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Klasse 6

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Learn German for free with songs & games. Tiere. Schulsachen. Farben. Zahlen 1 - 100. BERUFE 1. Zahlen 11 - 20. Wie spät ist es? 1. Wie spät ist es? 2. Interaktiv klocka - Interaktiv klocka. Interactive teaching Clock digital,analogue,telling time & angles. Introduction The clock for learning time has movable hands. It has three main modes, the first demonstrates how to tell the time using an analogue clock. The second mode uses the the clock hands as a way of learning angles. The third mode uses the clock as a way to help understand fractions. The clocked can be altered to change colors and its overall styling. Note in this activity different controls are shown depending on the current mode Common Controls The controls above the mode selector are always displayed. The clock can be used to display the current time (based on the clock of the computer you are using).

When the clock is not showing the actual real time, then small handles appear at the end of the hands, these and dragged into position. Time mode controls. First select time mode, below are a set of controls. So a brief example of how to use them would be click random time. Angles mode Clocks have always been a useful way to teach about angles. Fractions mode Styling the Clock. Wochentage, Monate und Jahreszeiten. Monate. Wochentage. Deutsch: die Wochentage (deutsche Untertitel)/days of the week in German (German subtitles)

German Vocabulary Course [01] Tiere | Deutsch Vokabeln. Deutsch: Wortschatz - Zahlen 20-99 (deutsche Untertitel)/German: Numbers (German subs) Deutsch: Wortschatz - Zahlen 0-20 (deutsche Untertitel)/German: Vocabulary - Numbers (German subs) Deutsch: das Alphabet/the German alphabet. German Colour Flashcards - Deutsche Wortkarten und Bildkarten für den Sprachunterricht - Die Farben. Die Farben auf Deutsch/Colors in German. Tiere.