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Facebook. Appareil : Mamiya 645 1000s · Lomography. Pellicule : Lomography X-Pro Peacock (110) · Lomography. How to make healthy choices every day. When I was pregnant, you wouldn’t believe how many people told me how much fun it would be cooking for a little person someday.

How to make healthy choices every day

Although this seemed like an obvious thing, I kind of shrugged it off, thinking that it wouldn’t be that awesome. I think part of me feared the pressure, or the possibility of cooking becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. Although I’ve had my fair share of noggin scratchin’, I have to say that cooking is now more than a pleasure. It’s moved into a greater creative place, I feel freer, and I’ve discovered so many cool things through the challenges. Take this recipe for example. This got me pretty excited. And what is so revolutionary about them? Flour Power? If you consider foods’ three mortal enemies: heat, light and oxygen, flour seems like it may be on the losing end of this battle.

To remedy all of this, we can grind our own grain and use them right away. As a bonus, I’ve included a quick recipe for luscious Ginger-Vanilla Cashew Cream. Directions: 1. A Bohemian Lifestyle blog by Justina Blakeney. Furniture - Nickey · Kehoe. Melanie Abrantes — Products. Suspension Macramé. Diy tissage : notre mode d’emploi du diy tissage - Elle Décoration. Dénommé weaving chez les anglophones, le tissage fait des émules sur Instagram.

diy tissage : notre mode d’emploi du diy tissage - Elle Décoration

Bonne nouvelle, tout le monde peut s’y mettre ! Lors d’un workshop organisé par la designer textile Julie Robert au Café de la Presse à Paris, on a pu expérimenter la technique des fils de chaîne et de trame. Suivez notre mode d’emploi pour maîtriser le DIY tissage du bout des doigts. Matériel - un métier à tisser - un peigne - une navette - une aiguille - une tige en bois - du fil - des écheveaux de laine, de corde, du trapilho, des mèches de laine mérinos Mode d’emploi Posez le métier à tisser devant vous. Inversez le métier à tisser (les nœuds doivent se trouver en haut). Vous pouvez vous arrêter au milieu de la trame avec une couleur puis remplir l’autre côté avec une autre. Avec une matière épaisse comme des mèches de laine mérinos, montez-la avec les doigts et créez du relief en tirant légèrement sur chaque boule réalisée.

Inversez à nouveau le sens du métier à tisser. Le récap en images. Tapis de Azilal. Shop All Unique Home Goods + Gifts + Living Essentials. Joan Miró, Wall Art and Home Décor at Pinterest. DIY Mini Pajaki. A few months ago, I was invited to my beloved Castle In The Air for an afternoon of pajaki making.

DIY Mini Pajaki

What’s a pajaki, you ask? Pajakis are traditional Polish paper chandeliers, made from straw and pieces of colored paper. Though they vary in shape and size, these mobiles are always incredibly colorful and festive. I had so much fun making my first pajaki, I knew it was a tutorial I had to share with you. They are definitely time consuming to make (but oh so worth it) so I asked creative geniuses, John McRae and Karima Cammell, of Castle In The Air to come up with a simpler tutorial just for you! You’ll need: Start by creating crepe paper cockades. Continue twisting! Glue the edges of each rectangular strip into individual circular tubes.

Take the floral wire and wrap and twist it around the middle of the bunch. Then open the fringed side and fan out. Tie the two pieces of twine into a cow hitch knot around the bone ring so that 4 even strands are hanging from the ring. Now for the shape. Welcome to Anthropologie 

Mobilier industriel, meuble de métiers, décoration vintage par le Marchand d'Oublis. V comme Vintage. Maison simone : meubles et objets de décoration tendances et design, style vintage, industriel... - The Future Perfect. Mobilier en rotin et paniers - KOK MAISON.