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Who Will Fiat Chrysler Merge With? Global push fuels Jeep sales records. 1 of 29 Autoplay Show Thumbnails Show Captions Melfi, Italy — The globalization of Jeep is pushing ahead, with plants from Detroit and Toledo to Brazil, Italy and Asia benefiting from expansion of the quintessential American brand. Jeep, with roots stretching to World War II, was produced exclusively in the United States for most of its nearly 75-year history. When China starts building Jeeps again later this year — nearly a decade after former owner Daimler AG pulled out — they will be produced on four continents. The increased production should lead the brand to its fourth-consecutive year of record global sales. Karl Brauer, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book, a California-based vehicle valuation and automotive research company, expects nothing to slow the brand's growth in the foreseeable future.

"Only a seismic shift in the global economy will derail Jeep's growth trajectory," he said. Meccia said the Renegade brought a "dramatic change" to the plant. Marchionne at center of complex, successful FCA. Turin, Italy — Philosopher. Chess master. Capital junkie. All have been used to describe Sergio Marchionne, the blunt and outspoken CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. The 63-year-old executive has always had the auto industry talking — whether it's off-the-cuff comments about "wop engines" and government-subsidized electric cars, or his recent manifesto on industry consolidation, including an overture to General Motors Co. Marchionne is bold and unapologetic, an outlier in an industry full of vanilla executives and lifers who led two of Detroit's automakers — including Chrysler — into government-backed bankruptcies in 2009.

It's a company as complex and successful as its Canadian-Italian CEO, with 63 months of consecutive year-over-year sales gains in the U.S.; more than 30,000 new jobs and billions of dollars in investments in the Midwest; and a renewed focus on performance and styling at Fiat Chrysler's Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari. Marchionne expects results. Home | Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. Toluca Assembly Plant Fiat 500 manufacturing footage. Olivier Francois: Fiat Chrysler's renaissance man. Auburn Hills — Olivier Francois is a renaissance man in a company of judicious executives. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV global chief marketing officer and head of the automaker's Fiat brand is as comfortable walking a VIP carpet with John Varvatos and Michael Bolton as he is discussing marketing strategies with Hollywood executives or cars with enthusiasts. "I'm not a marketing guy at all," said Francois, who burst into the spotlight in 2011 by convincing Detroit rapper Eminem to star in a two-minute Super Bowl ad for the Chrysler 200 — a spot that received international recognition.

"I'm just a car salesman who tried to learn how to make cars ... and why to make a car. So I learned marketing. " The 53-year-old Frenchman is self-effacing, yet confident; stylish, in a European kind of way. "I look at Olivier as very gifted, forward-thinking," Interscope Records Vice Chairman Steve Berman said in a recent phone interview. They've succeeded. Joined 'on a gamble' It’s gone quiet after Fiat Chrysler call for merger.

It’s probably safe to assume there is not a line forming outside Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) headquarters of big automakers seeking a merger, or to talk about saving the industry from itself. That could be because since the amalgamation of Fiat and Chrysler, nobody knows where its HQ is anymore. After all, FCA is domiciled for tax purposes in Britain, is registered in Holland, Fiat is based in Turin, Italy, Chrysler in Auburn Hills, Mich., and the stock is quoted in New York and Milan. Of course anyone following up CEO Sergio Marchionne’s plea for capital markets to step in and persuade the global automotive industry to rationalize and spend its investments more effectively, or wondering about getting together with FCA, will know that HQ is where his corporate jet is today.

Marchionne has let it be known that FCA is open to a merger so that it can reach production of six million vehicles a year. Lone voice “Marchionne is going to remain a lone voice on this subject. Any risk takers? FCA CEO Marchionne says NHTSA has kicked off new regulatory environment. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne vowed to comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's request for information about its slow recall repair rates on Tuesday but also suggested the agency is interpreting its regulations more strictly than in the past.

"We are entering a new phase of regulatory oversight. I think we need to work with the agency to determine the proper level of cooperation," Marchionne said Tuesday night following a speech at the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration in Detroit. Marchoinne also said Tuesday the company is struggling to fix software issues on the recently launched Jeep Renegade and said the company is down to two options for how and where it wants to build the next-generation Jeep Wrangler.

Marchionne said he does not plan to testify. "We have a person who is responsible for regulatory compliance. Scott Kunselman is the automaker's senior vice president of vehicle safety and regulatory compliance for North America.