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Characteristics of gifted adults

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Gifted child

Are gifted children getting lost in the shuffle? Underachieving under achievement. Gifted and talented education: using technology to engage students. Here we have collated some highlights and links from our recent live chat, in association with IGGY, that explored the role of technology in gifted education.

Gifted and talented education: using technology to engage students

To read the discussion in full, click here. Jackie Swift (@jactherat), head of English at a London secondary school, was the G&T co-ordinator at her previous school and has blogged for the Guardian Teacher Network on gifted and talented pupils: Just what is gifted and talented? Do gifted and talented pupils need gifted and talented teachers? I agree that G&T students do need exceptional teachers, ones who don't feel threatened by them, who are open to being challenged beyond the usual and open to many things. Indeed a multi-subject specialist of some sort would fit the bill. Ian Warwick, senior director, London Gifted and Talented Dr Adam Boddison, academic principal for IGGY is responsible for ensuring that there is a broad range of academic content for IGGY members, which is both relevant and engaging Links, videos and blog posts:

Being Gifted. It’s painful.

Being Gifted

It’s a blessing and a curse It’s what you are. The Pain Understand that the psychological / existential turmoil you’re suffering through is an aspect of being gifted. Your mind causes the cognitive dissonance. It goes to battle with itself, due to complex and contradicting thoughts and emotions. You don’t fit into the slots provided to you by society. You suffer because you see through the BS, but don’t know what you can do about it. You’re lost out there in the world. Why me? We are a byproduct of society’s dramatic evolution, and the chaos unleashed by it. We are adaptive, imaginative, and creative. We are the cure. It’s Not the Ideal Plan, but We’ve Been Left with no Alternatives Societal evolution created a ton of problems, but also countless areas of opportunity. We were sprinkled around the globe, and left with little to no support for development. However, we are out there.

There is No “Path” for Us We have to seek out and find one another. We Were Dealt a Shitty Hand Related. COLLABORATION. Can You Hear the Flowers Sing? Issues for Gifted Adults. Can You Hear the Flowers Sing?

Can You Hear the Flowers Sing? Issues for Gifted Adults

Issues for Gifted Adults Author: Deirdre V. Lovecky Citation: Copyright © American Counseling Association. Reprinted with permission from Journal of Counseling and Development, May 1986. There has been comparatively little focus in the literature on the characteristics and social and emotional needs of gifted adults. Although the personality traits and social and emotional needs of gifted children have been widely described (Erlich, 1982; Terman, 1925; Torrance, 1962; Webb, Meckstroth, & Tolan, 1982), there has been comparatively little focus on gifted adults. In studies of male scientists (Roe, 1952), creative artists and writers (Cattell, 1971), female mathematicians (Helson, 1971), and architects (MacKinnon, 1962), among others, the predominant characteristics found included impulsivity, curiosity, high need for independence, high energy level, introversion, intuitiveness, emotional sensitivity, and nonconformity.

Trait Descriptions Divergency. Overexcitabilities Used to Predict Giftedness.

Isolation caused by being introverted

Heightened emotions and sensory over excitability.