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Tout les liens importants pour mon projet "Women"

Facebook. Descubre Google Drive: un lugar para todos tus archivos. Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files. Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files. À la découverte des mosos, cette tribu où les femmes décident de tout. Technque emergentes. Humans of Marrakech. Humans of New York is one of my very favorite Facebook pages.

Humans of Marrakech

I can’t wait for the updates every day. I love to read the stories and get to know strangers. I read this great quote once, “A stranger is just a friend you haven’t yet met,” and feel like it is my motto in the world. RIA/CE an artist's exchange. Gotipua, the Oriya etymon of which literally means 'Goti' = 'single' & 'Pua' = 'Boy'.As the name indicates this sacred dance is performed only by boys dressed up as girls.

RIA/CE an artist's exchange

The amazing history of this dance dates up to the time of Sriman Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Since many centuries as a customary practice in the Chandan Yatra festival of Puri, the Supreme Lord Sri Jagannath would always go out on processions along with His supreme devotee Lord Shiva in between the assembly of demigods. And at that time, as a tradition, the Devadasis of the Sri Mandir would also come to dance before Lord Jagannath for His pleasure. When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (who was Lord Jagannath himself assuming the form of His devotee) saw this, He desired them (the Devadasis) to dance in front of Lord Shiva as well, during the entire occasion, but unfortunately the priests objected to it. Facebook. It's a Girl - Documentary Addict. Les chikhates marocaines, des chanteuses populaires libres. Les chikhates sont des chanteuses et danseuses populaires marocaines, qui pratiquent l’art de la « aïta », sorte de complainte, de blues, en arabe dialectal marocain, ou bien qui chantent du « chaâbi », musique plus festive.

Les chikhates marocaines, des chanteuses populaires libres

Elles ont un rôle d’animation des fêtes, par leur savoir-faire musical et poétique. Cette vidéo de Chikha Khadija El Ouarzazia peut donner une idée de leur capacité à « ambiancer » une soirée : Il s’agit ici d’une troupe de chikhates, avec sa chanteuse, ses musiciennes, ses danseuses. Elles sont à la fois célèbres et très décriées, car elles sont jugées comme des femmes vulgaires, dans un jugement à la fois sexiste et classiste. Il leur est reproché d’avoir des mœurs dissolues, de se livrer en spectacle publiquement, notamment lorsqu’elles dansent.

Sowing seeds. Femmes du monde - broché - Titouan Lamazou. The Ethiopian Fashion Tribe that turns Nature into Haute Couture. Remember when you tried to get creative and bejewel your jean shorts or decorate your new tennis shoes with a Sharpie pen?

The Ethiopian Fashion Tribe that turns Nature into Haute Couture

Well this is not that. In the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia, the Surma and Mursi people don’t have glue guns, sewing machines, sequins or Sharpies to accessorise with. Inspired by the tools and textiles provided by nature alone, these ancient African tribes manage to create their own unique fashion that could easily rival and certainly influence the avant garde looks of Haute Couture Fashion Weeks around the world. These rare photographs of what is believed to be among the most unique and remote tribal people in the world, were captured by German-born artist Hans Silvester. Born in 1938, with an impressive career behind him, Hans has documented everything from the ravages of deforestation in the Amazon to the lives of women in the Great Indian Desert. The two tribes reaching the southern end of Ethiopia and the northern part of Kenya share a similar culture. P.S. Les Artistes Pour La Paix. Feminist Art Archive. Biography: Social & Historical Context Parastou Forouhar is an Iranian female artist that lives and works in Germany.

Feminist Art Archive

Her work has been exhibited around the world including Iran, Germany, Russia, Turkey, England, United States and more. Kashya Hildebrand. 25 Famous Feminists - Inspiring Women of the Feminist Movement. Informations Circuit Route du savoir Éthiopie Peuples de l’Omo - Arts et Vie, Voyages culturels organisés. L'UNESCO lance un appel à candidatures pour le Prix international UNESCO/José Martí 2016. La date limite du dépôt des nominations a été prolongée jusqu’au 13 novembre 2015. « Autant que d'air et de lumière, les hommes ont par nature besoin de liberté pour vivre… (et) être cultivé est le seul moyen d'être libre. » - José Martí Le Prix international UNESCO/José Martí est destiné à récompenser une activité particulièrement méritoire qui est en conformité avec les idéaux et l'esprit de José Martí.

L'UNESCO lance un appel à candidatures pour le Prix international UNESCO/José Martí 2016

Le lauréat recevra une récompense monétaire. We Are The XX Feminist History TED Talk. Photo: Courtesy of We are the XX.

We Are The XX Feminist History TED Talk

Women have always been excluded from history, and that has got to stop, Kassidy Brown and Allison Rapson, co-founders of the media company We Are the XX, believe. At the 2015 TEDxBarcelonaWomen conference in June, Brown and Rapson said they're more than ready to roll up their sleeves and start rewriting. To do so, they'll use the four fundamental, universally applicable pillars they live and work by every day: 1. All people — men, too! We are unfamiliar with the story of female leadership. The duo spoke of traditional history as "a calculated tragedy, and one that has left us unbalanced and ill-equipped for the future.

" Speaking Out: Women of Uganda - Documentary Addict. Tribal Wives - Documentary Addict. Home - He For She.