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Hey, I’m Angila Palin. I’m a Content Writer living in the United States. I am a fan of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in movies and web development, Hosting.

QuickBooks Customer Payroll Options | Techarex Networks Blog. In this article, we will share the knowledge regarding Intuit’s payroll options so that you can select the best option for your clients. Running the payroll inside of QuickBooks or by using a product that imports into QuickBooks program is a very cost effective way for your customers to pay their employees.

Integration reduces the errors and saves your time in filling the entries into your customer’s checkbook easily. It makes the bank reconciliations a breeze. All the following options will allow your clients to run their payroll, pay their employees, or print paychecks and/or pay their subcontractors by direct deposit. Within the financial products, your clients can keep their payroll confidential by selecting the proper user login permissions. You have to keep in mind that there is also a third option that is not integrated as it is a standalone payroll solution.

The benefits, as well as limitations will be highlighted for each of the offerings: Part 1: QuickBooks Online 1. 1. How It Works : Memorizing The Transactions In QuickBooks | Techarex Networks Blog. We all know that QuickBooks saves us a lot of time and effort. However, have you ever wondered how it works by memorizing the transactions? The accounting related tasks involves a lot of repetition. Like sending invoices, paying bills, creating purchase orders, generating payroll checks, and submitting payroll taxes.

However, sometimes, you only have to fill out the transaction forms once. May be you are doing a one-time purchase, such as paying for a new office furniture. Most of the times, on a regular basis, you are paying the same companies or individuals. QuickBooks Desktop contains a shortcut to the recurring tasks that are called Memorized Transactions. Now, here we will talk about how it works. Making Copies To memorize the transactions, first of all, you need to create a model for it. Now, fill up the blanks and then select from the drop-down lists to create the bill. 1) Add to my Reminders List: 2) Do Not Remind Me: 3) Automate Transaction Entry: How Does QuickBooks Know about it?

Tackling Changes In Sales Tax Rates in QuickBooks | Techarex Networks Blog. In California, the sales tax rate is going down by 0.25% statewide effective January, 2017. It has been noticed that your bookkeeping clients who file sales taxes, can make the rate changes in their QuickBooks files. However, this is more complicated than it seems. To Edit or To Replace : There are two opinions on the preferred method of changing sales tax rates in QuickBooks. Recommended preference has always been the latter, as you work exclusively in QuickBooks Desktop, and want to preserve the integrity of the sales tax reports, so this is the best option by making old rates Inactive and creating the new rates as required.

By this way, you are able to run a Sales Tax Liability or other report of a previous period. Once you edit the sales tax rate of an existing Sales Tax Item or a Component, that change will affect the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop in the same way, in two functions. Some businesses have the fixed price contracts. What is the Use Of Snapshots in QuickBooks | Techarex Networks Blog. QuickBooks offers various ways to get the information related to the customers, and their payments, as well as your company itself. The QuickBooks’ Snapshots cater quick and thorough overviews. What will you do when you have to get the information in QuickBooks about your customers or about the payments that they’ve made in QuickBooks?

In that case, you have several options. For example:- Create a report Go to the Customer pages Click on the Receive Payments which is on the Home Page and then use the Find arrows. Flexibility is one of the strengths of QuickBooks. It helps in finding the exact information you’re looking for in a number of ways. A Home Base: The QuickBooks Desktop version doesn’t have a ‘dashboard’ like the online financial applications have.

In Dashboards, rather than just providing the navigational tools and menus, the Snapshots will display charts & grids and the lists will represent the data that you want to see when you first log on. Figure 1: Many Sections: What is the Use Of Snapshots in QuickBooks | Techarex Networks Blog. Should I Switch To QuickBooks Premier From QuickBooks Online? | Techarex Networks Blog. There are a number of SMBs who are confused regarding the matter of which QuickBooks program they should go for, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Online. According to QuickBooks, QBO is preferred but most of the users want to Go for QuickBooks Premier.

Switching from QuickBooks Online to Premier is not an easy task. Intuit inc. sells their QuickBooks Online as a subscription service, and it is always trying to push as many QB users to Online as possible. As a subscription service, Intuit inc. receives payment on a monthly basis, which provides Intuit a steadier flow of income. However, we all know that QuickBooks Online is not a robust enough program for the ad specialty distributor business. Right now, for the ad specialty distributors, QuickBooks Premier is one of the best QuickBooks products. With QuickBooks Premier, you can purchase the software once and the Intuit inc. will support it for at least three years. The ad specialty business is quite complicated. Author Profile Angeela Palin. 4) Sage 500 ERP Hosting | Cloud Hosted Sage 500 ERP | Techarex Networks. 3) Sage 300 Cloud Hosting | Hosted Sage 300 Online | Techarex Networks. 2) Sage 100 Hosting | Sage 100 In The Cloud | Techarex Networks.

Sage 50 Accounting Software | Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Provider | Techarex Networks. QuickBooks Hosting - Quickbooks Cloud Server - Quickbooks Hosting Service Provider | Techarex Networks. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service Provider 2017.