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Watch the Earth Change before Your Eyes. Several of the landscapes and features of the Earth have undergone a dramatic change since 1984.

Watch the Earth Change before Your Eyes

Google has made its prime update to Time-lapse with addition of four years of imagery, big amounts of new data together with a sharper view of the Earth from 1984 to 2016. Latest images by Google’s Time-lapse application portrays how the features comprising of Alaska’s Columbia glacier and Dubai’s extensive cityscape tend to have drastically progressed in the last 32 years. Its Time-lapse visualisation of Earth, had first been released by Google in 2013, offering the most comprehensive image of our changing planet, made available to the public.

The Death of Lord Darnley. The mysterious death of Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley has perplexed Scottish history researchers till date.

The Death of Lord Darnley

Darnley belonged to a family which gave him claims to the Scottish as well as English thrones through family bonds with James II of Scotland and Henry VII of England. When Darnley was young, he enjoyed his childhood which was bestowed to the few privileged during the 16th century. Asian Highways in India You Probably Do not Know About. One of Asian Highway Network longest route is the Asian Highway 1- AH1 which tends to run 20,557 km from Tokyo, Japan through Korea, China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran towards the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, west of Istanbul, joining end on with the European route E80.

Asian Highways in India You Probably Do not Know About

Also known as the Great Asian Highway, the Asian Highway is said to be a cooperative project between countries in Asia and Europe together with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific – ESCAP, for improvement of the highway systems in Asia. It is also one of the three pillars of the Asian Land Transport Infrastructure Development – ALTID project, endorsed by the ESCAP commission in 1992, of its 48th session, including Asian Highway, Trans-Asian Railway – TAR as well as facilitation of land transport projects. Elixir Of Knowledge: December 2016. Weight of the Human Soul is 21 grams. All you need to know about the IOCL Recruitment. Geologists Find Evidence of China’s Great Flood.

Jacuzzi of Despair That Kills Almost Anything That Swims Into It. One of the oldest places on the planet is said to be the `Jacuzzi of death’ which had first been found in 2014, as a massive brine pool beneath the Gulf of Mexico by utilising a robosub.

Jacuzzi of Despair That Kills Almost Anything That Swims Into It

Instinct a Complex Behavior. Innate behavior or instinct is the inclination of a living creature towards a complex behavior and stimulus.

Instinct a Complex Behavior

It is behavior which is inherited rather than learned and the simplest example of an instinct in behavior is FAP or fixed action pattern wherein a small to medium length sequence of action minus variation can be carried out in response to a clear define stimulus. We could say that when a person tends to fight often, he seems to be having an aggressive instinct while the person may not be born with the inclination to fight. An instinct is inherited when an inborn pattern of behavior which is characteristic of species tends to response to specific environmental stimuli. The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie is also recognized as Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christies, Lady Mallowan, was an English crime novelist, a short story writer and playwright.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

She is well-known for her collections of 66 detective novels and 14 short stories which orbited around investigative work of her fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple. She had also written the longest running play in the world which was a murder mystery. Agatha Christie had mysteriously disappeared from her home on December 3, 1926. Her car was located abandoned some miles away with a few of her clothes together with her identification around in the car. Elixir Of Knowledge. The mystery has been solved of a 4,000 year old Egyptian statuette which had perplexed experts whenit creepily started rotating in a museum.

Elixir Of Knowledge

Neb-Senu, the so-called 10 inch tall relic dates back to 1800 BC seemed to spin 180 degrees, mysteriously with no one going near it. Supervisors were amazed after they found it facing the wrong way and equipped up a time-lapse camera to capture its movement. The Zealots of Thessalonica. The Copper Scroll treasure. Barbarians and Romans. The Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars. The greatest bloody religious oppressions passed out in the 17th century by King who appointed Lord Advocate Sir George Mackenzie against the Presbyterian Covenanters rebel was at the Greyfriars Kirkyard site.

The Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

This was carried out due to their failure in accepting the state approved religion and to swear loyalty to the King. It is also said to be the location of the most popular documented poltergeist activity in the world known as the Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars. It had started fifty years after the National Covenant had been signed promising to keep Scotland as a Presbyterian country and when King Charles II had risen to the throne and had immediately renounced the Covenanters right to practice their religion freely. The Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars. The Secret Codex of a Lost Civilisation Being Hidden Beneath a 16th Century Manuscript for 500 Years. Mysterious Carvings Found in a Maya Royal Tomb May Reveal Murky Secrets of the 'Snake Dynasty. Archaeologists have discovered the hidden royal tomb in the ancient Maya ruins of Xunantunich in western Belize which reveals a new chapter in the story of the powerful Snake Dynasty.The tombs could be among the biggest to be located in Belize at the ruins of Xunantunich in the city on the Mopan River which had been a ceremonial centre, which was at its height during 600 – 890 AD.

Mysterious Carvings Found in a Maya Royal Tomb May Reveal Murky Secrets of the 'Snake Dynasty

In it were the remains of a mysterious male of the Xunantunich royal family between the age of 20 and 30 years. Research done on the remains indicated that he had been powerfully built and muscular and his body was placed on the floor of the tomb on his back with his head positioned towards the south.There were around 36 ceramic vessels placed besides the body, together with a necklace of jade beads stone blade and bones from jaguars and deer. Texts On Two Panels, Stimulating Epigraphers of Maya- America & Europe Dynasty Named – Snake Head Emblem Linked with Line of Rulers.

Edinburgh’s Underground City. The Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge Vault is said to be a chain of chambers which had been formed in the nineteen arches of the South Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland, completed in 1788.

Edinburgh’s Underground City

The vaults had been utilised to house taverns, cobblers together with other tradesmen for about 30 years and as storage space for illicit material apparently the bodies of people who had been killed by serial killers, Burke and Hare for the purpose of medical experiments. Edinburgh’s South Bridge is a colossal though basically faulty act of engineering and design of the 18th century. The city tends to link seven major hill where only two of these high points can be seen in the city centre presently namely Castle Hill over which is the Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill warmly referred by the locals as Edinburgh’s disgrace. Mysterious Carvings Found in a Maya Royal Tomb May Reveal Murky Secrets of the 'Snake Dynasty.