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“We have to create culture, don't watch TV, don't read magazines, don't even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you're worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you're giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told 'no', we're unimportant, we're peripheral. 'Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.' And then you're a player, you don't want to even play in that game. You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.” "Fuck success, most of it looks like a pain in the ass."

ANABOLIC WINDOW: NO PROTEIN, NO GAINS? This story took place a long time ago when I was still a naive rookie eager to discover the mystery of skeletal muscle hypertrophy.


Summertime was just beginning and I had a 2-month break from school ahead of me. Sounds good, but it wasn’t really the case. I was at that age when the summer is more of a drag rather than a blessing. This is what happens when you are broke and clueless. So, what do I do? I didn’t have any qualifications, other than my diploma from the University of Skinny Fat and the only job I was able to find was not exactly high-end.

In brief, you get paid to walk around the city. Surprisingly or not, they called my pretty fast. I arrived at the correct address, but there was no office to be seen. Instagram’s Fitness Motivation Is Playing Games With Your Mind. Instagram’s fitness motivation department has been steadily gaining serious market share.

Instagram’s Fitness Motivation Is Playing Games With Your Mind

The enormous amount of Photoshopped butts, biceps, abs, breasts and other body parts floating in the cyberspace prove this every day. Why Bodybuilders and Powerlifters Are NOT Making Big Money. It’s not complicated.

Why Bodybuilders and Powerlifters Are NOT Making Big Money

Bodybuilders and powerlifters do not make big money as competitors because the crowd is small. To make money you need a crowd, preferably a big and dumb one. If that’s not covered, the bank manager will not be smiling. You know those people who do magic tricks and dance in the street? Well, their business plan is simple: the more people gather to watch, the more money there’s to collect.

5 Bodybuilding and Strength Training Tips That Could Cause Brain Damage. The amount of crazy things I have seen in this muscle game can cause serious brain damage and lower your IQ really fast.

5 Bodybuilding and Strength Training Tips That Could Cause Brain Damage

If there was therapy for that and I was one of those spoiled living in the first world watching too many movies creatures, I would probably pay to get it off my chest. Luckily, I can get away with it for free by just sharing some of this craziness with you. The DxO One makes your iPhone better than most compact cameras. We all take pictures with our phones but some of us want to grow the experience up a little.

The DxO One makes your iPhone better than most compact cameras

There is no shortage of companies that will sell you a way to do that, usually by attaching things like lenses that modify your phone's own lens (like the Moment and Olloclip lenses) or actual camera sensor / lens combinations that communicate with your phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (like Sony's QX series, or the Japan-only Olympus Air). The problem with the former is that is they degrade your phone's already tenuous image quality. And, so far, the problem with the latter is that they;re big and bulky, the software is sluggish, and the outboard sensors are so compact they hardly offer an improvement on your phone to begin with.

That's where the new DxO One camera comes in. Yes, it's another take on strapping a separate camera sensor and lens system to your iPhone, but it's the best one yet. The DxO One has great software and solid hardware The only drawback to the DxO One is the $599 price tag. New Article Blasts Feds’ ‘Pseudoscientific Methods’ For Establishing Dietary Guidelines. Reason: Isn't the DGAC simply making good policy based on the best available evidence?

New Article Blasts Feds’ ‘Pseudoscientific Methods’ For Establishing Dietary Guidelines

EA: The main thrust of our paper was to point out that the DGAC ignores objective evidence on the nutritional status of the US population and by doing so, induces fear of foods that have been part of a healthy diet for millennia (e.g., meat, milk, eggs, sugar). As we discussed above, the DGAC ignores the best available evidence because it suggest that the American diet is no longer a risk factor for disease. Importantly, the childhood obesity epidemic and risk of type II diabetes are due to nongenetic inheritance and evolution, but the nutrition community ignores this reality because it threatens their livelihood. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos - Miami Breast Center.

Al Jazeera Guided by View that 9/11 was a CIA Conspiracy. NEBIDO. The Testosterone Controversy - Life Extension. Testosterone levels are high in young men, but plummet during aging.

The Testosterone Controversy - Life Extension

Despite compelling findings of efficacy, conventional doctors still question the value of testosterone replacement in maturing men. This oversight is causing needless heart attacks and strokes. Low testosterone is associated with excess abdominal fat,1-4 loss of insulin sensitivity,5,6 and atherosclerosis.7,8 A critically important role of testosterone is to enable HDL to remove excess cholesterol from the arterial wall and transport it to the liver for disposal. Tipos de cuerpo ideal de las mujeres a lo largo de la Historia. El vídeo elaborado por BuzzFeed, lleva a cabo un magistral recorrido por lo que, a lo largo de la Historia, hemos percibido como la «mujer ideal».

Tipos de cuerpo ideal de las mujeres a lo largo de la Historia

Does HGH make your gains more "permanent"? : steroids. Jerak Anunturi Matrimoniale - internationale. INEI: Lima cuenta con 9 millones 752 mil habitantes. A 480 años de su fundación, la capital tiene un total de 9 millones 752 mil habitantes.

INEI: Lima cuenta con 9 millones 752 mil habitantes

La población de Lima Metropolitana llega a 9 millones 752 mil habitantes, de los cuales más de la mitad viven en los distritos de Lima Este y Lima Norte, reveló hoy el Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI), en víspera de celebrarse el 480 aniversario de la fundación española de la capital del Perú. Según el INEI, San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima Este) es el distrito con mayor población en Lima Metropolitana y del Perú, con 1 millón 069 mil 566 residentes.

10 things Americans learn when they move to Germany. Photo by Trouni 1.

10 things Americans learn when they move to Germany

Breaking the law (accidentally) is inevitable. Did you run the washer after 8pm? Mark Rippetoe’s Hip Drive Explained. One way or another many beginners end up learning how to squat through the teachings of Mark Rippetoe from Texas. He is famous for his book Starting Strength and popularizing the low bar squat as well as the GOMAD diet. One of the main principles of Mark Rippetoe’s squat tactics is to use your hips when you squat. He uses the term ‘hip drive’ in order to describe the hip movement during the lift.

However, many people just don’t get what the ‘hip drive’ really is and that’s why we are going to explain it as clear as possible. 1.The Hip Drive is initiated through the posterior chain The so-called posterior chain consists of the hamstrings, the glutes, the back and the calves. Why are men reporting more partners. Why are men reporting more sexual partners than women? Elina Haavio-Mannila and J.P. Roos, In a recent article in New York Times, The myth the math and sex, Gina Kolata (2007) takes up the well known fact that men and women report widely different numbers of sex partners although this is mathematically impossible. This result is true all over the world. The discrepancy has been interpreted by referring to evolutionary benefits, norms, attitudes, and status aspirations.

There are more popular explanations to this discrepancy, too. This problem is one of the most troublesome issues that self-reporting genreates in sex research (McConaghy, 1999). “La anorexia es una tecnología de género que sirve para crear mujeres” —Ilustración vía Amber Nifong. “La anorexia es una tecnología de género que sirve para crear mujeres” ‘Frexting’: la tensión sexual entre amigas hetero llega a internet. Pongamos que una chica coge el móvil y se saca una selfie semidesnuda. The Half Lives of the Most Popular Anabolic Steroids and Bodybuilding Drugs. Q: “I would like to know the real half lives of the most popular anabolic steroids, T3, clenbuterol, and anti-estrogens. Can you post the half lives, because there are so many different half-lives in the Internet?”

A: It’s common for published values to be different, because pharmacokinetic studies are often performed on only a few subjects at a time, and there can be considerable variability between subjects. Further, there ends up being a confusion between the elimination process and the distribution process, which is variable particularly in the earlier part of the process. For example, reported half-life values for nandrolone decanoate in humans range from 7 to 12 days. What Can Luteinizing Hormone Values Tell Me About My Natural Testosterone Production? Q: “I do blood testing frequently between steroid cycles, and my LH is all over the map. Values are different even when testosterone is the same.

I’m always in the normal range, but want to be high-normal consistently rather than ranging all over. Are Recipients Harmed by Blood Donations Made by Anabolic Steroid Users? Q: “I’ve always been a blood donor. It’s something worth doing for others, but also I understand that men really have very little mechanism for eliminating excess iron from the blood, so it’s probably good for my health as well. I’ve always read that blood shouldn’t be donated while on a cycle. Truth or myth?” Those who say that blood should not be donated while on an anabolic steroid cycle are undoubtedly trying to act in a responsible manner. No decent person would want to “dope” another person via receiving blood. With regards to possible practical effect on people, the answer is no.

Home Testing Method for the Identification of Fake Anabolic Steroid Tablets. Q: “Can I ever tell if anabolic steroid tablets are fake without having to send them off for analysis? Stop Blaming the Nazis for Steroids and Start Thanking the Jews. Steroids are bad. Very bad. And what better way to demonize steroids than to link them to evil, Nazi doctors?! Stop Blaming the Nazis for Steroids and Start Thanking the Jews. Facebook. Where to look during squats? Up, down, center, right, left? An Insight from Joint Ranges of Motion - RDLFITNESS. Understanding joint ranges of motion reveals a huge insight.

¿QUÉ SE TENDRÍA QUE HACER PARA REVOCAR A CASTAÑEDA? - Tal vez sería bueno empezar a cuestionarnos si “redes sociales” es una buena forma de definir a plataformas como Facebook y Twitter. Anatomy of Facebook. How does squat depth affect how hard the various leg muscles are working? - Strength & Conditioning Research. If you’re interested in cutting-edge biomechanics, please sign up to our free newsletter using the form below and receive a single free study review every month! Anatomy of Facebook. Anisakis. K&D Performance - US-Racing Steering Wheel Heightening Device (Universal) - Adaptadores Volantes - Interior - Buscar Por Piezas.

This product fits on the following car models: HGH Triggers Wrist, Joint Growth - T Nation Forums. La ley y su implementación. Evo Morales heading for third-term landslide in thriving Bolivia. Non Linear Periodization for Beginners / Elite FTS. Mobile.nytimes. Squatting Big - Juggernaut Training Systems - Juggernaut Training Systems. Deadlifts Are Not Needed, Even If You’re A Powerlifter. Puerto Bonito, un paraíso nudista en Lima. Maria Jose Canovas. Maria Jose Rodo.

Nota Histórica: Inmigración China en el Perú. Is There A Perfect Range For Muscle Growth? Untitled. Citroën C5: Descripción - Equipamientos - Precios - Fotos. - Citroën España. Why 5×5 Barbell Workouts Truly Suck. Parche Hormonal. Tattoo Temple - Unique. Living. Art. Popcorn Time - Download.

Natural bodybuilding championship in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. Keiser Report: Very serious people repeat after Max (E739) Does Robert Reich Actually Understand Any Economics At All? TRABAJOS SOBRE LA GUERRA DEL PACÍFICO - Librería Sur. Reenviar correo electrónico a otra cuenta de correo electrónico. Sizing Up Sheiko: A Review of Routines #29, #30, #31, #32. Can You Guess Which Of These Egg Yolks Is Actually From A HEALTHY Chicken? Log In. Hands On With Switchmate, The Box That Lets You Control Any Existing Lightswitch With Your Phone. Mc0007407. Medscape.


Powerlifting Weight Classes: Delusional Expectations. How Big Can You Get Naturally Without Steroids? Realistic Squat, Bench And Deadlift For Naturals: How much? Does Sylverster Stallone Make the Come Back with Steroid? by Body Fat Levels – Underestimated By Natural Bodybuilders. The Biggest Bodybuilding Illusions Ever. Are Powerlifters Natural. Why don’t Olympic weightlifters do low bar squats? Is Ed Coan’s Deadlift Routine Good For Naturals? Can You Get 20 Inch Arms Naturally? Lazar Angelov – Natty or Not? Is Frank Yang Natural Or On Anabolic Steroids? Wake up: Natural Powerlifting Does Not Exist.

The Real Reason Why Steroids Are Banned From Sports. Mainstream Bodybuilding Diets Exposed: Carbs Are Bad For You. Powerlifting Legend Kirk Karwoski. Did Larry Scott Use Steroids? What is The Key to Hypertrophy? Strength? Reps? The Whey Protein Scam In Natural Bodybuilding. Realistic Squat, Bench And Deadlift For Naturals: How much?