. Microinvestors. Crowdfunding: Rise of Alternate Funding Platforms.

Finding Capital Do you have an idea, waiting for support to break grounds?

Crowdfunding: Rise of Alternate Funding Platforms

If yes, then ANGLE PAISA is your one stop solution. Most businessmen just need a push and seed money for transforming their idea into reality. Considering the nature of business, the seed capital may permit you to initiate a minimum feasible product, purchase inventory, lease space and buy equipment. Nowadays, all thanks to the technology which has cut down the cost of starting any business. Nowadays businessmen start their creative ideas with their hard earned savings and try to bootstrap the startup however for those individuals who don’t have this source can resort to different other options - Business Angels – These are a group of wealthy investors that support any business by investing seed capital are called the business angels.

Business Plan Creation- A key element for successful crowdfunding campaigns. Funding for startup business requires a properly written business plan.

Business Plan Creation- A key element for successful crowdfunding campaigns

It helps define the goals and the purpose of the venture. It also helps layout the procedure to achieve your prescribed goals and helps to convey your business model to potential investors. A good business plan can be used as a blueprint for your crowdfunding campaigns.A clear venture idea should be written in a two-page summary. For any Business investor who wants to know your venture in two minutes, this should be the right document that showcases your idea. Startup needs to provide business description in which the business model is explained, its unique selling points(USP) and the services you provide to the customers through your product.

Crowdfunding: The must-have weapon for any Startup today. Crowdfunding concept is getting success all around the world.

Crowdfunding: The must-have weapon for any Startup today

The growth rate of crowdfunding is increasing every year across several industry sectors. Crowdfunding for startups is most effective in providing more money to ventures than traditional methods. As of now startups bend towards crowdfunding for raising capital to avoid barriers and extreme interest rates associated with traditional forms of funding. Fundraising platforms open the door for each type of startup like food entrepreneurs, game inventors, musicians, film makers etc. who have smart and creative ideas can generate funds through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding for Startups: The ABCs of your journey. The journey of converting creative startup ideas into successful ventures requires funds. It is easy to put multiple fundraising ideas on the table.

However, it is very challenging to get real capital at hand. This is where crowdfunding emerges as a viable and trusted option for entrepreneurs to raise funds. Crowdfunding: An alternate option to fund your venture. Entrepreneurs come with their smart ideas in the market to convert them into successful businesses. However, the most difficult task and key requirement for startups is to raise funds for their ventures. Traditionally, limited investors have been available to invest their money since the number of startups are always more in count.

So, every entrepreneur does not get a chance to pool money from traditional investors. Startups: key to successful crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is getting popular as a new way of raising funds for startups. It allows entrepreneurs to pool small amounts of money from microinvestors through online crowdfunding websites. It makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their business from these sites. However, startups need to consider multiple areas and require to do lots of preparation during the process of raising funds through startup funding websites. Creating winning crowdfunding campaigns. Some people believe that crowdfunding is an easy and simple way to raise required funds for their business ideas. However, Crowdfunding for business needs to consider various things and requires answers to multiple questions before creating campaigns on startup funding websites. It’s not necessary that each crowdfunding campaign gets success.

There are number of reasons behind a campaign being successful or unsuccessful. In this article, you will learn what questions you should ask yourself before starting and launching a live campaign on crowdfunding websites. Crowdfunding: Relationships count more than Investments. Crowdfunding is a robust mechanism used by startups around the world to start their ventures. Entrepreneurs today use this concept to experiment their smart and innovative ideas by launching their product through live campaigns on crowdfunding websites.

Crowdfunding provides an opportunity not only to get investors for startups but to also give chance to build loyal community for their product. It is crucial to create relationships with customers and provides long run benefits to entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding for business is a continuous process, it starts long before you start your online crowdfunding campaign and continues after the campaign has closed. Now, the question comes how to build relationships with customers? Microinvestors- Invest your hard-earned money in Startup Funding – Blog AnglePaisa. Startups can get success in the competitive business world with their smart and innovative ideas. These ideas emerge from societal problems which can provide solution and ease the life of common people. However,the most difficult task is to convert their ideas into reality because entrepreneurs require large amount of money to build these business models.

Equity Crowdfunding – A Relevant Choice. Nowadays, there are multiple options available for investors to invest money. Each investor wants to earn high returns at low risk. However, high returns are quite risky and traditional options provide limited returns. Crowdfunding: Fast-Forward your individual investments.

Making your Crowdfunding Campaign a Success. Startups have started to put the concept of crowdfunding in action through emerging crowdfunding websites in India. Not only they are able to raise much needed funds for their venture, in the process they also gather lot of investors who in-turn become followers of their products and brands. Startups and Microinvestors: Encash the Crowdfunding Opportunity – Blog AnglePaisa. Raising funds for a business involves raising a large amount of money where only a limited number of people including angle investors, venture capitalists, loan from bank etc.

Crowdfunding – A Concept emerging digitally. Startups – Convert Innovative Ideas into Reality. Propelling a successful crowdfunding campaign by anglepaisa. Crowdfunding: Increasing importance for Startups – Angle Paisa – Medium. There was a time when startups and investment firms used to be a small community. Both knew each other well and would support each other’s funding and profitability objectives. But with internet and technology providing power in the hands of everyone, there was a large growth in the number of entrepreneurs floating new startup business for funding while the number and type of investors remained limited.

It was at the exact same time that the Crowdfunding model started gaining prominence, which now has grown to the extent that entrepreneurs cannot ignore this investment option and rather are becoming more and more dependent on it. There are a few key reasons behind this: b) Consumption-ready Community: Increasingly it is being seen that apart from startup funding, the crowd-funding websites help build a community which can form a large customer base for the product. Time to Benefit from a New-Age Crowdfunding Model with ANGLEPaisa. The meaning of “Crowdfunding” that triggers first in your mind is- funding from crowd. The word crowd covers anybody who can invest in a Startup project. Crowdfunding versus Traditional Funding. ANGLEPaisa: A Complete ‘Ecosystem for Startups. Crowdfunding- A Boon for Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Equity Based Crowdfunding – A Popular way to Invest​ Nowadays everything is online. People these days are finding it easy to use online platforms for activities as serious as investments. Take care of a few things if you are startup entrepreneur ! Gear up your start up business with Angel Funding. Blog.anglepaisa. Campaign Running Business. Angle Paisa-: Crowd funding for startup business. Raise Funds for Business Online, Raise Capital for Startup Companies.

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