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UIkit. Small Business Social Media Marketing Courses. How to Create a Popular Infographic.

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Is My Type Stressed? A Primer on Stressed Typography. Fonts And Their Subliminal Messages. 30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins. Why a commercial printer wants a PostScript or PDF file - Publisher. By John Giles, owner of The Giles Group Submitting a digital file to a commercial printer can be confusing, so printers are using a new technique to standardize the process.

Why a commercial printer wants a PostScript or PDF file - Publisher

To help you save money, find out now what commercial printers may start expecting from you. Commercial printers are changing how they accept digital documents and publications created by customers. Because of new workflow methods, printers are bypassing native application files and asking customers to submit their documents and publications as PostScript or PDF (Portable Document Format) files. These new workflow methods can save you money and time. Customers use hundreds of different software programs to create publications and documents. When a commercial printer supports a file in its native form, several problems can develop due to customer design errors or printing production issues. PDF is the new commercial printing standard Software tools are available that make it easy to edit and manipulate PDF files.

Riddles. If you’re into riddles and also like LEGO, we have something very cool for you!


To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the LEGO brick, the company has issued 55 graphic riddles where LEGO bricks represent various characters from movies, songs, cultural or political highlights that occurred over the last 55 years. Some of them are a bit more obvious than the others, but constructing the right answer from the hints feels almost like a mental LEGO game. The plastic brick, that’s recognized all over the world today, was patented in its current shape on January 28th, 1958. With the production reaching 19 billion LEGO elements a year, around 400 million people around the world have played with it at least once in their life, and every year kids spend around 5 billion hours at it! Currently there are 6 LEGOLAND theme parks in the world: USA has two in Florida and California, and Denmark, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany host one each. Website: How to Creatively Market Yourself as a Designer.

Sometimes it seems like every time you jump online, you read about a talented new designer who’s making it big with their latest project.

How to Creatively Market Yourself as a Designer

There are a lot of wonderful designers out there, and the constant showcasing of others’ skills makes it feel all the more like you’re lost in the crowd. The psychology of fonts. JM Designs - Graphic Designer: Logo, Brand Identity, Web, & Print. Color is incredibly important in any design.

JM Designs - Graphic Designer: Logo, Brand Identity, Web, & Print

If you have studied or know a little about color theory, you know the great psychological and emotional effects color has on viewers. It is an incredibly powerful tool, that when used wisely will wow views and help create an emotional bond with any product, service, or company. This is why I have put together some of the sites/tools I use and recommend when dealing with color. Design Fails: Embarrassing Logos. Free Resources to Help You Build Your Next WordPress Site. WordPress is a popular website publishing platform.

Free Resources to Help You Build Your Next WordPress Site

What once was primarily a blogging system has now evolved into a flexible and robust CMS used by both small businesses and large corporations alike. When working with clients, front-end developers are often expected to produce creative, cutting edge content in a very short period of time. Freelance Graphic & Web Design. For all of you who’ve been to the Creative Freelancer Business Conference and loved keynote speaker, Luke Mysse (and his annual rants), you might be sad to hear he won’t be attending this year’s upcoming conference (May 12-16 in Boston).

Freelance Graphic & Web Design

But there’s a very good reason! Luke will be riding his bike across America to... Today’s blog post comes to us from Elke Giba, Chief Creative Officer, Giba Group, who will be on the panel “The How-Tos of Virtual Teams” at the Creative Freelancer Business Conference (and HOW Design Live) this May 12-16, 2014 in Boston. Come learn more about how to run a successful virtual team. Your Embarrassing Web Site? 6 Things Apple Did Not Invent. Apple receives — and deserves — a lot of respect. They’re absolutely incredible innovators… But were they really the first to envision, manufacture, or sell many of the tech products we take for granted today? An Apple-loathing friend told me over the weekend that my favorite tech company “ripped off” loads of other tech companies with all of their most popular products.

Information about graphic and print design. Hue-Infused Branding - Josa Lightbulb Packaging Emits More Color Than Most. Totally Typography: 18 Textual Packaging Designs. Totally Typography: 18 Textual Packaging Designs Article by Steph, filed under Products & Packaging in the Design category. These 18 packaging designs, found on everything from trash bags to gourmet cheese, don’t need fancy graphics or photography to stand out on the shelf. They employ the beauty of text, in flourishing or minimalist sans-serif typefaces, carefully chosen and arranged to convey the identity of the brand. Hand-Drawn Text by The Manual Co. (image via: Modern and visually engaging, this hand-drawn packaging was produced for boots, bags and accessories by The Manual Co. Chocolate Cut-Outs by Niamh Richardson (image via: lovelypackage) Typography cut-outs characterize this fresh modern packaging by Niamh Richardson.

Gmail Tip: Use your own domain with gmail. FOUNDFONT™ and the Art of Typographic Archaeology. FOUNDFONT™ tutorial.

FOUNDFONT™ and the Art of Typographic Archaeology

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