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Intrael - Computer vision for the web. Intrael is a server that provides an HTTP interface for the MS kinect.

intrael - Computer vision for the web

It processes the depth stream coming from the device and thresholds it based on fixed depth ranges or a reference background frame. It then measures several properties for the blobs it finds and provides them to network clients wrapped as JSON arrays. These can be retrieved through polling with XHRs or real streaming with Server Sent Events. Using nothing more than plain AJAX, computer vision can be performed directly in the browser.

One Year Anniversary For the Kinect, Over 10 Million Units Shipped, A Game Changer in the World of Entertainment - buildsmartrobots. The Microsoft Kinect was released in the US on November 4, 2010. It was hacked on November 10, 2010. For the one or two people on the internet who have not heard about the Xbox Kinect, it is a interactive gaming device for the Microsoft Xbox gaming system. Kinect for Windows SDK from Microsoft Research.

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Hand Gesture Key Emulation Toolkit - Kinect Apps. Tools and Resources. Introduction to OpenKinect and as3Kinect. This article functions as an introduction to building OpenKinect and as3kinect projects.

Introduction to OpenKinect and as3Kinect

This is the first in a series of articles on this topic. This opening article attempts to answer the following seven questions:What is Kinect, and what can it do? When and how did OpenKinect get started? What is libfreenect? Creating SL Animations using the Kinect. I have been experimenting of late with the Xbox Kinect as a cheap Mocap source to generate BioVision Hierarchy (BVH) files for upload into Second Life, and the results are pretty encouraging.

Creating SL Animations using the Kinect

What you Need Hardware A standalone Kinect, with power supply (this comes as standard when purchased as a standalone), if you buy it as part of an Xbox bundle you will need to buy an additional cable sold separately to connect it to the PC. I bought my Kinect from a local gaming store for Euro139. Introducing OpenNI.

Hacking the Kinect - How to hack USB device drivers. People. This page lists the people currently involved in the OpenKinect community and development effort.


If you're starting a new project or working on a particular new feature, check here to make sure someone else isn't already working on it! Joshua Blake (JoshB) is the OpenKinect community founder and lead. He is responsible for bringing together everyone interested in OpenKinect and tries to coordinate the project's efforts and the people who work on them. He also serves as a point-of-contact between the OpenKinect community and other projects, companies, and the general public. Administration. Kinect.