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Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes, managing director of the country's largest trustee company Perpetual Guardian.

Andrew Barnes. About us - Guardian Trust. With a track record of market-changing innovations and the digitising of various industries, Andrew Barnes identified the opportunity for the evolution of real estate in Australia, and was chairman of at the time of its IPO on the ASX.

About us - Guardian Trust

NZ Guardian Trust bought for $68m. Brian Gaynor's Milford Asset Management and businessman Andrew Barnes have bought New Zealand Guardian Trust for $68.5 million.

NZ Guardian Trust bought for $68m

The business was purchased from Australia-based Perpetual. At the same time Mr Barnes' Bath Street Capital has completed the $22 million purchase of Perpetual Trust New Zealand, which has no connection with the Australian Perpetual. Mr Barnes said the two companies would operate under a single board which would oversee their direction and he would be chief executive of both. He said there were good reasons not to merge the two companies. They were largely complementary, he said.

Mr Gaynor said Milford believed the acquisition would be good for those clients who had invested in their Active Growth Fund and Active Growth Kiwisaver Fund, the vehicles investing in Guardian Trust. Andrew Barnes in NZ Management - Alexander PR. Andrew Barnes: Technology is an innovator. Perpetual Guardian founder reflects on his career and innovation in New Zealand.

Andrew Barnes: Technology is an innovator

Since making New Zealand your home in 2013, you have spent your time moving a traditional trust company into the information age, online wills and all. Is there anything technology can't improve? Technology does so much to improve people's lives and make essential products and services accessible and affordable, no matter where you live. What we have done with Perpetual Guardian, in running an online business alongside the traditional branch model, is the same as banking, just in estate planning. It shows you can take a tech hub and supporting infrastructure and apply it to anything.

Active Downtime: Getting Match-Fit For Business. As a former member of the Royal Navy I still sail regularly, recently joining the crew of the classic yacht, Waitangi.

Active Downtime: Getting Match-Fit For Business

She is a beautiful yacht first launched in 1894. Previously I competed up to 40 times a year in various countries. My work life as the owner of a group of trust companies can be very busy and high-pressure, as can classic yacht racing. What the latter offers me, though, is an odd mix of distraction and concentration. Where There's A Will, There's A Way. Recent global events remind me how lucky I am to call New Zealand home.

Where There's A Will, There's A Way

Terrorist attacks in countries including the United States, Iraq and Turkey in recent weeks, and the political and economic turmoil in Europe headlined by the ongoing migrant crisis and the surprise ‘Brexit’ result. New Zealand has its own challenges, but they seem small compared to what is going on elsewhere. I often say that if you live in New Zealand you have won the lottery of life, but this can come at a cost. Art a Secret Ingredient for Business Success. New Zealand has an interesting relationship with art.It gets little coverage in our sports-obsessed nation yet New Zealanders are more in touch with their artistic side than we think.

Art a Secret Ingredient for Business Success

And while New Zealand produces some world-class artists, funding is limited and the sector doesn’t attract as much philanthropic support as it needs. Art is an important part of the fabric of our society, but I have discovered it can also be a valuable tool for businesses. As the son of artists I have long held an interest in art, but even I was surprised to learn how the choice of art can influence the direction of culture in a business, as well as how it is perceived by customers and staff.

The experience came at Perpetual Guardian, where we had been upgrading and modernising all our offices across the country to reflect our culture as an innovative business that embraces change, shifting our thinking into the 21st century.The art connection came almost by accident. Andrew Barnes - M2 NOW. Coulthard Barnes. Andrew Barnes - Coulthard Barnes. The Perpetual Guardian team has great aspirations.

Andrew Barnes - Coulthard Barnes

We want to ensure that every New Zealander who should have a Will, has a Will, by making them affordable and accessible to everyone. Across our other products and services, we continue to bring innovation to the legal services industry by creating digital solutions that will make Perpetual Guardian the first choice of New Zealanders to protect their legacy. Andrew Barnes - Andrew Barnes - Andrew Barnes on Breakfast TV1. Andrew Barnes, Perpetual guardian. Article. Trust company aims to cast off old-school style and make the most of today’s technology.


Where there's a will there's a way, but for many New Zealanders, a will is something that gets put off for another day. Andrew-Barnes. Andrew Barnes, Marketing and Advertising. Andrew Barnes - Auckland, New Zealand. New home for Perpetual Guardian. Last updated 19:14, June 25 2015 Dean Kozanic.

New home for Perpetual Guardian

Making a will the digital way. Last updated 05:00, March 15 2015 iStock SIGN HERE: Digital wills could be the way of the future, although a change of legislation will be required.

Making a will the digital way

Digital signatures should be legally allowed on wills, says the boss of the largest trustee company in New Zealand.