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Benefits of Social Life to the Elderly. Socialization has health and cognitive benefits for elders.

Benefits of Social Life to the Elderly

Protect Seniors from the Risk of Infections. According to the American Family Physician Org., infectious diseases account for one-third of all deaths in people 65 years and older.

Protect Seniors from the Risk of Infections

And that it is harder to identify when they have it because of the absence of common symptoms. As a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we should make sure our elders are in their optimum wellness. Food and Mood: Tips for Senior Mental Wellness. Seniors undergoing depression tend to eat lesser, making them moody and lack energy.

Food and Mood: Tips for Senior Mental Wellness

Nurses and sitters who provide home care in Colorado encounter this scenario commonly. As much as caregivers want to provide effective elderly care in terms of mental health, how can they encourage elders to eat the right food in the right way and be able to manage their mood? Below are some tips we can share: Start the day right with a healthy breakfast. Having a nutrient-packed breakfast can be one great source of energy for the day.

Interaction of Nutrients and Medications in Your Body. A senior’s body can absorb treatment and medications when it is in the right condition, and vice versa.

Interaction of Nutrients and Medications in Your Body

However, some nutrients may delay the effect of a drug or medicine. This reaction is called drug-nutrient interaction, and this is a matter a home care agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado, should understand. Some vitamins and minerals can increase or decrease an elderly’s capacity to absorb the medicine. In this case, your body might not get the full effect of the drug or get too much of it. An elderly care attendant must know how to balance the amount of food an elder should take with a specific medication. Medical vs. Non-Medical Home Care. Diabetes and How to Prevent Having It. Diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, is striking a growing number of adults nowadays.

Diabetes and How to Prevent Having It

And if the industry of home care in Colorado doesn’t do anything about it, more members of the senior population under their supervision will be suffering from its complications and from taking expensive medications and treatment from this condition. But what is it primarily? According to MedlinePlus, type 2 diabetes happens when the body cannot fulfill its job from creating enough insulin or from processing its use in the system. Risk factors are lifestyle and heredity, and those who have it are usually overweight, having high blood pressure, has a high prevalence in the family, and more. Christmas Activities for Elders and Their Family. Christmas is an event we never want to miss.

Christmas Activities for Elders and Their Family

From kids to kids-at-heart, we look forward to many happenings and family gatherings that seldom happen on regular days. During Christmas, there are more activities and social engagements the elderly can join to. New Technologies That Benefit Senior Care Today. Being high-tech nowadays is very beneficial – you’ve got to use advanced technologies and modern gadgets for convenience.

New Technologies That Benefit Senior Care Today

Tasks can be done quickly with less effort and in no time. Imagine how these devices could help in elderly care in this day and age. There are some elderly issues solved by modern sciences, such as mobility, sensory, and other medical concerns. A Team That Facilitates Care Provision. Health care is not only an elderly’s battle.

A Team That Facilitates Care Provision

Elements of Good Nutrition for Healthy Seniors. Complete nutrition is one of the primary needs of the elderly.

Elements of Good Nutrition for Healthy Seniors

Having a healthy body requires a balanced diet sourced from the foods they eat. There are various substances the body needs for overall wellness. And as people grow older, the lesser they meet these requirements, that they need proper elderly care. Social Engagement: The Secret to Aging Well. Ask anyone for their top advice about living a long, healthy life and you’ll probably hear tips about the importance of eating well, stopping smoking, exercising, and getting regular medical checkups.

Social Engagement: The Secret to Aging Well

Don’t throw those good habits out the window, but it may come as a shock to learn that connecting with others could be the single most important ingredient for aging well. Keeping Your Senior Hydrated in the Summer. There is no better excuse to be out in the sun than the summer season. After a long winter stuck inside of the house, a lot of people look forward to having barbecues in the backyard or picnics at the beach. For seniors, however, summer presents particular health risks, one of them being dehydration.

This can be due to a series of things e.g., a medical condition that weakens their sense of thirst, problems adjusting to temperature changes, or their body’s weakening ability to produce sweat needed to cool down. The Best Dog Breeds for Retirees. It is widely known that owning pets have a therapeutic effect on people. Many home care agencies in Colorado Springs, Colorado encourage elderly adults to have at least one pet at home to keep them company and help relieve stress and feelings of loneliness. Dogs are especially effective in this sense as they are the most well-tempered of animals out there, making them the ideal companion in coping with elderly care.

The challenge is to find the best breed that will suit you. To help you in your search, we have come up with this list of dog breeds for retirees looking for a fuzzy companion. Frenchton – The French Bulldog Boston Terrier Cross This designer cross-breed is the result of mating a French Bulldog with a Boston Terrier. Clinical Consequences of Polypharmacy in the Elderly. There is a growing concern in the elderly care industry for polypharmacy for older adults, and as we progress into this article, you will find out why.

What is Polypharmacy? Polypharmacy in the dictionary is defined as the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single ailment or condition. Although, researchers and home care agencies in Colorado Springs, Colorado often use the term differently. Sometimes, it’s defined as having two or more prescriptions, but for most definitions it refers to at least five. The Dangers of Geriatric Pharmacy Polypharmacy in geriatric patients is often necessary, but it always comes with risks. Along with the metabolic changes that come with aging, this leaves elderly people at a far greater risk of suffering a conflicting drug event, such as an unintended effect from a normal dose. An estimated 11.5 to 62.5% of elderly people are impacted by inappropriate medication usage.

Healthy Foods That Improve Seniors’ Memory (Part Two) If you’re wondering what steps you can take to help your geriatric loved ones receiving home care in Colorado maintain their mental functions, then you have come to the right place. We have enumerated in our previous blog article a number of healthy foods that can help aging individuals improve their memory, so you may want to check it out. Meanwhile, here are the rest of the nutritious, memory-boosting foods that comprise the list of recommendations shared by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Nuts They may be small, but you cannot underestimate their size.

Healthy Foods That Improve Seniors’ Memory (Part One) Why Aging Individuals Have Different Nutritional Needs. While eating well is critical at any age, it is even more necessary for your elderly family members since their nutritional needs change. Effective Ways to Lessen Caregiver Stress. Providing quality elderly care for your parents and other family members has many rewards. However, it can also lead to severe physical, mental, and emotional stress. In fact, the American Psychological Association reports that caregivers of the chronically ill and geriatric individuals have a higher probability of feeling stressed at higher levels. Angel Heart Home Care LLC – Home Care – Colorado Springs, Colorado.