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RH Negative

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Ancient Astronaut Theory

The Mystery of Rh-Negative Blood Genetic Origin Unknown. Authenticity and legitimacy are based on factual history and the power of sacred history.

The Mystery of Rh-Negative Blood Genetic Origin Unknown

What Does the absence of Rhesus monkey factor mean? No solid scientific explanation exists as to how or why Rh- blood came about. It is presumed to be the result of a random mutation. Have you ever felt you were weird or different? It may be due to your DNA ... 85% of humans have the monkey gene (RH+) and 15% do not (RH-) and maybe have an alien gene instead. Strange Facts About Rh Negative People. RH Negative: Electrical Disruptions???? - Page 3. I don't know my blood type but I am a red head naturally and of nordic/hungarian blood line.

RH Negative: Electrical Disruptions???? - Page 3

I constantly shock people like really bad, some days where they're literally in pain from the shock of it. Electrical devices especially cell phones I have to keep away from me as they make me angry for no reason when I am on them. I cause computers and other devices to malfunction. Street lights go off and on around me, car alarms go off. And the worse part is that people that are not nice to me, bad things happen to them a few days or weeks later...I have premonitions, visions and all sorts of awfuls things or special abilties I don't want..I see strange lights also, dancing balls of lights, often when I look up I see the sky light up or pulse.

The RH Negative Blood Type: Part 1 (Origin Theories) Rh Negative Blood. If you search the web on “rh negative blood cloning” or some variation thereof, many sites will come up and you’ll find a reference to Rh Negative blood not being able to be cloned.

Rh Negative Blood

For the most part, these websites don’t provide a source for that statement. In doing that search now in 2012, I’m amazed by the lack of current information. Most of the articles that do come up are from the 1990′s. In 1997 said the following: Any technology that would convert blood to a true universal donor type must take another characteristic, Rh factor, into account. Rh incompatibility is less of a problem than ABO incompatibility, says Klein. Blood type is a bloodline - RH Negative - RH Positive Blood. WARNING 15. Why do the aliens choose certain people for abduction?


I believe there are several factors that the Grays look for in the people they abduct: telepathic ability (to eliminate that trait from the gene pool when the abductee is eventually harvested), fertility, taste, sufficient meat, and preferably having rh-negative blood. (This blood is missing a Rhesus monkey (rh) component and is more reptile-like.) What have remote viewers seen regarding alien abduction? The famous remote viewer Ingo Swann wrote an article titled “The UFO Extraterrestrial Problem” In the article he said we have a problem with the aliens because we are being sexually farmed and harvested, as testimony from many abductees has shown. The ETs want our genetic material or something more sinister. Ingo says he believes that the pressure to not develop our psychic skills comes from the ETs and eliminates our ability to assess them.

I have never heard him say that he even talked to an abductee. Back to Top. RH-Negative Blood and the Reptilian Connection. Wednesday, October 28, 2009 RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE MIGRATIONS INTO WORLD publish/article_12014.shtml You will notice that many DNA studies on line ONLY track the SERPENT BLOODLINES with the Rh Negative blood factor.

RH-Negative Blood and the Reptilian Connection

These studies focus on the Basque area of Europe. These studies DO NOT track the PURE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE FACTOR group back to Hyperborea. These studies also track the Rh Negative bloodlines to a place in Europe where inbreeding occurred. These studies take us back to a place where the DARK HAIR DARK EYED RACES mingled their seed in with the BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavians in places like the Iberian Peninsula, France and the British Isles.

Rh Negative Blood - The Holy Grail Bloodline - Grail Children. Earthcode: Bloodline of the Holy Grail ~ Forbidden truth revealed through Historical Evidence & Ancient Texts. Introduction by Paula Peterson We live in an era of disclosure ... where secrets kept for decades by governments and for centuries by religions and spiritual dogma are finally being revealed.

Earthcode: Bloodline of the Holy Grail ~ Forbidden truth revealed through Historical Evidence & Ancient Texts

Only an awakening human race could initiate such revelations. Only an awakening human race is ready to know these truths - although some truths we learn may be difficult ... even painful ... to acknowledge. Even though many important beliefs taught since childhood seem to be disintegrating one by one ... truth is liberating! Some folks have literally built their entire lives around false beliefs: the ones learned from families they grew up with or the ones they learned from established institutions - like our school systems, military, governments, certain spiritual teachings and religions. We learn to live by certain principles based upon those beliefs and we often hold on to them long after they are useful.

"They are, in fact, questing for the Holy Grail. The Rh-Negative Registry - Theory: Blood of the Gods by Mabel Royce. PLEASE NOTE: These are not OUR stories!

The Rh-Negative Registry - Theory: Blood of the Gods by Mabel Royce

We do not endorse any particular theory as true or correct, these stories are the intellectual property of the actual authors. We have simply and only, made them available to you in a central location on this website, so that you may review and compare them with easy. As new theories, ideas or proof becomes available, that information will be added here as well. If you have any questions about these theories, we will try to answer them based only on the related information and research we have available.

EXPLANATION OF RH NEGATIVE BLOOD (RESEARCH NEEDED) THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS. The Royal"Human/Anunnaki Hybrid Bloodline with Michael Lee Hill. Rh Disease - Online Medical Encyclopedia. What is Rh disease?

Rh Disease - Online Medical Encyclopedia

Rh disease occurs during pregnancy when there is an incompatibility between the blood types of the mother and baby.