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Android Blog's main key aspect is to make people aware of new android technologies coming in market.With Android Blog You Will Come to know about latest android technologies their merits and demerits.

Don’t miss the adventurous experience of ‘Asgard Run’ on your android device – Medium. Are you fond of running and adventurous game?

Don’t miss the adventurous experience of ‘Asgard Run’ on your android device – Medium

If you’re tired of Temple Run then we have ‘Asgard Run’ for you. Get read and knock down your enemies. What’s up Android users? What’s going on? Well, if you’re getting bored then we have some interesting suggestion for you. AndroidnBlog: From Today All The Nexus Users Will Enjoy The Android Nougat. Android 7.0 Nougat final version is rolling out to Nexus devices yet not all of the Nexus devices will receive the update and if you can’t wait longer for the update then you can update it manually.

AndroidnBlog: From Today All The Nexus Users Will Enjoy The Android Nougat

People have been waiting with anticipation that when will the Android Nougat be available for their Android phones. So, people wait is over for Android Nougat now, as five-month developer preview program is completed and next version of Android is finally out now. Google announced that Nexus devices will begin to receive the update of the new version from today onwards. Further, Nougat along with it brings new features which include split-screen multi-window, improved notifications and long battery life with improved Doze feature with which you can save your battery usage. However, nothing much can be expected out of the final version of Android 7.0 and no significant changes can be seen when we compare it to the last developer preview build, which arrives a month ago.

How To Fix Out The Common Bugs of Your Android Device. Android News, App, Phones, Market, Reviews, Help. New update will make Pokémon GO more strategical Android Apps. The World cannot get enough of Pokemon as the Pokemon GO game provided.

New update will make Pokémon GO more strategical Android Apps

So, the developer Niantic is working tirelessly to improve the Pokemon GO game and coming up with new updates to catch ’em all. Pokemon Go has taken over the world and Android Phones and the iOS users have downloaded the game and looking for more updates to enhance their gaming experience. Now and then we are hearing news about new updates to Pokemon Go and this time, new update will be rolled out to the players of Android and iPhones later this Monday. The new update will have one –feature according to the Facebook message from the game developers. Android Phones Factory Reset doesn’t delete data permanently.

Are you going to reset your device, to delete your data permanently?

Android Phones Factory Reset doesn’t delete data permanently

Well, factory reset is just a misconception, it doesn’t delete your data. So know the precise steps to delete your data in an accurate way. 7 Things that makes Android Phones standout from Apple. Android phones are immensely popular among people due to their unique features and user-friendly interface.

7 Things that makes Android Phones standout from Apple

Android users can celebrate as your phone comes with enormous and unique features that your rivals lacks. Sorry Apple users but Android phones are user-friendly and offers greater compatibility as compared to iOS devices. Both the companies – Apple and Google are working to improve their devices and the battle seems never ending. However, Android fans can brag about these top features which make them stand out. 1. New Games of August for Your Android Phones. Android market is flooded with many apps and games and here we bring you new games which are strategical, challenging and magical.

New Games of August for Your Android Phones

We all love playing games and it is the best thing we can do to kill time. Games come as a savior to save us from boredom. Games keep us engaged and it gives us a platform to challenge ourselves our strategy, our mind, and some games are merely for entertainment engraved colorful graphics and images that make it more interesting. Play store for Android phones are loaded with a variety of games and Android Apps, here we get a chance to choose from many but here we have shortlisted few games which you must play in the Month of August. First, one we have for you is Reign. Nokia will be coming with at least three Android Phones by year end. Nokia, the first name that comes in our minds when we talk of mobile phones.

Nokia will be coming with at least three Android Phones by year end

I still remember Nokia’s durable phones with long battery life and after that Microsoft and Nokia becomes partners and introduced their Lumia range. However this move was not able to restore Nokia position in the market and people started forgetting Nokia. It is completely taken over by Microsoft, the big giant tech company. Nokia fans will be glad to know that Nokia is coming back. Turn your Android Phones into a Recording Studio. Are you a music lover?

Turn your Android Phones into a Recording Studio

Fond of mixing and mastering? Beat production? Reliance launched two Budget Android Phone. The Flame 7 and Wind 7 are the two Android Phones in India have been launched by the Reliance Retail’s Lyf brand.

Reliance launched two Budget Android Phone

The Lyf Flame 7 will cost you Rs.3, 499 and the Lyf Wind 7 holds the price tag of Rs.6, 999. People’s expectation is saying that phone will be available via offline stores (Reliance Digital and Digital Xpress). Both smartphones, the Lyf Flame 7 and Wind 7 smartphones support 4G LTE and VoLTE (voice over LTE) with high definition call compatibility. If we talk about specification, Lyf Flame 7 has a 4-inch WVGA (480×800 pixels) IPS LCD display which grasps the Asahi Dragon trail Glass plus 218ppi pixel density. Not only Pokémon, you can also catch ghosts.

As we know and can see the rapid craze of Pokémon, how eagerly people are rushing outside to catch the Pokémon (who don’t even exist).

Not only Pokémon, you can also catch ghosts

Running behind the reality can lead you to some point but running behind the illusion can be dangerous. All the recent news of accidents those are occurring due to this game clearly telling that this game can jeopardize you if you don’t pay attention. Well, no doubt game is amazing plus making rapid popularity among Android Market. Polar M600 Android wear is hardcore “fitness watch” Our lives are busy and we don’t get time for ourselves and for our proper well-being. We often tend to ignore our eating habits and this affects our overall health. We need to get back on track and opt for some gadget that keep a track on how many calories you have burnt and makes us aware of our fitness status. Google Nexus Sailfish will have 5-inch Full HD display, Android Nougat 7. HTC is working on its two models code named “Marlin” and “Sailfish”. These are the Nexus smartphones running on Android 7 Nougat.

However, the company will announce the both models in October and rumors have already started prevailing about these devices. Lava A68 Android Phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Last month people saw the name of Lava’s A68 on the website list plus its whole specification. Now you will glad to know that this smart has been officially launched by the Indian smartphone maker and by Rs.4, 599 people can get this android phone. Let’s talk about the specification of Lava’s A68 smartphone, this phone features a 4.5-inch FWVGA display with 480×480 pixel resolution and runs the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. “The launch of A68” makes Lava one of the few brands to offer the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS version at an extremely competitive price of Rs.4, 599.”- Company said. We can say that Lava’s A68 can be the best android phone for the users. Android tricks we bet you don’t know about. There are many trips and tricks that you are not aware and these will enhance the capabilities of your Android phone.

Whether you owe Android or iPhone you remain unaware of the capabilities of your phone. Google’s new website which is mainly there to share the Android tricks for Android phone users acts as a savior and makes you familiar with the various tricks you can use over your Android phones. From the huge list of tricks we picked our favorite ones and here in this blog we are sharing them with you. 1. Guest Mode: Nobody wants to share their personal data such as email and text with their friends so use guest mode to block their access to your data.

Steps to do so: Simply swipe down to open Quick settingsTap the user icon which is at top right and then select “Add a guest “to enable Google Guest Mode. 2. When you use Facebook messenger your top contacts comes under recent conversations. 1. 2. 3. 3. Steps to follow: 1. 2. 3. 4. 4. Five education Android Apps for your children. You want to give a good education to your child, then here we’ve five Android games, those will enhance the knowledge of your children plus make them learn new things with a lot of fun. As we know there are a lot of apps for android, like gaming app, fun app etc. but here we’re about to talk about five educational apps and these five apps will enhance the knowledge of your kid. As we know at the initial stage when a kid starts learning more and more things, means he/she is gradually growing up with good knowledge. Parents play an essential role in the nourishment of their children and here we suggested five apps.

Alphabet Car Alphabet Car holds the beautiful and cheery Christmas theme, learn the ABC’s in the festive environment of Christmas, isn’t good to grab the education in an interesting and festive way. Card Droid Math Flash Cards Well, as we heard that most of the kids hate math but this android game will make you learn mathematics in an interesting way. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. Welcome these creepy guests to your Android Phone. Are you fond of paranormal activity? If yes then here we’ve got some scary, wait a second…scariest game for you. Zombies, nightmares, possessed robots and all are coming to you, please welcome these creepy guests. ‘Knock, knock’…uh-oh, they’ve reached. As we know there are various scary apps for android, but here we’ve got some scariest android game as well.

If you’re fond spooky creatures, then take a glimpse at below given list. Dungeon Nightmares According to players, ‘Dungeon Nightmares’ is one of the terrified game on mobile. Into the Dead. Spine Chilling ‘Eddie’ plus metal emoji keyboard now on Android Phones. Nine Android apps Devil for Your Phone Battery. We often notice that our battery performance is going bad, well some android apps act as monsters who constantly eats our battery, and here we’ve top nine battery drainers. It often happens to us when we realized that few minutes back our battery bar is good and full but suddenly it came down. Well that’s the common issue in android phone that we mostly face, most of us are well familiar with the reasons as well that why our Android device keeps running low on battery, may be continuous use of Snap chat.

According to AVG Technologies, Snap chat is the major reason of affecting the batteries of android phones this year. Well Snap chat is not solely chewing up the battery performance but other android apps are also responsible for it. Basically Snap chat fills your phone caches and according to AVG, a 10 second video can elevate Snap chat’s internal cache 11 MB. Samsung WathcON has since been replaced but users were allowed to view and control programming on televisions or set-up boxes. Take a look at the Best Android Games of the year. Apart from the usual calls, texts and browsing you use your smartphones to play games when you get bored or stuck up somewhere you don’t want to be. People who are totally into games and are using Android phones and Android operating system can choose from variety of games to play in their leisure time. Android market is an open market which allows users to choose from varieties of games according to their liking.

Below are the games which we suggest for three categories. Strategy game is for the one who loves smart moves. It becomes more challenging and difficult when it is a multiplayer game and Subterfuge is all about this. This game don’t finish quickly and may last about a week. The more control one has more submarine he can produce .It also means more firepower against the opponents. The whole battle is to generate most “Neptunium” and with the game being real time and it expect opponents to attack in the most odd times of the day. Let’s welcome some more games to your Android phone. Apple Music app for Android updated to higher version. Best android phones those come under your budget. Five action game apps for android.

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 arriving with Android Nougat? Pokemon Go, download available on Android phones. The Superbook new laptop shell for your Android phone. Final Fantasy VII now on Android Phones. Tips to boost the performance of your Android phone. Soon Google Maps will be coming up with multiple destinations navigation. Androidn-What To Do, When Your Play store Becomes Inoperative. Androidn-Top 5 pre-eminent music games for iOS and Android. Where Android And Amazon Is Winning A War, Apple Seems Happy After Winning Just A Battle. Chrome book- How to install and uninstall the Android apps. ANDROID MARSHMALLOW- PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS. PARANOID ANDROID 6.0- OVERVIEW. Android apps.