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Maintaining Physical and Mental Wellness During the Pandemic. When times are uneasy, the best way forward is to take care of yourself or your loved ones.

Maintaining Physical and Mental Wellness During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global stressor for everyone—especially for your senior loved ones and those with pre-existing conditions. Providing senior care in Chicago, Illinois has been a challenge with physical distancing and uncertainty. It isn’t easy for seniors living with dementia and for caregivers providing dementia care in Illinois. It made them feel isolated, lonely, agitated, and withdrawn. The Link Between Your Diet and Dementia. Various studies suggest that what we eat significantly affects the aging brain’s ability to think and remember.

The Link Between Your Diet and Dementia

One study in particular conducted by Swedish researchers in 2011 found that being overweight or obese can increase a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or vascular dementia by 80%. The team evaluated 8,534 twins from Swedish Twin Registry, age 65 and over, gauging their body mass index (BMI). Out of all the participants, 30% were overweight at the beginning of the research. 350 people have dementia, and 114 had possible dementia. The MIND Diet There is one diet, according to the National Institute of Aging, that shows some promising evidence for preventing or delaying dementia symptoms. The MIND (Mediterranean–DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet focuses on plant-based foods linked to dementia prevention.

This diet limits a patient’s intake of red meats, sweets, cheeses, fast/fried meals, and butter/margarine. The Important Role of Friendships in Old Age. The importance of friendships for seniors is often overlooked as familial relationships are often deemed “more important” by most people.

The Important Role of Friendships in Old Age

However, new research suggests that this might no longer be true. According to studies conducted by William J. Chopik of the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University, the older we get, our friendships start to have a bigger impact on our health and mental well-being. The Importance of Communication in Long-Distance Caregiving. Long-distance caregiving has made monitoring senior health and wellness possible without risking their safety and security.

The Importance of Communication in Long-Distance Caregiving

Caregivers no longer have to pay personal visits to their loved ones to make sure they are okay. However, the importance of clear and concise communication in long-distance caregiving should not be ignored. Proper communication is the engine that keeps the process of long-distance caregiving running. Never Pressure, Always Reassure. Living with a condition like Alzheimer’s is not easy.

Never Pressure, Always Reassure

It can get difficult for patients to remember how to do certain things the right way, even after you provide them with instructions. Is It Time for You to Hire Help at Home? The aging process brings about physical and mental changes that can interfere with everybody’s active and independent lifestyle.

Is It Time for You to Hire Help at Home?

Although a lot can go through tasks on their own, most seniors may need assistance in their daily living due to limited mobility, disabilities, and/or illness. Senior Health: How Exercising Benefits the Elderly. Engaging in regular physical activity is an important facet of healthy aging.

Senior Health: How Exercising Benefits the Elderly

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIH), lack of exercise can lead to more doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, and increased medication costs. Through exercise, seniors can improve their mental, emotional, and physical health while maintaining their independence. As a home care agency in Lombard, Illinois, we will share how exercising benefits the elderly: Enhance senior health.The biggest benefit of exercising regularly is improving senior health and preventing disease. Since physical activity improves overall immune function, light exercises like walking can help seniors better manage existing conditions and prevent illnesses. Ways of Improving Communication with Your Caregiver. When you are receiving senior care in Chicago, Illinois, you know very well how valuable your in-home caregiver is.

Ways of Improving Communication with Your Caregiver

They help you with a lot of your daily chores, from personal care to light housekeeping. Communication is essential in ensuring a smooth-sailing relationship with your caregiver. Here are the top things you can do to improve it: The Duties and Responsibilities of an In-Home Caregiver. A lot of older adults prefer to receive senior care in Chicago, Illinois right at home.

The Duties and Responsibilities of an In-Home Caregiver

With such care setup, they feel more comfortable, familiar, and safe. An in-home caregiver provides the care that aging individuals need while also ensuring their comfort, safety, and good health. Art of Companionship against Depression. Taking good care of your loved one after getting home from work may be too exhausting on your side.

Art of Companionship against Depression

As a dedicated home care agency in Lombard, Illinois, with dependable caregivers who work with sincere and genuine concern to your loved one, we understand your needs for professional care and assistance. Your loved one’s health and wellness will be reassured if they are well taken care of by a compassionate caregiver. These professionals will not only handle the household chores but also your loved one’s well-being. Depression is common among seniors. In-Home Care: Convenience and Comfort. It is difficult for an adult to juggle work and home while caring for a disabled or ill loved one at the same time.

It could get too much at times that they would not have an ample amount of free time to monitor their senior loved one’s health and condition. This is why in-home care allows every family member to function as is by providing help for all the household activities. Being in the comfort of your home gives you reassurance and relaxation, especially to your senior loved one. Home care plays a significant role not only in performing light household chores but also in taking good care of your senior loved ones. With today’s crisis brought by the dangerous pandemic, COVID-19, staying indoors is the least you can do to protect not only yourself but also your family. The Ultimate Checklist in Choosing a Home Care Provider.

Finding the right provider of senior care in Chicago, Illinois can be a hefty task, especially when there’s a long list of agencies to choose from. Of course, securing the health and safety of our senior loved ones is at the pinnacle of our priorities. We’d rather delve into a long search than put their safety at risk. But with the growing number of home care agency in Lombard, Illinois, how do we pinpoint the right one? If you are currently looking for a provider, here’s a checklist to guide your search: Credibility The most important part of choosing a provider is the reliability and dependability of the agency. With these guidelines, you can now narrow down your search. You can also contact as they also provide cost-effective and quality services for seniors. Tips 101: Maintaining a Fall-Proof Home. As individuals grow older, they usually feel the decline of bodily functions. By the time a person reaches the age of 55, there might be limitations to their mobility.

Other than that, they are most likely to develop poor eyesight. Thus, they become prone to accidents and health conditions. These unfortunate incidents must be avoided at all costs, especially when seniors are left alone at home. Some Ways to Motivate Your Elderly Loved Ones. Certain tasks become more challenging as people age. However, one study shows that there is more than simply a decline in cognition that makes completing daily routines difficult for seniors. Fortunately, you can offer them help through motivation. Motivation is known to play an important role in our capability to face everyday life, especially for the elderly. However, it takes more mental energy for them to get encouraged. This is because caring for and having successful relationships with seniors require unique interpersonal skills and strategies. Here are five ways you can motivate your elderly loved ones: Encourage Feeling of Usefulness Identify and introduce conversational topics or activities where they can feel wanted and needed.

Helpful Ways to Improve Mental Health in Seniors. It is a well-known fact that our memory skills tend to fade as we age. Slowly losing our memories is not a great way to grow old- how else can we remember all the good things that happened in our life? For some, having to experience memory loss at a very young age is already sad. The Telltale Signs of Getting a Stroke. A stroke occurs when the blood supply that goes to the brain is suddenly interrupted.

There are many different things that could cause a stroke, the most common one happening when the arteries that lead up to the brain is blocked. Benefits of Home Care for Seniors.