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Graphic Art

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The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.


Media Militia. Креативная реклама. magazine du graphisme design illustration video 3D: Accueil. Graffiti Research Lab Archive. 3D Art. Jana Jelovac on the Behance Network. Jana Jelovac Portfolio : Jana Jelovac PORTFOLIO. Creativity. Rebel:art. Eyelevelgallery. Excerpt from Narcissus Lament , single channel HD video, 10 min According to one reading of the legend, the tragedy of Narcissus was not his vanity and self-love but that he was cursed to be unable to recognize his own reflection. Having unrivaled beauty, his fatal end was inevitable.

A few millennia later, neuroscience discovered a condition known as Capgras syndrome, associated with damage to the fusiform gyrus, an area in the brain that specializes in reading faces. English Russia » Artwork of Ukrainian Banksy. Golden Age Comic Book Stories. Original Antique European Advertising Posters For Sale.