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The 2nd PCB model cubietruck discussion. It has been nearly a year since the Cubieteam launched the first open-source-hardware product named Cubieboard in Aug. 2012. The Cubieteam started with no product and no market penetration. But as one of Cubieteam, I oversaw the move into a national innovation incubator park from a peasant house, then develop a product from hand soldering to machine mass production. It attracted numerous companies as distributors. Every achievement was hard work for the Cubieteam, but it has brought us great satisfaction. The Cubieteam is a very small team with several young people. After just one year the technology of computers based on embedded SOCs has improved. Hardware Features: 中文: 自从2012年8月份cubie团队推出第一个开源硬件产品cubieboard以来,时隔将近一年,从外界的感觉来看cubie团队没有什么新作,几乎无所作为。

Cubie团队是一个小型年轻人团队,其中没有一个人有生意商业经验,没有创办经营公司的经历,我们只是几个酷爱技术的年轻人,因为有着一个共同的理想,要做一个廉价的小电脑,让全球喜欢技术的人都能参与进来开发和应用。 仅仅一年时间,嵌入式硬件发展神速,嵌入式Linux Mini PC也开始崭露头角,作为亲身经历和推动的一份子,我们非常兴奋和自豪。