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Commercial Catering Equipments

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This collection is completely dedicated to top brands commercial catering equipments.

Buy Commercial Meat Slicers - Alpha Catering Equipment. If your food service outlet regularly cuts up large quantities of meats and cheeses, a commercial meat slicer can make the process a lot simpler and safer. This is especially useful in a sandwich shop or deli, where freshly cut meats can make or break your reputation. We have a big range of sturdy and reliable commercial meat slicers from brands such as Birko, Buffalo, Sirman, F.E.D., Noaw, Rheninghaus, and Hobart. All of these units are designed to handle whatever you throw at them, from smaller models suited to light duty at cosy cafes to bigger models with more horsepower that can withstand the demands of a high-turnover deli.

Not only can a commercial meat slicer effortlessly cut through meat and cheese, but they can also handle certain vegetables with ease. Check out our entire range of quality Catering equipments from brands such as Birko, F.E.D., and Rheninghaus. >> View more. Buy Induction Cooktops, Kitchen Cooking Appliances Online - Alpha Catering Equipment. Your catering business relies primarily on two things – what you make and how much you make it. Setting up a commercial kitchen requires you to be prepared for large orders.

Commercial Induction cooktops are a great way to make sure that you do. Depending on the size you need, a high quality Induction cooktop can multiply your production quantities with the added benefit of precise temperature and duration control. No longer you have to dread overcooking your food. Our range of commercial induction cooktops includes some of the best models from reputed brands such as Anvil, CookTek, F.E.D, Safco and Semak, which are used in some of the best kitchens in the world. Commercial Deep Fryers, Double Fryer Equipments Online - Alpha Catering Equipment. Caterers quite literally thrive on the capacities of their deep fryers and blast refrigerators. While not working, they brawl over beer on who’s got the top dog.

Well, the last bit maybe talking thing too far but it’s no secret you can only sell as much you can cook. And this is precisely where the need to get an efficient commercial deep fryer comes into play. Commercial deep fryers give you the ability to time and temperature control your cooking; making sure you don’t overcook the food, which is quite common with regular deep fryers. We stock only brands reputed for producing top quality kitchen equipment, guaranteeing excellent results every time.

Shop Commercial Coffee Machines - Alpha Catering Equipment. Coffee is one of those universal drinks people expect to find everywhere they go, which means that regardless of the type of establishment you run, whether it’s a high-end restaurant or a food truck, you need to provide people with coffee. Of course, you need to make sure your coffee is great and that’s where we come in with the extensive range of commercial or professional coffee machines we supply.

We have automatic coffee machines, espresso machines, percolators and more. And each one of these units is produced by a manufacturer that knows their coffee, meaning every cup they make will taste like heaven. We offer brands known for the quality of their products, such as Sanremo, Birko and Franke. Take a look at some of the other great equipment we stock from Birko, Franke and Sanremo. Buy Commercial Kitchen Blenders Online - Alpha Catering Equipment. Regardless of the type of hospitality establishment you want to outfit, if you’re looking to make any type of fancy drink, whether it’s a Green Apple, a specialty coffee, or a Margarita, you’re going to need a blender and a heavy-duty one at that. After all, these types of drinks often need to be blended through with ice and not every blender can handle such a heavy load. We supply an extensive range of commercial blenders that can crush ice and break up practically any ingredient you want. And most units can easily double up as a commercial kitchen blender if necessary.

You’ll find our bar blender range is sourced only from the best manufacturers in the world, guaranteeing a sturdy product that will do its job well for many years. Don’t forget to check out some of the other excellent products we stock from Sirman, KitchenAid, Waring and Hamilton Beach. Pie Warmers | Commercial Pie Warmers for Sale | Alpha Catering Equipment. Who doesn’t love pie? Better yet, who doesn’t love pie steaming straight from one of our pie warmers? We carry high capacity pie warmers for commercial establishments. We also have pie warmers that can keep any baked goods warm.

We have equipment that is suitable for warming and displaying at the same time, so if you’re running a pie shop or café, we’ve got you covered. And of course you’re not limited to pies; these cabinets can easily display cinnamon buns, donuts, or anything else you’d like to keep warm and fresh. Please check out our pie warmers from Anvil, Birko, Buffalo, F.E.D, Roband, Semak, and Woodson! Commercial Deep Fryers | Double Fryer Equipments Online | Alpha Catering Equipment. Williams Refrigeration, Williams Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Supplies | Alpha Catering Equipment.

Williams Refrigeration is one of the world’s top manufacturers of professional refrigeration equipment, and they enjoy a reputation for providing commercial kitchens with machines of the highest calibre. The Australian brand employs more than 50 people at their modern facility in Victoria, and they take pride in creating equipment than can withstand the unique conditions found in Australia. Design is a big focus of Williams, and this can be seen in the many innovative Williams Refrigeration, coolers, refrigerators and freezers that we stock.

Also, take a look at our full range of undercounter glass refrigerators, blast chillers, and sandwich and prep fridges that can help serve all of your commercial kitchen’s cooling needs. Buy Commercial Juicers Online, Juicer Shopping Australia | Alpha Catering Equipment. If your commercial kitchen serves up fresh juice, investing in a good commercial juicer is absolutely essential. From citrus juice extractors to juicer blenders, we carry a wide range of sturdy, reliable and commercial juicers that can get any kitchen job done quickly and efficiently. We carry some of the industry’s most respected names in commercial juicing, such as Ceado, Sammic, Waring, Robot Coupe, Semak, and Santos. We have high-output juice extractors that can handle heavy demand as well as hand-operated citrus juice extractors that are suited to smaller tasks. Whether you need an automatic commercial juicer or a centrifugal one, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at all of the other great products we supply from Ceado, Sammic, and Waring. Commercial Coffee Machines, Professional Espresso Machines - Alpha Catering Equipment. Buy Commercial Kitchen Blenders Online | Alpha Catering Equipment. Commercial Shelving | Alpha Catering Equipment. Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy Catering Equipment | Alpha Catering Equipment. SilverChef is the leading equipment funder to the hospitality industry Silver Chef’s funding solution, Rent-Try-Buy®, is designed to help you find the right commercial kitchen or catering equipment to suit your business needs.

Fund new equipment whichever way suits you: Find your equipment first, then request to your retailer that your equipment is funded through SilverChef. If they are an accredited Silver Chef retailer, they will know exactly what to do. When it comes to funding new equipment, get the funding that fits you. Who is Silver Chef? Silver Chef has provided Australia's hospitality industry with equipment funding for 30 years. Their Rent-Try-Buy® solution allows businesses to save their cash, free up working capital and adapt easily to market conditions and consumer trends.

What makes Silver Chef different SilverChef strives for a reputation of exceptional service by using insights and customer-first thinking to deliver quick, easy, personalised experiences. Benefits Rent-Try-Buy. Buy Commercial Kitchen Blenders Online. Buy Stainless Steel Kitchen Benches Online - Alpha Catering Equipment. A benchtop is perhaps the most utilitarian object in your kitchen. It is also the center-stage of your workshop where all your creations are concocted.

A great bench for your kitchen is the one that sits in harmony with your kitchen’s design yet commands plenty of authority and provides maximum utility. Most of all, a great kitchen bench is the one that enables you and serves as your physical extension in your kitchen. Fortunately for you, we have stockpiled some of the best designed stainless steel benchtops from around the world that will revolutionize the way you use your kitchen space..

Our stainless steel kitchen benchtops collection includes models from top brands and caters to the vast needs of our customers from both domestic and catering segment. >> View more.