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I am Angelica Dowson, I am a Social Media Manager, people expect companies and brands to be present and active on social media. I am a Web Marketer as well as a Content manager and Content Curator. I am extremely passionate and result driven professional. I am an adaptable and responsible continuously seeking exciting opportunities which will utilize the technical, design and communication skills developed through my involvement.

Psicología infantil y juvenil: Adolescentes y WhatsApp® La actualidad manda y los problemas que he observado en consulta con mis clientes me han hecho ponerme a analizar la realidad actual y conflictiva que está sucediendo a nuestro alrededor con los jóvenes y la aplicación de mensajería instantánea y gratuita para móviles.

Psicología infantil y juvenil: Adolescentes y WhatsApp®

Todos sabemos que la forma de relacionarse de los adolescentes ha cambiado desde que entraron los móviles a sus vidas aunque, sin lugar a dudas, la mensajería a la que hacemos referencia ha llevado dicha revolución a extremos exponenciales. Un estudio1 realizado en Francia, Reino Unido y España entre 2012 y 2013 por la compañía de telefonía Orange, comunicaba que el 95% de los asmartphone.

Además, informaban de que preferían utilizar este tipo de terminal respecto a un ordenador o una tablet para acceder a Internet. Yo tb tq, o como el whatsapp daña las relaciones. Doble Check. Cualquiera puede ver tu foto de perfil en Whatsapp. Dado que este es mi primer post en SbD, me presentaré.

Cualquiera puede ver tu foto de perfil en Whatsapp

Mi nombre es Alejandro Amo y trabajo como consultor IT empresarial. Abarco desde el marketing y la comunicación hasta el área de planificación y operaciones en sistemas de la información, pasando por la escritura y redacción comercial o la gestión de crisis de reputación online. En otras palabras: no soy precisamente un perfil 100% técnico. Sin embargo, aunque no especializado en ella, siempre he estado en contacto con el mundo de la seguridad; puede que algunos me conozcan como alist3r, seudónimo bajo el cual he aportado como desarrollador en proyectos como Wifiway.

Doble Check. Cualquiera puede ver tu foto de perfil en Whatsapp. Sexismo a golpe de WhatsApp. Un 21% de los adolescentes españoles está de acuerdo con la afirmación de que los hombres no deben llorar.

Sexismo a golpe de WhatsApp

Uno de cada cinco cree que está bien que los chicos salgan con muchas chicas, pero no al revés. El 12,8% no considera maltrato amenazar —o recibir amenazas— en caso de que su pareja quiera romper la relación. El sexismo y los estereotipos de género perviven entre los adolescentes españoles. Y el retrato robot de cómo son y cómo viven sus relaciones muestra que, además, no son conscientes de ello. Conocen el discurso y la información sobre violencia de género, pero no la trasladan a su vida.

Los adolescentes españoles, como muestra el estudio Evolución de la adolescencia española sobre la igualdad y la prevención de la violencia de género, empiezan sus relaciones sentimentales cada vez antes. Un 25% de las chicas dice que su novio o exnovio la vigila a través del teléfono Casos que, a la larga, los chavales terminan normalizando. Naida S. se ve reflejada en ese caso. Whatsapp. How To Record Calls Using TheOneSpy. Monitoring in today’s day and age is something which parents and employers alike engage in. this is because parents constantly worry for the safety of their children and wish to know where they are, who they talk and how they spend their time on their phone and online.

How To Record Calls Using TheOneSpy

Similarly, employers wish to know whether or not the staff they have employed is working to the best of their ability, are efficiently and are doing the work expected of them. Parents and employers both have concerns which are very real and which should not be thought of as irrational. For this purpose, a monitoring software such as TheOneSpy can be made use of. This software is one which can be used for recording calls, recording the surroundings or where the phone and its user is, who the user is communicating with, the type of websites being visited and the location he/she may be at to name a few.

Make your teen a responsible user of technology. How Employee Monitoring Can Be Helpful. Surveillance is something we can find all over the place.

How Employee Monitoring Can Be Helpful

In terms of monitoring in the workplace with the use of employee monitoring apps, the question of whether such monitoring should be conducted or not is extremely important and has relevance to the topics of efficiency within the workplace, safety as well as security which ultimately tends to have an impact on the environment and surroundings of the company. While employee monitoring through the use of employee monitoring software is something which is beneficial, it is also seen to be having a different side to it in the form of a debate on the topic of privacy, human rights and ethics.

American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute conducted a survey on this matter which revealed that 66% of companies monitor the internet activities of their employees. The survey also states that employers are constantly on the lookout for websites which may be accessed by employees while they are supposed to be working. How To Record Calls Using TheOneSpy. How Far is Too Far With Respect to Employee Monitoring? Facing Reality: Cyberbullying Is Not a Fad, It's a Fashion.

October is the month of National Breast Cancer Awareness.

Facing Reality: Cyberbullying Is Not a Fad, It's a Fashion

There is a sea of pink everywhere around us which represents the fight against horrifying disease that has impinged on many people and their families and has snatched the lives of even more. We expect that someday there will be a remedy for breast cancer and other forms of that hideous “C” word. Until then, we carry on to be careful, helpful and promote education to our communities on preventative health and wellness. The month, October, is also bullying avoidance and consciousness Month. We do not have scientists exploring for a cure, and we are not raising millions of dollars for deterrence.

Bullying has been there for a long time, but the bully’s reach was once restrained to the playground, school bus or lunchroom. With social networking sites, that has altered a lot. 6 Advantages of Monitoring Employees. It can be hard for managers of far-off teams to make certain that their employees in the field are working to their fullest potential.

6 Advantages of Monitoring Employees

With no a way of tracking their activities, supervisors are compelled to do a lot of guessing about what employees are doing throughout the day. Fortunately, there are many reasonably priced software solutions obtainable which allow managers to keep an eye on their employees’ activities, and also time expended visiting clients and on the road. Let us look at some of the advantages that come from using such a software. Precisely Bill Clients. How to Build a Scam Free Family. Did you check your child’s credit card report?

How to Build a Scam Free Family

Children who are below 18 years old should not bear credit card report at any cost. Monitoring an iPhone and iPad Tablet Using TheOneSpy. iPhone’s have become very common and children and teenagers are all found to be making use of this phone.

Monitoring an iPhone and iPad Tablet Using TheOneSpy

With new versions of the phone being released on a regular basis, everyone wishes to get their hands on this phone. iPhone’s are equipped with iOS and contain some amazing features which make the phone one which is attractive for many. Similarly, tablets are also becoming popular to use as these too perform the function of a phone and computer simultaneously and are more compact in nature. Thus, the iPhone and iPad tablets are gadgets which almost every individual today owns and makes use of all the time for every purpose. No one leaves home without these gadgets as they have everything they need stored on them. How to Spy Without Having the Phone. A person can be miles away from his child but if he needs to know the activities of his child, he can do it easily with the help of a cheap app in his phone that gives him complete detail about each and every text or a call the child makes or receives.

How to Spy Without Having the Phone

Yes, this can be done with the help of some spying apps like TheOnSpy software. This unique app can get you the complete data on your mobile, tablet or any-other internet connected device. Spy On Text Messages. Text messages are largely being used in courts as evidence in both the civil and criminal cases because of the excessive use of mobile phones today. Moreover, People tend to spy on text messages in order to know what their partners or children are doing. However, spying can have really negative impact on your relationship with one another.

But still if you are to spy on someone, there are several available methods of doing so. Spying can be done in person. Especially when you are suspicious about the activities of your children or your loved ones. Many smartphones can be protected by passwords. However, you should know the state laws for spying as well. Google is Spying on You. A report was published not long ago that proposed Android Auto is gathering more information than it ought to. The report that was published by Motor Trend publications also stated that since Google’s android auto is gathering more than the required information, a very big name of in the vehicle industry “Porsche”, decided not to use this technology in their vehicles. So instead of using this technology, Porsche opted for a similar technology introduced by Apple, Car Play. Since Google’s android auto was gathering more than the required piece of information, Porsche was worried that Google can keep an eye on the movements of their car users.

And it being quite a concern for them, forced them to opt for Apple’s car play. Surround Your Loved Ones with TheOneSpy - Record & Listen to Surround Sounds of Android Phone. Want to hover over your child and partner, following them everywhere they go? Do you wish to gauge the real nature of their social relationships and the content of their conversations?

The Cellphone Spyware Police don’t Want to Acknowledge. The growing world of technology in the contemporary world has introduced many high tech surveillance equipment like the “Stingrays” which has been adopted by the police to tap into our cellphone conversations and text messages without any notice or warnings. Stingrays are becoming quite popular in the developed western countries of America and Europe which work by scooping up the signals of the cellphones of the nearby people. Are You a Helicopter Parent? Then This One is For You! Parenting has changed over the years. The growing level of insecurity in the world has gradually pushed parents to be more cautious and change their casual style of parenting. A parent of today is more vigilant and believes in monitoring his/her child at all times. At the same time, the growing pressure to provide for the basic necessities of life and to improve the quality of living for their children has pushed the modern parents to the wall.

Stream through the Browsing History with TheOneSpy. For children in the age of today, Internet is no longer a privilege: It’s something they are born with and have complete freedom to access. Moreover, with the expansion of technology and the availability of Wi-Fi’s and portable internet devices right at your doorstep, reaching out the World Wide Web no longer remains bound within spatial limits. Gone are the days when people used to struggle with a mesh-work of wires and remain glued to their desktops and modems in order to use the Internet. With the advent of smartphones, laptops and tablets, the world of information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, whether on the drive or from a school, college, restaurant; even a thousand feet above the ground. Where this technological landmark adds to our comfort and convenience, it has a dark side to it as well.

Monitor Your Teen’s Whereabouts Using the TOS Spy Camera Feature. How exactly does it feel to go to a place such as a super market or a public office, protected by security cameras? Quite awkward, isn’t it? But you would agree that as uncomfortable as their presence makes us feel, they really come handy in certain critical situations, such as an accident or a robbery. How to Build Better Relations with Your Staff. How to Build Better Relations with Your Staff. Facebook Chat Spy Software to Monitor Teenagers. Facebook is immensely popular among all age groups, but has especially captivated the youngsters, who spend a large chunk of their daily time posting and commenting. Facebook Chat Spy Software to Monitor Teenagers.

Valentine’s Day: The Symbol of Love and Romance - Infographic. February 14th is just around the corner and we can already feel the love, romance and lots of emotions in the air. Valentine’s Day: The Symbol of Love and Romance - Infographic. Hike in Number of People Surfing the Web Behind the Wheel. There is an ongoing battle about putting down the phones when drivers are driving the car, a state farm insurance company has reported that for this there is long road ahead. Texting while driving the car has been considered the biggest culprit behind all the distractions that drivers face, but now there is another habit that is prevailing is dangerous one also: that is internet access from the seat of driver when they drive the car. State farms latest survey revealed the facts that drivers who are required to focus their attention on the road and mind should be attentive when they drive the car, they rather use their mind and attention now a days on surfing the web through their phones .

Hike in Number of People Surfing the Web Behind the Wheel. How to Hack Viber Chat with TheOneSpy. Like WhatsApp and Line, Viber is a popular mobile chat app; among the top 10 chat apps, to be precise. How to Hack Viber Chat with TheOneSpy. How to Spy on WhatsApp Conversation. How to Spy on WhatsApp Conversation.

Hike in Number of People Surfing the Web Behind the Wheel.