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Timesheet.js - Open time tables with HTML, JavaScript and CSS … Visualize your data and events with sexy HTML5 and CSS3.

Timesheet.js - Open time tables with HTML, JavaScript and CSS …

Slideout.js - A touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps. Handsontable - JavaScript data grid editor. Excel-like grid editing with HTML & JavaScript. EnjoyHint - XB Software. EnjoyHint 3.0: Adding Hints and Tips Is As Simple As Never - XB Software. By Svetlana Gordiyenko | February 6, 2015 We are glad to announce a new release of EnjoyHint (v.3.0) web tool for adding interactive hints and tips to your site or app.

EnjoyHint 3.0: Adding Hints and Tips Is As Simple As Never - XB Software

The new update is featured by improved functionality, minor bug fixes and more detailed and simplified description of EnjoyHint steps, which you can find on GitHub. Let’s give you a peek at the major features and improvements: Auto scrolling The updated version of EnjoyHint allows auto scrolling to the highlighted element and setting scroll animation speed, so that you could either slow the scrolling down or speed it up. Hiding ‘Next’ and ‘Skip’ Buttons Now you can easily hide the buttons ‘Next’ and ‘Skip’. HTML Markup in Description. EmailJS - send emails directly from Javascript. Is.js - micro check library. Intercooler.js - Simple, declarative AJAX using HTML attributes. Introduction to Web Notification API - Webo. Demo Download Introduction HTML5 Web Notification mainly known as Web Notification API is a part of the HTML5 specification that gives you the ability to display configurable desktop notifications.

Introduction to Web Notification API - Webo

They alert users even when the user is not on the page, as long as the Notification event is fired, a user gets an alert. Material Design ripple effect - Webo. Demo Download Material Design, introduced by Google on June 25, 2014.

Material Design ripple effect - Webo

If you’ve not heard about it, you can learn more at Wikipedia or at Google Design. Getting Started with Gulp · An A List Apart Blog Post. Article Continues Below While building JavaScript related projects (whether server side via Node.js or front-end libraries), a build tool to help easily maintain and automate many of the processes—including testing, concatenating files, minification, compiling templates, as well as many other options—can be incredibly useful.

Getting Started with Gulp · An A List Apart Blog Post

This takes the step out that’s most prone to error (me, in the case of my projects) and replaces it with a fast and consistent system that never forgets to update or copy your files over. There are many great build tools, including Grunt, Broccoli, and Brunch. Snabbt.js. Minimalistic animation library in javascript Fast 60 FPS, even on mobile Light ~5kb minified and gzipped.


PhotoSwipe - JavaScript Image Gallery. SmartUnderline. About SmartUnderline is an open-source JavaScript library which uses clever tricks to draw underlines in a more beautiful and readable way.


It can be downloaded on GitHub or installed for free on the Eager App Store. SmartUnderline works by searching your page for links which have a CSS underline applied with text-decoration, and replaces the text-decoration with a smarter line drawn in such a way that it gets cleared by the descenders—glyphs such as “g”, “j”, and others—creating more readable and beautiful links. Install SmartUnderline on your website for free, with Eager. Examples Intriguing, eh? متشرف بمعرفتكمتشرف بمعرفتك Illegal stylesIllegal styles 50 ways of joyfully piquing intrigue Notes. Josephernest/bigpicture.js. Material Design Icons (expanded and color version) A follow up on the Material Design Icons concept, based on the basic minimal icons we all know and juiced up with Material's own color palette.

Material Design Icons (expanded and color version)

These icons respect the same format and size of the original ones and have editable SVG and transparent PNG's as well for your convenience. Careful one by one design process Pixel perfect design for the small sizes Vector source files on most sets Sizes ranging from 16 or 24 to 256(+) Beyond 20 useful industries Get all 986268 icons from all the sets in our bundles. Gulp Fiction. Simple Labeled Overlays. BigScreen. BigScreen.request(element[, onEnter, onExit, onError]) Request that an element go into full screen.


If the element is falsy, the documentElement will be used instead. You can only call this from a user-initiated event, otherwise the browser will deny the request. That means click, key, or touch events. In addition, if your page is inside an <iframe> it will need to have the allowfullscreen (and webkitallowfullscreen and mozallowfullscreen) attribute set on the <iframe>. Finally, BigScreen will try to fall back to full screen for <video> if there is a child <video> in the element you pass and the browser supports it (see BigScreen.videoEnabled)). You can optionally pass callback functions for when this element enters or exits full screen, or if there is an error entering full screen.

MagicEye.js. Screenfull.js demo. Dug.js — A JSONP to HTML Script — So you want to display your Dribbble shots, recent pins on Pinterest, 500px or Instagram photos, Github commits, or recently listened to music on your blog or site?

Dug.js — A JSONP to HTML Script —

Then this chunk of javascript is for you. It was designed to be a lightweight, simple, library-independent script to pull in feeds of content available on the web as JSONP (there's lots of em!) To display on your site. I wrote this script because I wanted a dead-simple way to show my dribbble shots on my site. I wanted to be able to customize the markup with a custom template and have the content client side cache. Dug.js Setup Enough windbaggery, let me show you how to use it. Rad! An api endpoint (jsonp callbacks supported)An HTML template to display the data With that in mind, let's setup dug.js to pull dribbble shots from an awesome illustrator's account: If you're familiar with mustache or similar templating, the {{#shots}}...

That's a pretty simple example, but what if you want each shot linking to it's detail page? PDF.js. NoMe » location and weather JavaScript library. ClockPicker. A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap (or jQuery). Download ZIP CSS < 6KB, JS < 9KB, after minified. Browser support All major browsers are supported, including IE 9+. Rogerwang/node-webkit. Creative Button Styles.

Simple Icon Hover Effects with CSS Transitions and Animations. Creative Link Effects. Notification Styles Inspiration. Some simple ideas and effects for unobtrusive website notifications. A little script is employed for showcasing some styles and CSS animations are used for the effects. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share a couple of simple styles and effects for website notifications.

There are a lot of ways to show an unobtrusive message to a user: from the classic growl-like notification to a bar at the top of the viewport. There’s really no limit to making creative notification styles and effects but you should keep in mind to not overdo it if you don’t want to make your user fall off a chair when he gets a notification :) If you want the notification to be a discreet message to the user, keep simplicity and subtlety in mind for the effect of appearance and also the disappearance. In this small set of notification style variations our aim was to do exactly that.

Note that the effects will only work in browsers that support CSS animations and 3D transforms. Perspective Page View Navigation. Tab Styles Inspiration. Off-Canvas Menu Effects. Some inspiration for off-canvas menu effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations. View demo Download source. Animated Background Headers. A collection of animated background header effects for your inspiration. We use Canvas and Javascript to create an animated background for large site headers. View demo Download source. Minimal Form Interface.

Slick - the last carousel you'll ever need. TaggingJS. Shepherd — Guide your users through a tour of your app. Rangeslider.js. Features Touchscreen friendly Recalculates onresize so suitable for use within responsive designs Small and fast The rangeslider.js API is compatible with the standard HTML input methods. Quill - An Open Source Rich Text Editor with an API. NumberProgressBar. MagicSuggest - Home. Four Boxes Slideshow. Side Comments - style commenting. Remodal. VisualCaptcha - The best captcha alternative. Draggable Dual-View Slideshow. PrettyEmbed.js Demo. TitleNotifier.js - Lightweight, dependency-free JS library for title notification.

Requorm.js by asaskevich. Page Preloading Effect. A tutorial on how to re-create the page preloading effect seen on the website of Fontface Ninja. Tooltip Styles Inspiration. SweetAlert. Converse.js. Midnight.js - Switch fixed headers on the fly. Marka - Beautiful icon transformation. Fullscreen Form Interface. An experimental fullscreen form concept where the idea is to allow distraction-free form filling with some fancy animations when moving between form fields. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share a fullscreen form concept with you. The idea is to extend the minimal form concept and only show one question or form field at a time in fullscreen.