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Lucie, Bertrand et Xavier : indépendants et « co-workers » Lavoixeco - « Travailler, c'est trop dur », clame la chanson.

Lucie, Bertrand et Xavier : indépendants et « co-workers »

Mais ça l'est tout de même moins quand on peut entonner en choeur ce refrain, diraient Lucie, Bertrand ou encore Xavier. Graphiste, consultant ou chef d'entreprise de vente sur Internet, ils ont tous payé le prix de leur indépendance, la solitude. Jusqu'à ce qu'ils deviennent « co-worker ». Rencontre. La journée type du travailleur indépendant commence comme suit : il ou elle se rend au bureau, comme tout le monde. Mais ce n'est pas le cas de tous. « À Paris, je devais lever mon matelas pour déplier la table », témoigne Pierre Trendel, cofondateur de l'espace Co-working Lille. Dans l'espace Co-working, ouvert en mars, Pierre partage. Il est midi, et à l'heure de prendre sa pause, encore une fois le travailleur indépendant est seul. « Tu te retrouves parfois à bouffer en deux minutes devant ton écran », témoigne Pierre. Le « co-working », concept différent du bureau partagé La Voix Éco. Coworking Lille - Communauté et espace de travail pour indépendants et télétravailleurs.

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What Is It? Nadine is a software project originally developed at Office Nomads to handle daily operations of the space. It manages members, tracks their activity, and generates billing reports and statistics. The Development Plan Nadine has what is needed to run a coworking space as is proven at Office Nomads. Potential Features Full Functionally - The software currently relies on the django admin console to enter some data. Open Source or Hosted Product We've talked quite a bit with Alexander Lang and the crew behind Cobot and it should be noted that these are distinctly different offerings. Get Involved! Send questions and comments to info -at- or join the google group. Nadineproject/nadine - GitHub. Managing coworking spaces.

Small 35.00 USD/month Medium 75.00 USD/month Large 125.00 USD/month Huge 210.00 USD/month Unlimited 300.00 USD/month Start free trial Up to 15 Coworkers Unlimited Time Pass Coworkers SSL Secure site Free Email/Skype support Up to 35 Coworkers Up to 80 Coworkers Up to 150 Coworkers Unlimited Coworkers What is Cobot?

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Cobot is a web based software for coworking spaces. Do I sign a long term contract? No. How does the free trial work? You can use Cobot for free without any restrictions for 30 days. Is Cobot secure? Yes, all communication with Cobot is encrypted via industry standard SSL. Can I change my plan later? Yes, you can upgrade, download and cancel any time. Do I need a credit card? Not for the free trial. What are the network plans? If you run more than one coworking space the network plans offer advanced features and better customization. What's the pricing? We charge coworking spaces a flat fee per month. For coworkers cobot is completely free. Can I get a discount? FrontPage. If you are a coworker, space owner, or coworking enthusiast, this site belongs to you.


You can request editing privileges with a sentence or two about why you're interested in coworking. If you're just visiting or here to learn more, there is a lot of information available for space owners, catalysts, and coworkers. Please note: it may take us a few days to grant editing privileges after receiving your request. There are help pages available if you are having trouble making a change or uploading content. What is Coworking? The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Our Values: The members of this Community are engaged with and working on a model and approach that we call Open Coworking. Here's how. CollaborationOpennessCommunityAccessibilitySustainability To learn more, head to "The Values of Open Coworking" History of Coworking Important dates can be added to the History of Coworking timeline.

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