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There is war going on for your mind

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Bimbo's Initiation. Albert-camus-freedom-quote.png (imagen PNG, 350 × 517 píxeles) Terence Mckenna - Schizophrenic or Shamanic? Cnet, CBS & Kazaa connections. Decadent Lifestyle. Words of wisdom – Part 2. 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident. On September 26, 1983, the nuclear early warning system of the Soviet Union twice reported the launch of American Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles from bases in the United States.

1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident

These missile attack warnings were correctly identified as a false alarm by Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov, an officer of the Soviet Air Defence Forces. This decision is seen as having prevented an erroneous data for decision about retaliatory nuclear attack on the United States and its NATO allies, which would have likely resulted in nuclear war and the potential deaths of millions of people. Investigation of the satellite warning system later confirmed that the system had malfunctioned. Stanislav Petrov told Danish director Peter Anthony the true story about the incident, which was depicted in the 2014 feature film The Man Who Saved the World. Background[edit] The incident occurred at a time of severely strained relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. A seasonal message of goodwill from an atheist.

You Can't Picture This. The Whole "Officer Bubbles" Story: Toronto Neighborhood Responds to G20 Policing. Yellow Cake. LOL Pix. Alan Moore on anarchism. La Guerra que No Ves - John Pilger. Sean Gourley on the mathematics of war. La copa del burro: Aquí tienen su puta columna. A mí lo que me aterra es el poder de las palabras.

La copa del burro: Aquí tienen su puta columna

Ni siquiera el poder, que poder no tienen, sino el caso que la gente les hace. Me refiero a Camilo Jiménez y a Carolina Sanín, de quienes juré no hablar. Renunciaron públicamente, ¿y qué? Yo creo que el éxito de sus artículos se debe a que hablan de ellos, y hablar en primera persona es muy fácil. Cuando no se sabe escribir lo más sencillo es redactar una carta abierta o escribir de uno mismo, de sus gustos y de sus miedos. Lo otro es que trataron temas personales y los volvieron generales. Poco después de que saliera la carta de Jiménez, un amigo me mostró un artículo que había escrito al respecto y me preguntó si valía la pena publicarlo. Camilo renunció, déjenlo ir en paz. Grant Morrison - Disinformation Con Lecture [Complete] Practical Post Scarcity: Open Source Solutions. Declarar INTERNET como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad. Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down.

These days, no popular movement goes without an Internet presence of some kind, whether it's organizing on Facebook or spreading the word through Twitter.

Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down

And as we've seen in Egypt, that means that your Internet connection can be the first to go. Whether you're trying to check in with your family, contact your friends, or simply spread the word, here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can't rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections. War on the Internet event #4 - Jacob Applebaum. Our Weirdness Is Free. Why Censoring Cyberspace is Dangerous & Futile. 28c3: Building a Distributed Satellite Ground Station Network - A Call To Arms. Infografía: Otra vez #SOPA. How You Can Make Good Use Of Your Old Machines.

Almost everyone reading the articles on this site will have spare computers languishing about.

How You Can Make Good Use Of Your Old Machines

The rapid growth and improvements in hardware means that we cycle through a whole machine in only a few years. If you have spare machines and parts languishing about, you can put them to good use! In this article I have outlined some of the purposes your old hardware can serve. Like the article? Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to stay up on recent content. Local File Server Everyone secretly wants one, and if you have the resources kicking around then why not have one? There are so many reasons to have a personal server. If you set up a Windows Share correctly, then you needn’t use FTP programs like FileZilla to conduct transfers. I am connected to my local server, and streaming music to my Windows box. Web Server This uses pretty much the same software and simple tech as the Local File Server.

BOINC Node Here is Rosetta@Home running away. Turn Old PC Fans into Battery-Recharging Wind Turbines. The Omnius Manifesto. Capitalism and the corporate culture, despite spinning off a virtual cornucopia of benefits for humanity as a side effect of its obsessive drive for profit, has become more and more destructive to both the quality of human consciousness and the quality of the ecosystem.

The Omnius Manifesto

Capitalism is about making a profit and the corporations which populate capitalism are profit generating organisms. In this, they’re not very different from biological organisms. All living systems have to operate at a profit, that is increase their energy and substance, as well as propagate, in order to survive. There is another similarity between corporations and living systems. All living systems survive, increase and propagate by consuming the resources of their environment and successfully competing with other living systems for the same resources.

Anonymous - El Cambio - (The Shift) We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists. Defensa de los Nule retira solicitud de libertad. Occupy Telephone. Zizek! part1/7. Slavoj Zizek - Sobre el Amor (Subtitulado al español)