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Anthropologie. Making a Capelet from an Old Sweater Video. DIY Découpage Floral Bag. When H&M asked us to DIY a boho-inspired item for their summer issue, découpage was the first thing that came to mind.

DIY Découpage Floral Bag

Honestly, does it get any better than customizing a simple handbag with a brilliant floral print? However you create it, it’ll be satisfying to know that you’ve designed yourself a one of a kind bag! You’ll need:a handbagcotton fabric with a large floral patternpainter’s tapeMod Podgecraft paint2 small plastic dishes2 brushesscissors Start by taping off the edges and hardware of the handbag. Squeeze a dollop of colored craft paint into a small disposable container. Allow the first layer to dry completely. While the paint dries, carefully cut out a handful of flowers from the fabric. Arrange them onto the painted section of the bag. Remove the painter’s tape when the Mod Podge has dried clear and your floral handbag is complete!

(all images by HonestlyWTF) Perfect Summer Bangle. Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a message bangle that's one-of-a-kind, done in the sun, waterproof and weatherproof.

Perfect Summer Bangle

Even after several trips to the beach, it won't fade or wash off! Essentially, it's the Perfect Summer Bangle. Used in this tutorial: Inkodye Red Prepare. All you'll need for this project is a raw wooden bangle (we got ours from, a black paint marker, plastic wrap, and some Inkodye! Transcribe. Perfect. Pour. DIY Fashion and Craft TutorialsStars for Streetlights. Whenever I go to thrift shops, I always browse through all of the old records they have for sale.

DIY Fashion and Craft TutorialsStars for Streetlights

The designs, the colors, the album art-- they're so fun to study the designs in pop culture a few decades ago. There are many ways to use old records, but one of my favorites has always been a purse. Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts. So way way back, in June, I wrote this Studio Organization post, about starting the process of organizing my studio by cleaning out the closet full of junk.

Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts

Well, it's September and...let's just say the closet is a work in progress. Some of the things that are taking up space in the closet are shirts that I never wear anymore. DIY Braided Clay Bracelet. Yes I am obsessed with polymer clay.

DIY Braided Clay Bracelet

Two Inspiring ReStyles by Tick Tock Vintage. Our newest entries into Project ReStyle come all the way from philadelphia!

Two Inspiring ReStyles by Tick Tock Vintage

This super cute oversized vintage dress to cute mini dress had me itching for a good thrift/sewing session. Inspiring, no? This Suede skirt to a purse ReStyle is so amazing! I love the idea of making a purse from an oversized skirt. The tassels are so pretty too! Special Thank yous to Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage for whipping up these inspiring ReStyles. DIY Projects « Fossil Blog. DIY rope bracelet from a J.Crew shopping bag! « sideoats + scribbles. I must confess, I love jcrew so much.

DIY rope bracelet from a J.Crew shopping bag! « sideoats + scribbles

I even love the bags! (Hate to throw them away.) Then it hit me: why not make a rope bracelet from the handles? Here’s how I did it in just a few steps. (It took longer to write this up than it did to actually make it!) First, remove the handles from the bag. Braid your bracelet, then use another clothespin to hold it in place. Now for the only tricky bit. Here are some closeups of the knots so that you can see them better. Now to finish it up, take the piece of the handle that you trimmed and knot it around the other end, then remove the clothespin.

Then you can tidy up and trim off to even things up. To wear, just slip the big knot into the back. Do It Yasself. The Color Wheel: How to Combine Colors in your Wardrobe. Ever wonder how some of your favorite fashionistas put colors together to create eye-catching and fabulously colorful outfits?

The Color Wheel: How to Combine Colors in your Wardrobe

Well so does Fashion Bombshell Kendra who wrote in asking, “As a recessionista engineer, I cannot afford to buy a new wardrobe for the spring/summer. I have great pieces in my wardrobe already so I want to know how to make the most of my wardrobe by playing around with different color combinations.


Blog. May 27th, 2012 Lace inserts are a popular denim DIY this summer.


Usually done with white lace and light denim I wanted to mix it up and try it with black! Sources: (Top Left – Right) 1. Clones ‘N’ Clowns 2. Refinery29 3. What you Need: Shorts/Jeans – I got mine from Value VillageLace – Mine is the edging of fabricScissorsThreadHand Sewing NeedlePins Loading ... Categories: Blog, Do It Yourself, Shorts of the summer series May 25th, 2012 One of my favourite parts about thrifting is finding that amazing item that is great quality but CHEAP. Categories: Blog, Thrifted Outfits, Toronto Vintage May 4th, 2012 I think everyone who thrifts has those few items that you look for each time you go. A Little History Coco Chanel is credited for making the tweed suit fashionable in the 1960′s. source: Coco Chanel.

Weekend designer. A Pair and a Spare. Style Scrapbook. P.S.- I made this...  Ramblings of a Designer.