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Granny Square Pattern/Join-as-you-go Method. Ive finished my granny baby blanket… Sorry it took a little longer than I thought it would to come back to you with it. By the time I made the trip to spotlight to get the yarn to finish the edging…… and washed and blocked it (and waited… and waited) for it to dry… Fortunately there has just been a break in the weather so I rushed outside to find somewhere to photograph it, and try to get the colors as true as possible… I love it, and I hope the new baby (my soon-to-be-born niece or nephew) loves it too.

Carter has already wrapped himself up in it a couple of times and keeps asking if he can keep it!! In case you want to make a blanket like this, there are 42 squares (6 x7), this resulted in a blanket that is 84cm x 100cm (34″ x 40″), I used a variety of 8ply yarns and a 4mm hook. There are loads of places that explain how to make granny squares, but they are all a little different, so here’s my version: How to make a basic Granny Square: Dc into the circle two times: Pull up a loop and… Edging: PONCHO | GarnTua – Garn, Tillbehör, sticka, virka, inspiration. Amigurumi Patterns. Menu Patterns Books About all / cats / dogs / birds / bunnies / bears / safari animals / forest animals / farm animals / sea animals / other animals / dolls / cartoons & games / food / transport / flowers / holidays / other amigurumi / other crochet new first / popular first Page 1 next Funky donkey Piglet in love by Anastasiya Matyakh Molly the Dolphin Trainer and Dolphins by Sahrit Blackbird by MieksCreaties Bob the beaver by IlDikko Kirk and Wilma the kiwis by IlDikko Bandit the raccoon by Little Muggles Mini-Obelix Cow Mytalda by DioneDesign Eleanor and Elijah elephant by Janine Holmes at Moji-Moji Design Coco and Niu by Emi Kanesada (Enna Design) Cory the cowboy by Sahrit © 2015 | CONTACT | advertising | Privacy.

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