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The scholarly open access journal movement seems to be getting quite a bit of momentum behind it, and one instance of this is Impactstory, "a nonprofit, open-source webapp that helps scientists discover and share the full impact of their research." Now Impactstory has just shared a detailed breakdown of the case in favor of the "online-only, open access journals that cover many subjects and publish content based only on whether it is scientifically sound" - megajournals, in Impacstory's terminology. However, while all for the argument that megajournals "offer a path to a more efficient, faster, more open scholarly publishing world,"... TeleRead


Diesel ebook There are many available formats for ebooks and each format requires special software and hardware for viewing them. All of the formats discussed on this help site will require a computer to download the ebook file. Publishers or authors of ebooks decide whether they will allow their ebook to be: freely distributed (anyone can read or copy ie: any Diesel free ebook) or encrypted for only one person to read

Diesel ebook

Biblio electonique Qc La Bibliothèque a publié à ce jour ... 229 volumes dans la collection Littérature québécoise. 1127 volumes dans la collection À tous les vents. 9 volumes dans la collection Libertinage. 201 volumes dans la collection Classiques du 20e siècle.

Biblio electonique Qc

Internet Archive Borrow a Book The Internet Archive and Open Library offers over 6,000,000 fully accessible public domain eBooks. This includes a special modern collection of over 500,000 eBooks for users with print disabilities, and a very interesting curated, modern collection for the world at large. You can browse, read and borrow fascinating contemporary materials at OpenLibrary.org. OpenLibrary is a free, digital lending library with millions of eBooks that can be read in a browser or downloaded for reading offline. Originally developed to support the Print Disabled community, OpenLibrary now contains public domain and contemporary eBooks.

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