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How To Make Wrapped Leather Bracelets. Triple-wrap leather bracelet with blue tigereye beads Let me begin by stating the obvious – this style of wrapped leather bracelet is EVERYWHERE this season.

How To Make Wrapped Leather Bracelets

Everywhere! Even my athletic clothing catalogs – which only have maybe three pieces of jewelry – are featuring this style. Why? Because it is casual yet chic and infinitely customizable! Five different leather wrapped gemstone bracelets designs: green opal, mookaite, African turquoise, hematite and rhodonite The supply list is pretty short: 4-6mm round beads We used gemstone beads, but glass, crystal beads or pearls would also be lovely.

Wrapped bracelet made with green opal gemstone beads and natural Greek leather. The technique: Choose your bracelet length and cut your leather. If your button has a small loop, you might need to miter (angle) the leather end and pull it through with pliers. Polymer Clay Central Master Index. Free pattern for bracelet Ivrea. Suede and Chain Macrame Knot Bracelets: 2 Ways  Sometimes, when you are creating a new piece of jewelry from a design in your head, the first version looks nice… but then, weeks later, you think of a design that would be even better.

Suede and Chain Macrame Knot Bracelets: 2 Ways 

That’s exactly what happened with this chain and macrame knot bracelet. I liked the way it turned out, but after wearing it for a couple of weeks I decided that I wanted to see more of the bright silver chain. I experimented with different knot spacing until I came up with the alternating version on the right, and I ended up loving both versions! So feel free to play with the spacing and the number of knots on yours–or use hemp, ribbon, or different leather cording–to create your own unique look. Supplies: Large link chain bracelet*Suede cord in your choice of color–approximately 8.5 times the length of your chain for the fully knotted version on the left, 7 times the length of your chain for the alternating knot version on the right *I used this silver plated steel twist chain necklace, and shortened it.

Sunglases pendant tutorial. Long time ago I promised tutorials on sunglasses recycle...though I made the tutorial then..I never got around to posting here it is..A refashion/ Recyling tutorial based on Sunglasses.

Sunglases pendant tutorial

Before going on to that, I have 2 confessions to make. I love buying economic sunglasses from the roadside - I just make sure that their coating is strong and the frame is light weight before buying them. But these glasses break all the time and then we have to decide what to do with them. If the coating has gone off, they (the lens) cannot be saved, other wise they can be made into beautiful pendants. Paper Bead Tutorial.

One time I was seriously considering buying a pair of sandals because they were offering a free bonus paper bead necklace.

Paper Bead Tutorial

I really liked the sandals, but I loved the paper bead necklace. Fast forward to my present phase of jewelry-making. I’ve been haunting Anthropologie’s jewelry page to get ideas for jewelry to make. I came across these dazzling beauties, and did a toe touch from excitement (wouldn’t that be awesome?!) I set my heart on them (stay tuned for a knock-off post/tutorial on those!) What you’ll need: -magazines, colored paper, tissue paper, toilet paper (ok, maybe not) but really. -Elmer’s glue, Modge podge, and some kind of varnish. -scissors, or a rotary blade, quilting ruler and cutting mat (way faster)

15 Easy Ways to Turn T-Shirts into Jewelry. You know we’ve got a weakness for repurposing just about anything.

15 Easy Ways to Turn T-Shirts into Jewelry

Today’s foray into style hackery comes in the form of t-shirts! With help from a bit of copper tubing, a few brass rings, and our trusty needle nose pliers, see how we turned 3 t-shirts into 15 pieces of jewelry, perfect for everything from summer festivals to fancy springtime soirees. Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet. Wrapping a Bracelet.

Macie seems to have a thing for jewelry.

Wrapping a Bracelet

I Heart Wrap Bracelets. Who doesn’t love a wrap bracelet these days!

I Heart Wrap Bracelets

I, like many others, fell in love with the Chan Luu wrap bracelets when I saw them at a store one day while shopping. Visit her website, her collection is beautiful and super inspiring! Wide Paracord Bracelet. First step is picking your colors.

Wide Paracord Bracelet

The optimal types are 2 colors that contrast. Also for your side release buckle I recommend a 1" size. This allows you plenty of room to insert the cordage. 550 Paracord Knots. How to Make a Two Color Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelet. Free Macrame Patterns. Ladder Rack with Cross Sticking & Adjustable Steel Shackle. Polymer Clay Tutorials, Projects, Millefiori Canes and Free How-to - PolyPediaOnline. Hobbyrian av Karolina.S. Birdy Heywood Polymer Clay Designs - Birdy Heywood. Polymer clay beads with an illusion of water colored confetti. These polymer clay beads give the illusion of being painted with water colors, floating into each other like in a miniature painting.

Polymer clay beads with an illusion of water colored confetti

If you use stronger colors than in this tutorial, it will give the illusion of confetti gaily spread onto the polymer clay beads. The technique is simple, but the value of the colors is important in order to get the edges of each of them to show. It looks like water colors with black and/or white inked lines surrounding them. If the colors are too light, the white edges will not show, and if they are too dark the dark edges will disappear. But enough talk, let’s begin. Zipper Necklace ∙ How To by OutsaPop Trashion on Cut Out. Vainotzip - Smycken av dragkedjor.