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Publishing: Museums. All prices in US Dollars.

Publishing: Museums

To order any of these titles, please return our Order Form. When available, Tables of Contents are linked to the titles below. Museums and the Web 2011: Selected Papers from an international conference Edited by Jennifer Trant and David Bearman ISBN: 1-885626-39-8 $50.00 plus shipping and handling. This edited paperback volume features selected papers from Museums and the Web 2011. Program overview with links to papers on the Conference Web Site.

Wakelet - Redes sociales y museos Wake - Save, curate and share the things you love. Museum 2.0: Against Participation. At first, I thought it was a joke.

Museum 2.0: Against Participation

A colleague at UC Santa Cruz asked me to participate in a social practice symposium called Against Participation. Hosted by a sound art collective, Ultra-red, the 2015 event promised "to investigate listening as a political activity and to interrogate the stakes of participation in neoliberalism. " I read this sentence many times without comprehension. Because I really respect the person who invited me--with apprehension--I said yes. I walked into Against Participation with my hackles up. Instead, I had a powerful learning experience--one I'm still grappling with over a year later. When should you choose not to participate in an experience? I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't really thought about these questions before the Against Participation symposium.

I'd always thought that participating disproportionately benefited the participant. But Ultra-red reminded me that many environments function as distortion machines. Redes Sociales Sector Museos. Consulting, Publishing and Training for Cultural Heritage Professionals. De la Universidad al Thyssen: Curso Community Manager. Follow a Museum Day. Every 1st of February. Museum Views - Google Arts & Culture. Sharing the Museum: Social Media and Curatorial Practice. By Michela Sarzotti* Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects.

Sharing the Museum: Social Media and Curatorial Practice

Exhibition design. The exhibition For the exhibition Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects, on view at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) from July 24 through November 7, 2011, Senior Curator Paola Antonelli and Curatorial Assistant Kate Carmody selected nearly 200 projects centered on interaction in an effort to explore how the need for engagement and interface in communication is overtaking form and function in contemporary design. Talk to Me questioned how different technological innovations are transforming the way we live: objects communicate with us and in turn can help us communicate with others.

Kacie Kinzer, Tweenbot. There were works centered on utility and information-sharing, which involve direct interaction such as interfaces, information systems, video games, and communication devices. The design Social Media and Curatorial Practice Conclusions Bibliography. La Factory NPA – La stratégie numérique des 5 plus grands musées français d’art – MuseumWeek. Quelle est la stratégie des cinq plus importants musées français d’art sur le web, les réseaux sociaux et le mobile ?

La Factory NPA – La stratégie numérique des 5 plus grands musées français d’art – MuseumWeek

A l’occasion de la semaine des musées, La Factory NPA a analysé le rayonnement numérique des cinq plus grands musées d’art français alors que ces grandes marques relèvent un double défi : défendre leurs positions à l’échelle mondiale et développer leur activité ecommerce. Pour conduire cette étude, nous nous sommes appuyés sur notre Indice La Factory NPA du rayonnement numérique des marques portant sur les trois dimensions du web, les réseaux sociaux et du mobile*. Une corrélation entre fréquentation des musées et rayonnement numérique Premier constat, il existe une corrélation forte entre la fréquentation en musée et le rayonnement numérique. En effet, mise à part, le Centre Pompidou qui est derrière le Musée d’Orsay, la puissance numérique est en accord avec les volumes de trafic observés dans ces institutions.

Le Web : base solide du rayonnement des musées français.